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what I have to offer - your choice

prices in Thai Baht

  • FA's astro-life /ca. US$21 for 6 months

    Every 6 months
    How Astrology connects "life", science, philosophy and spirituality
    • Free member's benefits ... plus...
    • Access to all and complete posts of FA's astro-life
    • Limited access to Membership area
    • Discount on "One to One" Zoom calls (on request - email)
  • Astrology Lovers/ca. US$ 47 for 6 months

    Every 6 months
    For Astrology-Lovers and "students" of the art - professionals welcome
    • Benefits of "FA's astro-life" and the free members...
    • Very specific and "technical" Astrology posts / sections
    • Access to most pages throughout the website
    • 1 free "One to One" Zoom chat on request
  • Free Membership

    "Newsletter" for those who don't want to miss out....
    Free Plan
    • Notification about new public posts
    • Notification with "teasers" about paid subscription posts...
    • Notification about new or updated pages on the site

These are paid recurrent payment plans - it's in your responsibility to cancel a subscription in due time.

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