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Age of Pisces and Universal Law

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

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In the last months, I realized that there is a common "misconception" of the meaning of the age of Pisces. It's called the dark age and that we just have to wait for the age of Aquarius and miraculously we move into the "golden age".....

First of All, yes, Pisces is a mystical sign - it's the sign of transcendence but also about the veils of confusion and denial, which can manifest in many different ways. To find the way to "lift the veils"- the path of Light and Truth - and find the individual and societal answers, work needs to be done.

On a societal level we can see in the history of the last 2000 years, that we did make huge steps in the meaning of creating all kinds of useful technologies but in the same time it seems on a deeper, spiritual or inner level we didn't make much progress....

The last big spiritual Teacher we commonly know, was Jesus Christ. He left a big legacy but mostly teachings, as well as those of Teachers before him or lesser known ones, have been made "comfortable" and often been misused by people/organisations who did and still are manipulating the people for their own benefit.

There are natural "universal" laws at play - they are true and not alterable. These laws have been taught by those many Teachers I just spoke of before.... They did not only teach on spiritual levels but also about simple, scientifically provable truths.

As I remembered everyone in previous posts, the divine feminine and the divine masculine need to be brought into harmony and will enable us to bring change into our own personal lives as well as into society at last. (thought - emotion - action = the trinity)

When we start to understand by knowing, that the natural Laws are the only "Universal" Laws, we learn how to discern. We can learn how to really discern between right and wrong and start to live accordingly. If we start to understand by knowing, we start to develop ourselves and we start to see reality as it is and not as we would "wish" it to be or how it could be just comfortable or how others would like to make us see it... It requires knowledge though, and to gain knowledge work/learning is required.

First step is to be open minded. Open to at least start at the point of "what if" and follow the "imagination" and feel your own resonance. Years ago, when the first "Matrix" movie came out, I often said "great movie, it could actually be like this" and by now I know, it's really a bit alike....

I did talk about the Law of One - All.... now another Law is the "Law of cause and effect".

I'm sure you All have heard of that before. I would just like to invite you to explore and examine it's meaning and it's truth. Once you truly understand this law, you will be much more careful what you do, as you're responsible for the effect. If you do something that has a "negative" effect on another person, you did violate that other person - their freedom. Such an action creates consequences for yourself as well (commonly called karma). If someone's action is violating your rights/freedom, it will have consequences for them as well.

If we drink too much alcohol, we get drunk = cause and effect - nobody to blame but ourselves... if we tell ourselves, we get ill when sitting next to someone we dislike, most likely we will = cause and effect and nobody else to blame.... if we agree to buy the latest model of a mobile phone with so many new features that we're confused about and never use = cause and effect and nobody else to blame...... we could continue this list endlessly - not needed right ;-) ... Once we understand this principle, we will blame much less but alter our own behavior, which includes saying "NO" if needed and appropriate.

Simple isn't it... so, imagine a world where the people generally act in harmony with this law!!!... we wouldn't need so many strange men-made laws and regulations to be able to live together peacefully, don't you agree?. So what is with the manipulations that go on around us for so long time already - can you see "through" them and identify the action/cause?? We can't change the past (effect in place) but we can learn and do better in the future....

Through knowledge and understanding we create wisdom - with wisdom we create order out of chaos, which means freedom.... with freedom into the age of Aquarius, the cycle of Pisces completed.... (I know, it will take still pretty long in comparison to a human lifetime but not in comparison to society, humanity or even the Universe)

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