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Earth - Sun - Galactic Center

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

the Galactic Center is officially also called Sagittarius A

Galactic Center (Sagittarius A) – our position, our present (presence)

The Galactic plane is like a disc with the GC as center or better said “nucleus”.

The Sun and therefore we and all of it’s Bodies revolve around the GC in a probably elliptic orbit of roughly 220-230 million years in the general direction of a point near the Star Vega.

The Milky Way is a “spiral galaxy” and we’re in the “Orion Arm”.

As I explained in the last presentation, we’re currently aligned with pole-equator cross of the Galaxy, which happens only in the mutable cross every roughly 6’400 years.

The move of our solar system brings us south (“under” the disk) and consequently also north of the galactic plane. It’s said that we’re currently somewhere between 16 to 98 light years on the “northern side” of the galactic plane…

diagram of the motion of Earth and Sun around the milky way

In 2010 two gigantic bubbles were discovered, forming from the galactic center – one to the north, one to the south – both with a diameter of roughly 25000 light years. They are of very high energy emission.