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Jupiter and Neptune 2009-2022-2035... May 2024 update...

Updated: Apr 30

Heliocentric sidereal planetary cycle Astrology – empowering and connecting on our evolutionary paths

cycle post in "live update mode" - original post in May 2022


“Shrinking to health” or sometimes less is more

Jupiter will be 60° ahead of Neptune on 11th/12th of May 2024.


We can apply those statements to many life situations as like in loosing weight, moving to a smaller place (for reasons of children moved out, not wanting to care for lots of space, money reasons etc.), in business life when a company needs to “loose weight” etc., it can also be applied to emotional baggage that we carry and should be left behind, or whatever else you can think of….


Yet, it goes much further than those “known life matters”…. For more jump to “conclusions”….


The Players


Jupiter is expansion / evolution and this includes “higher learning”, our ideals and beliefs and consequently expectations on a personal level and on societal level. How do we belief and expect the world to be like?? On the more physical side he’s about learning, “truth” and justice, travelling, foreign countries and cultures (to expand one’s “horizon”), physical movement in nature (kind of like “fullness of life”)…


Neptune is the ruler of water, water can change and become ice or also mist/fog and blur our vision. He wants us to transcend anything that is in between our “core”, our fundament in order to know ourselves.           Spirituality, esoteric, mysticism, dreams and illusions etc. are the traditional key words, as well as “escapism”. Neptune can also be thought of as a bridge and gate between the inner and outer realms and in this sense, he works closely together with Pluto – we need to gain “clarity” (especially of Self). 

I think Neptune is also related to memory – on all levels and realms…


The Two together are very powerful – it’s a scientific fact, that Jupiter and Neptune both have strong influence onto the barycenter of the solar center and therefore the “wobble” of the Sun.

Yes, Jupiter the most but with Neptune being the densest planet in our system known so far, he stands at the 3rd place of influence after Jupiter and Saturn…

When Jupiter takes on information from Neptune, it might even move the Sun 😉


Short Conjunction reminder – 6th of June 2022 – 28°5’9” sidereal Pisces

Our current cycle started with a pretty close conjunction also in latitude – the Two were only 4,5° apart in latitude (in reference to the ecliptic), which happens very seldom… therefore and because of some other “correlations”, I think, this conjunction and cycle part is a very important one for the overall direction of evolution (personal and global)…


Memory can work in more than one direction – it’s at times as we could access some fields and instead of working hard to “learn” something, we can simply “remember”… well, that’s at least how it “feels like” to me – the “work” comes after, when trying to integrate, to find “proof” or the exact way of how to put things into physicality… it though doesn’t need to be “hard” as an expression of negative, but work that we generally “love” or feel as worth of putting the effort into…

“Memory” though does include the theme of “timelines” and their shifts and loops…  

Water does have memory and therefore every single cell in our body or anything that contains “water” or its primordial elements does so too…

There’s also the theme of “fullness and emptiness” – sometimes we may be so full, that we feel empty and the other way round – a “paradox” of some kind, but they hold information and possibility…

We can spiritualize anything and everything and same time can learn and gain a broader perspective… all that is needed is the “belief and trust”…

Nocebo and placebo effects will become more and more obvious, as well as “history”/memory.


Jupiter and Neptune cycle – their first 60°


The relevance of the 60 degrees angle as well as the conjunction Geometry of the Two

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The Jupiter and Neptune 60° chart – 12th of May 2024

Heliocentric sidereal Astrology chart about the Jupiter - Neptune 60 degrees angle in 2024

Jupiter in separating conjunction with Uranus (no 4 when it comes to influence onto the solar system barycenter and the Sun).

Jupiter and Neptune forming a side of an “envelope” configuration (rectangle) and opposing Pallas and Juno over cross and are connected with trines (120°).

As Neptune is slowly approaching his 60° angle from Pluto, it’s him who forms the apex of the “open envelope”.


Conclusions – 60° angle chart


We have so much going on, that it’s at times difficult, to differ one thing from another. Yes, everything is related in some ways, yet, there might be different things, lessons, causes etc. going on the same time and therefore using the differentiation abilities during a growing phase is important…

I though think, there might come some nostalgic times too – nothing wrong with that, as long as we’re aware of the fact, that we Humans tend to either “glorify” or “demonize” the past.

Therefore, I think it’s important to know, to gain clarity and to transcend the emotional defense mechanisms.

Things always “mirror” each other – when we become more aware of the outside mechanisms at play, we may see also our own ways and the other way round…


I think we’re approaching times, during which we may hear “wild ideas” – some we may consider “possible” and some not… it depends what we personally belief and have experienced in the past…

This is something very “human” – we may like what we hear but can we truly “believe” it when we had other experiences or even opposing experiences…  does that now mean, we’re kind of trapped in such a “devil’s wheel” or kind of constant “loop”?

Not necessarily, no. Yet, it’s also nothing we can just sit out and hope for the best… it needs “work” – if one wants to move house, one needs to have at least an open eye for offers and then when the opportunity is there, grab it and then do all the physical packing etc.

That’s applicable to anything one wants – even with “spirituality” or “special abilities” etc. – one needs not only to believe into them but also to act according these own gifts or knowing etc., just like a muscle we want to train… and after a while the training may need to “change” or adjust to the “next level”…

That also means, that there’s often some enthusiasm involved – the “art” here is though, not to give up when that first “kick” is gone…

Just because something doesn’t work with first move, or isn’t finished tomorrow or even yesterday, doesn’t mean it’s “wrong” – patience is needed… Something we may not have particularly be trained in during the last decade or two 😉 


Spirituality and religion are often 2 different pair of shoes – and the understanding for the own “spirituality” can be kind of “lonely” too… as usually social creatures, we may at times take things on for the wrong reasons and against ourselves or may claim something that’s not ours etc. – Life though, will always show us – can we face and accept it…  

Much Love to you All,


The relevance of a first 60° angle:

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