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When "belief" meets "possibility" - Jupiter and Neptune 2009-2022-2035

Updated: Feb 17, 2023

We're still in a small "bridging" time between their geocentric and now soon heliocentric conjunction. The partial solar eclipse and total lunar eclipse charts of May 2022 are kind of preparing and "gifting" us with their energies as a “backpack” to go into this heliocentric conjunction and everything else that will follow…. The new Moon on 30th of May will further “confirm” but more about that closer to time….

On 6th of June 2022 we’ll experience the heliocentric exact conjunction of Jupiter with Neptune at 28°5’9” degrees sid. Aquarius under the Head of the Fish (Pisces “circlet”) – they’re only 2 minutes apart in declination and 4,5 minutes apart in latitude…

Same time there’s also the separating conjunction of Juno from Saturn and Vesta from Chariklo. Mars is also still nearby roughly at the discovery place of Neptune in early sid. Aquarius.

The Juno-Saturn conjunction takes place roughly where the last Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in 2009 happened – that 2009 conjunction was a triple one together with Chiron…

Interestingly enough, during that 2009 conjunction, Mercury conjunct Uranus with Earth and Juno under the “circlet” of Pisces just 2 degrees ahead of where this Jupiter-Neptune conjunction of 2022 takes place….

So, there’s a clear connection between the charts beside the obvious two Players being involved – but I think after my ongoing posts about cycles, you’re used to me pointing out “correlations” 😉

Their next conjunction will be in 2035.

The 2009 cycle is ending but living on and built upon:

Involved stars: Bunda and Sadalsuud of Aquarius and Deneb Algedi and Nashira of Capricorn in the south of the constellations Gruis and Pisces Austrinus and in the north Equuleus and prominent Cygnus (the Swan)…

This region (including stars of Capricorn) were called by the Arabs “Sa’d al Su’ud meaning the “Luck of Lucks”… Nashira is called the “bringer of good News” and Deneb Algedi works closely with Sadalsuud and both are very wise, unique and of according leadership…

Interesting to note is, that Sedna’s Southnode resides in this region – Sedna is about the reemerging of the abandoned, exiled, forgotten (feminine and primordial energies)…

So, we have the planetary themes of expansion of consciousness, views and beliefs (Jupiter), repetitive loops of behavior, “wounds” and sacrifice (Chiron) and the primordial “timeless” waters like dreams etc., transcendence, spiritual clarity and flow (Neptune) in a region that wants to bring “pieces of information together to become whole” in order to serve a bigger purpose…. We can access, what we have stored, long forgotten happenings, wounds but also abilities and bring it into “proportion” and use… Didn’t we All do a lot of “inner work” the last years 😉

There’s more in this chart though – like Saturn, Makemake and Pallas – or Venus, Varuna, Vesta and Hygiea – or Earth, Juno and Mercury with Uranus… all directly connected through aspects.

The conjunction of 6th of June 2022 takes place under the Piscean “circlet” (fish head) at 28°5’9” late sidereal Aquarius. Jupiter and Neptune are very close also in latitude and declination…. In the north we see Pegasus with it’s star Markab involved and in the south the constellations Sculptor and Phoenix, Eridanus and Horologium as well….

Venus is in just separating conjunction with Nessus at the Aquarian urn, not far “behind” the Two…

Same time there’s also the separating conjunction of Juno from Saturn and Vesta from Chariklo all in Capricorn. Mars is also still nearby roughly at the discovery place of Neptune in early sid. Aquarius.

The Juno-Saturn conjunction takes place roughly where the last Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in 2009 happened – that 2009 conjunction was a triple one together with Chiron…

As we have dealt with the recovery of information in the last cycle on a personal but also global level and gained conscious awareness and changed our beliefs, about our innate system of information exchange, we have to deal with the “container” now – Neptune as the ruler of all liquids does control our “vessel” in that sense… we now have to become consciously aware of the correlations between the physical body and the “non physical, ethereal world” and how all is working in perfect harmony together… Jupiter is of “higher learning and view point”, expansion, consciousness, truth etc… The star Markab is also linked to the Merkabah, which in itself includes loads of geometrical pattern in one…

We have to belief into the possibility or at least not denying it completely that we can achieve such metamorphoses – to be able to truly consciously be able to “travel the realms”, to use our “light-body” beyond dreaming… to “overcome” gravitational forces by will (or at least as “clutches”/tool first with refined technology)… but also about “re-juvenile” cycles of our bodies and so on… Did you know that every organ in our body is renewing itself constantly over specific periods of time – doesn’t that hold “possibility”…

We learn to understand or see clearly how our emotions and beliefs do write onto those waters – because water does have memory and water does have geometry included in sooooo many various forms (see water crystals or snow flakes)….

The Two are in a 144° angle to Haumea in sid. sign of Libra north of the virgin in the constellation Bootes… Haumea is like “midwife” energy, a wise but free “spirit” and very fertile – she might be guiding us through the collective paradigm shift for the birth of “new Earth” or the next “age” or however you want to call this…

It’s a specific overtone given here – it means a chance to bring “true” creativity/imagination into availability or recognition (first within self and then "into the world")… a 144° line means a link between two points of a pentagram, which symbolizes the “star linked Human” or “divinely linked Human” or in the other direction the “earthly linked Human” in the more “physical” sense but the 2 together form a 10 pointed star – a completion and same time a new start in a spiraling, numerical sense…. (According to Adam Apollo the 10pointed star evolves out of a septile and represents the “I AM” energy)

Wherever we are in this cycle personally – there’s always more possible, new stuff to learn and to become aware of – it’s kind of a “never ending story” 😉 BUT when talking about “never ending story” – while we’re in the process of learning and growing, we simultaneously can build according our imagination, just like in that beautiful book and movie…. And what felt right today, might be overwritten tomorrow….

There might be though a little “breaker” and that’s when Venus should become imbalanced – remember, the “bad is weighing heavy” and builds strings and attachments but so does “the good and beautiful”… she will be joining Neptune and Jupiter soon after this conjunction and might need some of that “rest” and “re-juvenation” to gain clarity….

No, no – Venus does bring beautiful energy and when we look at her dance with Earth and the Sun, there are Pentagons formed with their orbital patterns which takes almost 8 years but that's not "finished" there, as always with the cycles - "Russian dolls principle" (Ref. Nick A. Fiorenza) … Let me quote out of his article about the Venus transits and pentagonal cycles as follows: “Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars lie in that order in our solar, soular system (a system for the evolving soul). Mercury is of logistical thinking, Venus of intuitive awareness. We must integrate the resonance of Mercury and Venus in our lives before we can express through the creative forces of Mars in balance – this being a fundamental lesson for souls on Earth. Until that occurs, our expression of Mars remains awry. Expressing from Mercury alone is mentalized judgment, without heart. Expressing from Venus alone is a blind heart. Synthesized Mercury and Venus express as intuitive knowing. When we express integrated heart and mind through Mars we demonstrate creative wisdom in physical manifestation.’

During our conjunction of Jupiter with Neptune, Venus stands in a last sextile (at 300°) by Mercury (releasing the tension/strength of the old for the seeding of the next) and Mars stands less than 27° (333°) “behind” Jupiter and Neptune and only 19° into the new cycle by Venus…. Mars also still stands in separating conjunction with Juno and Saturn (remember, roughly where Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune met in 2009). Juno is about “one to one relationships” (so the one with ourselves included, with spirit and soul as well – as long as we perceive as separated) and Saturn is about structuring, maturing and commitment and is often perceived as “limiting”… so we have to “widen up”, bring the pieces (or relations) together and work in harmony and coherence as one system…

We shall not forget Chiron in this whole picture – because it was a triple conjunction in 2009 and the Chiron – Neptune cycle is still pretty new – the Jupiter-Chiron cycle though we’re "wrapping up" to start a new chapter (conjunction) heliocentric end of January 2023 (geocentric in March 2023)…

This means, what we do now for the next 7 months in respect to this Jupiter – Neptune conjunction does also have the correlation to the “seeding and releasing” part of the Jupiter – Chiron cycle… and furthermore, this has instant influence on our “foundations” (Earth), emotions (Moon) and Uranus (liberation – individualization and “biotechnology)…. Don’t forget – it’s Jupiter here we’re talking about – so it’s about “beliefs” and higher learning, bigger picture or view-points and ideals we want to “spiritualize” in some ways, so we’ll getting that Jupiter function again influenced or as a ”carrier” of the Neptune function within us…. The structuring, manifestation can be also achieved directly on the individual level and will show collectively or more “obvious” when Saturn makes the conjunction to Neptune in December 2025 (just a few weeks prior to that, there will be the Chiron-Eris conjunction – that will be a great one)

Much Love to you All,


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