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Heliocentric Astrology explained

Updated: Feb 29

In the last few centuries it was accepted as "science" that the center of our solar system is the Sun. It was yet not the first time in history this was accepted as the reality - we (humanity) went a bit back and forth with the ideas of a "geocentric vs heliocentric" solar system.

We're on Earth and look up and see the sky from this geocentric position - we observe the planets from this perspective. There's yet the fact, that what we observe isn't necessarily all there is...

We're so close to Mercury, Venus and Mars and them also close to relatively close to the Sun, that we sometimes can't see them for a while or we see them in a kind of "backwards motion" (called retrograde), when in fact they're not going back but they seem to make a "loop" from the perspective on Earth - we never "see" them on the other side of the Sun. We can only observe with the "narrowed down" perspective/angle of view...

Yet, they DO orbit all around the Sun.

Another problem that sometimes happens is, that we think the ecliptic is the actual path of the Sun, when it in fact it's the Earth path around the Sun - yes, we see the Sun appearing to travel our path, but it's an "illusion of perspective".

Once we enter the heliocentric view, we actually place also in Astrology the Sun into the "middle" and can observe all the planetary bodies on their orbit around that center and we realize, that the Sun got it's own "orbit" around the Galactic Center in northern direction (north of the GC), which is called the Solar Apex.

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