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Avalon, the self-organizing Universe and Quantum physics - belief and imprint

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

"living Universe" - picture taken from Washington University website

Have you ever noticed, that for example many of the world most known and trusted Physicists were and are same time also Philosophers – that’s the same for other sciences too of course…. Interesting isn’t it – there’s obviously a connection – a natural pattern that unfolds on all levels and can be discovered from whatever studies or observations….

Matter is the “product” out of a series of events – therefore, just as the Universal law explains, can’t be “changed” on that very same level/state of consciousness as it’s an effect in/on. You can only change its “appearance” and state by applying “force” to it – like if you have a tree and you want a bench, you may take the wood of this tree and form it into the bench but it’s still “tree”/wood – therefore a change of appearance. If we apply cold to water, it may become ice (solid) but as soon as the application of force stops, it will go back to its “original” state – to its “harmonic” state, as that’s what the Universe and all in it does, it wants to be in harmony. The science of “alchemy” did try to find a solution to this dilemma, well, on the material level, so on the same level on what they wanted to change, but as you can’t change the effect only the cause, it’s like Sisyphus trying to roll his stone onto the top of the mountain without “help” to stabilize it on the top… We know how in this material world the “birthing” process works – 2 forces come together and either produce a third or become a third… the “information” of the first two that became a third or produce a third are always included in that third but the third is something of its own, an ongoing process of course, as the third will do the same again… it’s how evolution works and every generation is based on those before, containing All previous generations within – as some of us know, there’s also here a cycle of push and pull, of growth and decay but also this, in some ways never the same and one full such “cycle” is taking place in a spiral/vortex motion…

Now, we’re not only physical matter – we All know that – but the principle of “birth” is always the same…. Physics – Quantum physics to be precise, found an explanation or model that works on “all levels”… we find the same or similar models explained, from what our ancestors left for us in form of art and philosophical teachings.

For some time now, a very simple little “phenomena” I experience on a daily basis caught my attention and I wondered why – there are no coincidences, everything got its cause and “reason/purpose”, so I finally did connect some dots… I start with Physics – I will try to explain that part of it, relevant to this “topic” to the best of my understanding – if you like to dive deeper into it, and the “other parts” – I can recommend the explanations and relatively simple teaching videos by Nassim Haramein and Adam Apollo. The following short “overview” does give the “essence” of what I believe to have understood of it all, lol ….

  • Space-time fabric – could also be called space-memory. It’s spinning as a vortex, creating a gravitational field, which got, at its core (the O Point, Singularity, Black Hole) which attracts matter. This space-memory fabric is kind of structured like water, so kind of fluid but still made up of tiny little “particles” called Planks.

  • When a particle (matter) is caught by the gravitational field, it’s pulled/pushed to/into the black hole, leaving a “holographic” imprint at the service of the black hole as Planks.

  • Sometimes particles are like “divided”/separated – a half falls into the black hole, the other half escapes it and when caught with another gravitational field, a “wormhole” forms between the two gravitational fields and of course the particles. These “wormhole” structures look like the neurological patterns/structures in our brain.

  • A particle can fall into a black hole and be emitted somewhere else. – this phenomena is called “Vacuum fluctuation”.

  • According to Stephen Hawkins, Black Holes suck in a particle but only half of it and the other half tries to escape but not all do “split”…

  • When we now take this whole understanding into very small scales – a Proton (Nucleus of an Atom) functions like a black hole.

Out of the above said, we can conclude, that the Universe(s) and all that’s in them, is based on a “Feedback system”, which means it’s self-organizing based on information in the environment. (just as we know, from Dr Bruce Lipton’s cell-biology discoveries)

Adam Apollo published a great video about a presentation he made – he explains the Geometry behind it all… most interesting – especially as the geometry is so directly linked to Astrology.

I was thinking about the nurturing energy of Ceres – there’s always multi layers to each body, and I was thinking about why she’s so much on focus too – she's involved in many important "bigger" cycles, conjunctions or "aspect choreographies" for years... the same I have noticed about the Centaur Chariklo (sacred places/outsiders).

Same time I started to be more aware again about that little thing happening, when you look at a screen for long, or the sun or any other light source – you will after, when looking away, for many minutes see a “hologram” of it in the air – where ever you look at after, you’ll see that light source you focused on before….

You know now, where this is going, lol 😉 – yes, what we look at is leaving an imprint on us/within us – a copy of a copy of a copy ongoing… a part of a program, a little piece of the blueprint on what we self-organize ourselves.

Through another experience I made just lately, I have now realized, that when we do that so called “shadow work”, we actually clean our “surfaces” clean to a certain degree and are ready for “over-writing”… what are we overwriting our beliefs with, what new imprint....

It’s the belief, with which we give ourselves a framework, within what we operate and create values of etc. ... We have to make all this shadow work, because we were in pain, we suffered and so on – based on the belief that we learn from mistakes and suffering – yes we do, but it’s hard work and actually not necessary….

I have noticed, when I watched some documentaries about a study of psychic abilities, that I suddenly started to develop some of those abilities – lol, not full blown but I got glimpses – same with this physics stuff and other things…

I noticed, it works easiest when the presenters are really “passionate” about it and you “like” their voice and style AND you need to be open, without “force of will/intention”.

This “self-organizing/ learning” system we have, works with anything we focus our eyes on – a painting, a flower, nature in general, another person or other being in general – it means also with what we don’t necessarily want, like commercials and such stuff, as trivial you may think it is, it leaves an imprint….

We “imprint” information via our sensory system, also through taste, smell, sound and touch… note – our eyes take the information and “mirroring” it into our brain – the thalamus to be exact – the thalamus connects the whole limbic system, some hormone production and also connects the pineal gland – it also connects most of the other sensory information (not the hearing though?). So be aware of what your eyes consume and how you can use that information for the good and eliminate the feed of “manufactured, manipulative” intake as much as you can….

Another aspect I would like to quickly touch on again is the belief, as it’s a “framework” so to speak. Remember, I made a video about how important it is to stay open – to be open means, you haven’t built a too tight belief system and therefore possibility can be created that is outside of what you would have imagined possible… It works the same way the other way round, giggles… if you want to “eliminate” something, just don’t belief in it anymore…. Simple as that…. Just like in the book “mists of Avalon” by Marion Zimmer Bradley – Avalon sank into the veils until it wasn’t accessible anymore as the people lost the belief in it – they lost the belief in “magic” and therefore their own abilities…..

If I don’t get lost, in all the other thoughts, ideas and questions that arouse out of that, I will continue working on geometry and the planetary cycles and trying to connect the works of Adam Apollo (the above and more).

My, am I thankful all these people are so smart and freely sharing 😉

Much Love to you All,


(I have watched whole series by Nassim Haramein, Gregg Braden and many more on

Gaia TV - it's not free but affordable if you're interested in also scientific backgrounds)

Adam Apollo - presentation:

Picture credit: taken from Washington University website

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