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When "how" becomes "what"

Updated: Jan 22

Some "food for thought" - I'm looking forward to discussions ;-)

When we’re learning a new skill, we’re often insecure at first – we gain more confidence as we walk on, start to make experiences within that field of expertise and eventually start to take conclusions and develop own style and system and with that, add to the growth of that field (hopefully)....

Sometimes such new or additional systems are yet to be brought to their “full height”, may include some kind of “mistakes”, may not work as smooth or known as the “old” etc. …

We can see this very well in the development of software or updates for devices or by structures or laws in the societal and political area. Borders may change and someone who’s living at the same spot may suddenly hold another passport and country. Laws change and someone doing whatever (in an ethical correct way) may suddenly find themselves from being “legal” to be “illegal” and looked at from the system as a criminal…

It can happen, that within such changes, a “loss of the bigger picture” or the original intention or vision occurs.

Let’s look at the theme of “security” within the digital systems as a small example from my “user only” perspective:

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