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Chiron and his cycles with Uranus, Neptune and Pluto

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

Yes - I can publish a cycle spread sheet of Chiron's "longitudal" meetings with the 3 outer planets now. I covered a time frame of around 3300 years...

Here the link to the new page:

artistic depiction of Chiron with rings released by NASA

Chiron's orbit around the Sun is approx. 50 to 52 years average and is situated between Saturn and Uranus, which makes him a "bridge" between our "societal planets" and the "generation planets".

In our known history, we have a "separating" understanding of the old and the new - many people either "glorify" the past/history or reject it as something "bad"... In my opinion, there might be a "middle" way of integration - the understanding that the past is "gone" in a linear way but is "present" as of memory and "ground" on which the present and future is built on and in this perspective, the past is always part of both, the present and the future...

Humanity as a whole has evolved over time and is continuing to do so - it's all in motion always - but there are cycles, maybe also "loops" that make us see the same theme from other perspectives, both individually as well as for humanity as a whole.... just as the term "same, same but different" suggests.....

The Universe is "fractal" and therefore, when we go through changes on Earth, so does the solar system, the galaxy, the "local group" and whatever the next levels are called up to the Universe(s). So, where ever we observe a change, it happens on all levels in one way or another.... Just as when we change something on our personal level - may that be from illness to health, or moving or finding a new passion, it will automatically change our life, maybe even relationships and so on.... everything is connected!!!!

There are changes in the solar system happening at the moment - some are published in scientific communities, journals and so on but some are even observable by naked eye - well at least I did but as that would now enter the spheres of speculation as well as being not part of this post, I leave it for another time.....

Much Love to you All,


Picture and Credit: Chiron with his rings

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