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Saturn and Neptune 1989 to 2025

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

the planet Saturn with rings

Saturn-picture by Hubble Telescope

Saturn is about structures/systems of all kind and is often perceived as “limiting” – it’s important to understand though, that Saturn has moved his “path of action” in 1851- his nodal axis ” from the Capricorn/Cancer axis to the Sagittarius/Gemini axis brings really a big difference when working with Saturn (it’s Lyra and the Twins!! – vibration/communication) – he’s also about maturing and responsibility but more in a “fathering” way. Of course he’s not only about physical or societal structures but maybe even about structures like DNA 😉

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the icy planet Neptune

Neptune-picture by Nasa

Neptune is the ruler of this age and generally all liquids and the “ether” as the fundamental “liquid”… he’s a bridge and gate between the inner and outer realms, to break through the veils, walls, illusions and disbelief we have put onto ourselves (in this sense, he works closely together with Pluto) – we need to gain “clarity” (especially of Self). He’s about core feelings and beliefs, the coherence between the “core” and the “resonance” we create …

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The conjunction/cycle we’re in started on 18th July 1989

At 16°13'50" sid. Sagittarius with Vesta at 16°42' as companion - conjoining stars are Nunki of Sagittarius and stars of Corona Australis and Jupiter's Southnode at 16° sid Sagittarius. A stellium at the Taurus-Gemini cusp with Pholus at 25°, Jupiter at 27°1’51” in conjunction with Chariklo at 27°5’57” with Varuna at 0°43’ Gemini (Ceres NN at 26°10’ Taurus) Saturn and Neptune combined with Vesta, the sacred inner fire, the devotion... what a powerful alignment in an area that represents the spiritual warrior, the galactic connection, the inner self and it’s truth but also talks about the focus needed in order to create the correct spin/action, vibration. Our vibration we put out, is “reflected” back within the field of resonance it had created…. The stars of Corona Australis (Southern Crown) are representing the "alchemical" processes - the energies we access to create our own "resonant environment" according to our very own paths/intention/purpose...

These energies are there at all times – always have - Vesta is giving us an idea and direction of how our personal path may look like, by showing us our passions and devotion. This devotion will create a resonance within that leads the way, if it’s in “resonance” with our true core feeling, belief and intent we will feel pure flow from within as like “love”, joy, answers, guidance etc. – trust and belief into self is the fundament from where we communicate within as well as with the outer world… a “two way street” – it needs clear, coherent communication to structure ourselves according our “core intent”– it needs coherence to put the alchemical process to the outcome we wish for… When we start to be more loving to ourselves, more respectful, grateful and so on, we’ll create that resonance in the outside world and will act and react accordingly, including our bodies, every little cell – the whole theme can also be used as tool the other way round, the reflections we get, will tell us something about ourselves and it needs belief and devotion to be able to act onto those “messages”…. it needs work/focus at first, to start such a path but the longer we do, the more “natural” it becomes and we start to structure ourselves differently – not only our belief system but also our daily life…. It’s an ongoing process that I think, may never really be finished, just as with knowledge – the more you know, the more you know that you don’t know…

Saturn and Neptune will conjunct again in December 2025 at 5°52'18" sid. Pisces October 2021

At around 320° or let’s say 40° from their next conjunction in 2025 – in October 2022 we’ll reach the last 30°….

It means that we’re in the focus for the future, yes, may start seeding but in the beginning phase so with more “vague” ideas but with a knowing what doesn’t serve any longer – the closer we come to the 30° the more concrete ideas become and more and more focus to the future with the “past” starting to “fade out” but the real creative phase will start after the next conjunction….. …. There always are some fore-runners though….

When we look at the New-Moon chart (6th of October 2021) we see Saturn at 16° Capricorn and Neptune at 26° Aquarius under the Circlet (fish head)… Interesting to note is that Saturn stands on Neptune’s Southnode and at the same place Venus’ Aphelion… whereas Neptune stands between Juno’s and Pallas’ Southnodes and near Uranus’ Aphelion…