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The Saturn - Pluto 33 years Dance

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

Saturn – Pluto it started in January 2020 (again)

As also some other cycles (I’m by far not finish yet), I have studied the cycles of Saturn and Pluto over some bigger time periods and found some fascinating pattern and ongoing processes between the Two…

I created a subpage about it a while ago:

(Pluto image compilation from NASA site and Saturn's south pole "eye" by NASA/JPL)

Their last conjunction took place on 10th of January 2020 heliocentric and on 12th geocentric… maybe some of you remember….

Beside this, today (December Solstice 2021) is also the “anniversary” of the Jupiter – Saturn conjunction of which I use the photo I took for my posts and thumbnail…. A beautiful reminder 😊

Even so those conjunctions are always unique we kind of “forget” about them after a short while when only few people keep on talking about and as I’m obviously one of Those, I would like to go back to Saturn and Pluto and explain their significance still today and until their next meeting in November 2053.

When Planets have a “Dance” together, they kind of form “patterns” and so over time form “cycles within cycles within cycles” (Russian Dolls). Saturn and Pluto meet every 33 to 38 years and then also form a kind of 230 years cycle but also a bigger one of roughly 2500 years….

Their conjunction took place just in between their Southnodes – unfortunately I have no access to software (if even existing) that calculates further back than the 16th century, so I can’t research a “cycle” within that…. But I think it’s important….

So, now let us see what that chart of 10th of January 2020 said and where we stand now or will be on 10th of January 2022:

They met at 27°31’9” sid. Sagittarius conjoined by Chariklo, Ceres, Mercury and the Sun, with Earth in opposition and Venus and Eris forming a T-Square to that opposition…. Jupiter at 11° Sag approaching his Southnode and stood in the “face” of the Archer… There was also a Mars – Uranus opposition in Libra – Aries (similar as on 5th of December 2021)….

To me, as the Two met just between their Southnodes, means that they just have started (Pluto) and just about to start (Saturn) a new cycle together when it comes to “path of action” in the sense not only of their collaboration but maybe also about “themselves” and their paths… it means it’s in a sense what could be developed when integrating the “opposite” – so in this case Gemini – meaning for example the “professor” needs to find the right "tone"/words etc. so the students will understand what is already logic and easy to him/ her - this can of course go much further when we look at the theme of “manifestation” or principals of attraction etc. – we start something and may not yet know, where it will lead to exactly (best cas