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The Saturn - Pluto 33 years Dance

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Heliocentric sidereal Astrology – a different viewpoint and perspective

as the galactic connections become integrated to our physical home of incarnate life

Fantastic and wondrous our lives, yet by far not all there is….


This is a "live update post" - whenever an important angle is to add...

Saturn – Pluto it started in January 2020 (again)

As also some other cycles (I’m by far not finish yet), I have studied the cycles of Saturn and Pluto over some bigger time periods and found some fascinating pattern and ongoing processes between the Two…

I created a subpage about it a while ago:

(Pluto image compilation from NASA site and Saturn's south pole "eye" by NASA/JPL)

Their last conjunction took place on 10th of January 2020 heliocentric and on 12th geocentric… maybe some of you remember….

Beside this, today (December Solstice 2021) is also the “anniversary” of the Jupiter – Saturn conjunction of which I use the photo I took for my posts and thumbnail…. A beautiful reminder 😊

Even so those conjunctions are always unique we kind of “forget” about them after a short while when only few people keep on talking about and as I’m obviously one of Those, I would like to go back to Saturn and Pluto and explain their significance still today and until their next meeting in November 2053.

When Planets have a “Dance” together, they kind of form “patterns” and so over time form “cycles within cycles within cycles” (Russian Dolls). Saturn and Pluto meet every 33 to 38 years and then also form a kind of 230 years cycle but also a bigger one of roughly 2500 years….

Their conjunction took place just in between their Southnodes – unfortunately I have no access to software (if even existing) that calculates further back than the 16th century, so I can’t research a “cycle” within that…. But I think it’s important….

So, now let us see what that chart of 10th of January 2020 said and where we stand now or will be on 10th of January 2022:

They met at 27°31’9” sid. Sagittarius conjoined by Chariklo, Ceres, Mercury and the Sun, with Earth in opposition and Venus and Eris forming a T-Square to that opposition…. Jupiter at 11° Sag approaching his Southnode and stood in the “face” of the Archer… There was also a Mars – Uranus opposition in Libra – Aries (similar as on 5th of December 2021)….

To me, as the Two met just between their Southnodes, means that they just have started (Pluto) and just about to start (Saturn) a new cycle together when it comes to “path of action” in the sense not only of their collaboration but maybe also about “themselves” and their paths… it means it’s in a sense what could be developed when integrating the “opposite” – so in this case Gemini – meaning for example the “professor” needs to find the right "tone"/words etc. so the students will understand what is already logic and easy to him/ her - this can of course go much further when we look at the theme of “manifestation” or principals of attraction etc. – we start something and may not yet know, where it will lead to exactly (best case scenario, we follow the heart and own values) but we’ll see the “fruits” hanging at the opposite point and then get a chance to “change”, if we don’t like what we see it to become, here is important to note, that “communication” is always a “two way street”, one is sending and another receiving and "sending back" again…

Gemini's star Wasat, talks about putting the pieces/ information together for better collaboration and to produce something “workable”/ functional.

As an axis it means the theme is the same but just on different “poles” so to speak and therefore in constant “exchange”, which is on the Gemini-Sag axis even more emphasized on than in other “signs”/constellations…

We get a bit of challenge/stress through Eris and Venus which can help to “activate” that axis – either way of course – the “professor” can remain stubborn or can start to “adjust” a bit (integrate).

What is reality?? Is there “one reality”?? In some ways yes, and in some ways no – let’s say there’s a mountain and there’s a lake and both have been there for hundreds of years but they both may have changed a bit over time…. One person may go to the mountain from the lake-side and another person from the other side, so they will perceive that mountain very differently and a person 500 years ago will again have perceived it on either side very differently as well…. One person will later talk about all the beautiful butterflies there and another one about all the different shades of purple flowers on the way and another one about how steep the way was (and next time it might be “alternated”)….

So, it seems clear that the values and the focus does “define the perception of reality” thus the own personal reality, which doesn’t necessarily mean THE reality….. We become a “bigger picture” of this lake and mountain when all these people share their information together and I’m sure we have All often experienced such situations….

We have this phenomena in any group (big or small) but also within the own life – we see many similar themes from different angles/experiences and get a “bigger picture”…. We become also more understanding for Others because we may have “been there” already – maybe not exactly same but we can “relate”….

It’s through this “bigger picture” of “reality” that we can transform towards new “paths of action”, new systems, new definitions that serve smoothly (coherent), that are “workable”/functional….

Southnodes always include “discernment” – a “spring cleaning” so to speak – we decide what is “promising”/worth to store, to pursue etc. but also what is blocking the “flow” or the “drain”…. of course, in that area of Sagittarius, the theme of "resonance" is added - so we also decide according what "resonates" and that's more like a "feeling" (the heart).... Furthermore, Sagittarius of course talks about our "higher Self", higher views, ideals and intentions...

As we know about the principles of “as above, so below”, resonance and more, we also know, that this doesn’t only apply to our “outer world” but also to our “non physical” realms and our inner, personal structures/systems…

We have many ways of perceiving/senses and many of us know, they’re going way further than commonly “accepted”… but fact is we gain information through our whole body, the senses, intuition and through “telepathy”, downloads, connecting with “spirit” or however else but of course also through our heart…. We have an “information lab” within ourselves that does “exceed” that of “direct Human interaction” which is meant in an additional sense…

On 10th of January 2022 we will be just 2 years into this good 33 years cycle, so we’re just 17° into this new cycle, which means, we’re just like babies – we just started to experience the “New” with having ideas about it but not yet grasp it fully…. Within the planetary theme and placement of the conjunction we see a theme, an intention that brings something new on an “existential level” but with the past still “present” and that “New” (whatever that means individually) need to be allowed to unfold by letting go of the past (to leave those “patterns” behind)….

It’s like when you have always been going camping and now decide to go to a luxury hotel for a change – you will pack many different things then when go camping – I mean, what are you going to do with a small gas cooker at the luxury hotel?? Cooking in the lobby-garden… well, it might be fun to see how the people around would react though, giggles….

It involves a lot of “let it be”, allowing but also focus and strength…. Saturn stands near the star Dorsum of Capricorn which is that more “open”/public part of Capricorn part that has just started… so an openness maybe not only to share but also to accept “different” from self as “valuable”….

It’s also a kind of “witnessing” energy – observing in a way but, as Saturn also stands in this last square with Uranus, it’s important to use the “neutrality” of Uranus… discerning yes, but without judgments – just like going to toilet, we do it to get rid of things without any further judgment…

Pluto stands in very early Capricorn giving emphasis to "higher views", focus, detail and "vibration" but as a build from/onto the high ideals and intentions set with the conjunction in late Sagittarius - it's like putting those into "test" and planning - in a more "solitary" way in the meaning that we're talking more about the "inner structures" of anything, including the personal/individual but also of "corporates" (can also be within and/or smaller groups as families etc.)….

In this chart we also see Mercury approaching Uranus over the head of Cetus (Aries) but also Venus in conjunction with Earth in opposition to Juno at Solar conjunction…. Earth of course again near the star Wasat (the middle) of Gemini… which talks about bringing pieces together in collaboration to produce “flow”, something workable/functioning….

Beside that, there’s also a Grand Trine between Saturn with Ceres (nourishment) and Hygiea (health and hygiene) of both I have talked a lot already last year, as they do play a role for quite some time… When we nourish us according to what we want to achieve (any kind of “information” so also media, people, food) and also keep hygiene (also in the meaning of focus to task, not getting distracted too much etc.)

The first 30° angle will be exact on 12th of March 2023… then we will start to put some more “action” to the theme… it will be more “push through” – just the next step in the “evolutionary” cycle… just like learning to stand comes before walking….

Saturn and Pluto will meet again in 2053 at the Urn of Aquarius – “flow”…. But see, that will be quite some time after “full flowering” and also harvest… 180 degrees (opposition) will be in May 2036.... "harvest"/manifestation/birth with the 240 degrees in October 2041....

And remember – it starts in the small within – we have to bring the “New” through ourselves, our Being, shining and living it and manifesting it….

Much Love to you All,


important related cycles:

Saturn - Uranus

Saturn - Jupiter

Neptune, Chiron and Eris are involved as well

a lot of entanglement.....

for example, when the Jupiter - Saturn cycle becomes 30 degrees exact, then Jupiter also enters the "pre-conjunction" phase to Neptune...

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