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The current astronomical-astrological placements talk a lot about change, challenging the structures, creativity and "Visionaries" - well some may call those people "mad" but hey, just imagine, "what if".... aren't you and we All "bigger in the inside than the outside" :-)

Full Moon 27th of February 2021 CNX at 3.17pm – Universal Time 8.17am

Our Moon will be illuminated while standing in Leo at 13°39’57”, therefore the Sun exactly opposite in Aquarius – note, in heliocentric view, we see Earth exactly conjunct the Moon at this time!!

The Moon cycles are so obvious to us, that we’re All aware of them – even if we’re not into Astrology, Spirituality, Philosophy or anything alike… During the full Moon the leaves of a tree are in full “power”. We too may feel as “flying high”, especially when Earth and the Moon “reside” in Leo. Leo brings creativity, enthusiasm, passion and courage. North of Leo there is Ursa Major, which is talking about protection and governing – are those in “power” really governing for the good of All and what about us in daily life with others, how are we using power…. A theme, we seem to be divided over “globally”. Leo is the “home sign” of the Sun, therefore both Earth and the Moon “answer” to the Sun and the Sun to Uranus as he’s the “ruler” of Aquarius… giving again Uranus and Aquarius a special role during this full Moon again - the full Moon/Earth are in a 150° angle to Saturn, that may feel as "pushing the limits", especially with courageous Leo energy but also we may feel "limited" in our creative expression - so maybe we can move the wall instead of trying to run through it - less headaches for sure ;-)

Back to the Sun in Aquarius and Venus at almost 7° Aquarius does add the heart and values to the theme. Venus and the Sun here speak of being open to new ideas and possibilities – to overcome the “black or white” restricting mind set – to use the creativity of Leo as possibility for the greater good of All – Venus stands in the part of Aquarius that stands for “Visionaries” and the Sun in the area where we give “space or possibility” to the ideas to become a project…. As example, an Individual has an idea and another one the resources/finances and when they team up there can become a project and manifestation out of it.

Pallas also entered Aquarius (at almost 2° now) and answers to Uranus. She brings the feminine “warrior” archetype of creative, resourceful, strategic solutions – she connects dots to gain the bigger picture and she uses the resources, however “little” they may appear…. Don’t forget, she’s Jupiter’s “brain child”. Early Aquarius wants to bring heart (feeling of purpose) into the visions and ideas…. By the way, Pallas nodal axis is in late Leo-Aquarius – therefore she’s in her own evolutionary theme here, in the “wrapping up time” as it’s her Southnode at around 28° of Aquarius….

The problem here is, that we’re often so stuck in old belief systems of what is possible (Saturn), that we dismiss new ideas, just because they are new and not known. It’s time to “push the limits”, to widen our own “structures” of thought and beliefs to allow growth to happen…. We like to “label” people and with this “judgement” we take any openness away – we’re in a time of change – Uranus/Aquarius (change and liberation) as well as Saturn/Capricorn (structures and their limits) are in focus. I talked a lot about Saturn as well as Uranus in previous posts and videos. Here the links to their pages on my website:



An important theme and tool we find through the lunar node axis. This axis speaks about evolution – of our “soul” or our real inner “calling” – our abilities and what we should integrate or develop in order to fulfill our goal, task, purpose or however you want to call

this … The region around 20° Taurus is influenced by the star Cursa of Eridanus – it’s the “river of life”, which starts here until it flows into and with Aquarius – this also gives us the theme here – a new “start” or direction in life. Taurus generally is very physical and the joy and beauty of the physicality and also about how we “identify” ourselves within this “realm”. Scorpio goes beyond the physicality of life – deep and transforming – what we find within the depth of ourselves, in the fullness of “nothingness”, extended consciousness. Scorpio does not only talk about the “taboos” we create but also how transformative it can be to actually face those themes and fears of the unknown. With the Southnode (digestion or ability) in Scorpio and the Northnode (culmination of intake) we're asked to change the usual view point – more acknowledging what there is and then see how and where the outside matches... We tend to "adjust" our inside to the outside and therefore "overwriting" and oppressing ourselves. We're asked here to look at who we are and then act from there - "self mastery" and transformation such "self reflection" brings, when we realize we carry a lot, that's not really us nor ours.

Let us have a look at Pluto - "ruler of Scorpio" - he's the "Transformer", ruler of the "unknown" and just changed sign and now resides in very early Capricorn, therefore also answers to Saturn - our structures are really "under pressure". Early Capricorn is very influenced by Sagittarius or better said Altair, the Eagles eye - can we really take the ideals and truth from Sagittarius and anchor it into our structures? I think we'll simply do, as nothing stands still really, even if it looks like as it would....

Jupiter in Capricorn is aspecting the nodal axis and Vesta closely and he answers Saturn… he gives emphasis and expansion to the axis in a complimentary, harmonious way and a bit “pushy” energy to and from Vesta. Are we courageous and confident enough to use our passion, inner fire and devotion for the greater good of All (includes oneself!!!) – can we use this energy to develop and change our values and systems, to allow the unknown to become known by expanding and “widening” the existing “structures”….

Chariklo also stands in Capricorn but in the earlier part at 6°43’ and as she talks about “Outsiders”, sacred and safe places, also these structures are a theme now – where and how do we feel safe, understood and nurtured in our being… she’s in a 30° angle with Venus (heart and values), which means, in this case, they’re just have started a new cycle together – so where does our heart lead us for safety….

Mars approaching Sedna for their new cycle – heliocentric Mars is in a 150° angle to Saturn. Geocentric that angle to Saturn is done by Earth and Moon.

- Viewed from Earth, Mars moves now from late Aries into early Taurus. Viewed from the Sun, he’s within the first 10 degrees of Gemini. Mars in early Taurus at the time of his conjunction and the full Moon, conjoins the Star Alcyone of the Pleiades, Sedna a bit more south of the ecliptic over the star Furibundu of Taurus.

Above the two Planets, there stands strong Perseus – a Greek hero, son of Zeus and the human mother Danae - who freed Andromeda. This myth or picture talks about the divine masculine freeing the divine feminine from entrapment. Same we could say about Mars (masculine) and Sedna (the long exiled feminine). Often misunderstood as men and women but it’s the inner self we’re talking about here. The masculine listening to the calls of the feminine parts within us…. The stars of Taurus generally talk about possessions (good and bad – what we got as material things but also what we generally call “ours” – also attributes), that’s why it’s also a region that talks about the general value system.

Ceres and Chiron start a new cycle – heliocentric already started (for them and the Sun) – for us it’s being in between – finalize the old cycle and starting the new

- Their cycle start at around 12 to 13 degrees Pisces, Chiron in the constellation of Pisces and Ceres over Al Nitham of Cetus (the “sea monster”)

As Chiron is about surrender and healing and Ceres is about nurturing (giving and receiving), the Two talk about transcending the collective, the what “others say” maybe good for you. They want us to be true to self (surrender to self) in order to get what we really need and not what we think we have to need/want….

For example: if you follow a certain kind of diet, are you doing this because you’re told so or because you may feel guilty or something alike or are you doing it, because you feel good with it, nourished and energized…. That can go on to what we take in about News or what we read, watch in tv or social media and so on…. Anything that can be “nourishing” also about how we share our time with others, how “nourishing” it is or we are – Ceres doesn’t per se talk about relationships but the “nourishing” part of it….

Chiron is a “Healer” and a wise Teacher. He shows us the tool of “self reflection” – with truth to self, we find out, how we really feel and surrendering to this inner feeling and knowing makes us free of “loops” in that particular matter ... He’s during the full Moon in a geocentric 150° angle to Earth and Moon, meaning pushing it a bit – well, it works both ways though 😉 Viewed from the Sun, both Chiron and Ceres are in that angle….

Details for the full Moon:

Sun 13°39’57” Aquarius Jupiter 20°56’31” Capricorn

Moon/Earth 13°39’57” Leo Saturn 12°59’53” Capricorn

Mercury 17°44’8” Capricorn Neptune 24°54’3” Aquarius

Venus 6°57’11” Aquarius Pluto 00°41’42” Capricorn

Mars 1°56’13” Taurus

Uranus 12°14’56” Aries

Northnode 20°46’24” Taurus Southnode 20°46’24” Scorpio

Ceres 7°3’26” Pisces Juno 24°5’35” Scorpio

Chiron 11°51’37” Pisces Varuna 8°46’15” R Cancer

Lilith (true) 29°0’25” Pisces Eris 28°21’40” Pisces

Pallas 1°55’14” Aquarius Chariklo 6°43’4” Capricorn

Jupiter in Sextile (60°) to the Southnode (which is a special angle for him, as of his “Trojans”) and a Trine 120° to the Northnode, and in a pushy 150° angle with Vesta.

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