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Learning to fly - new Moon 06.2022

Updated: Feb 17

I love this track by Pink Floyd - it doesn't only connect to a recent story of mine (you can read that further down) but also to literal "dream time learning" of mine as a Teenager...

All is always somehow entangled...

Globular Cluster M22 by NASA/ESA

Globular Cluster M22 - also called "Facies" in the constellation Sagittarius.

Picture by: NASA/ESA Hubble

New Moon 29.06.2022 – Universal time: 2:52:16am / Thailand time: 9:52;16am

Sun and Moon stand 12°4’10” sidereal Gemini conjoining in longitude with the star Alhena (Castor’s foot) and some nebula and special region in the constellation Monoceros….

Earth stands opposite, same degrees sid. Sagittarius, just 1,5° passed the Centaur Pholus. As viewed from the Sun, the Moon is always conjunct the Earth – the emotions, the “tides” are bound to Earth…. Earth stands just between Facies (a globular cluster that marks the Archer’s face) and Kaus Borealis at the bow…

Earth stands in square (90° angle) with the approaching Mercury – Chiron conjunction in middle of Pisces and on the “other side” in square from Makemake in sid. Virgo near Diadem… so, Earth is the focal point of this T-Square but yet, the Sun is right “opposite”, so we could see it as a Grand Square all together….

There’s a lot more going on though:

  • Mars is approaching Nessus for conjunction in sid. Aquarius

  • Venus is approaching Eris in very late sid Pisces and they are in Squares to Pluto in very early sid. Capricorn conjoining Terebellum of Sagittarius and Ceres conjoining Pollux one of the Twins of Gemini….

  • Pallas is very south of the ecliptic and approaching in longitude Uranus and the head of Cetus in sid. Aries. They are in a sextile (60° angle) from Mars/Nessus… Uranus also in a trine (120° angle) to Orcus in sid. Leo…

  • Hygiea in late sid. Libra conjoining the star Brachium is in last square to Saturn in late sid. Capricorn…. Saturn though in sextile to the Venus/Eris almost-conjunction…

  • The separating Jupi