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Find healing and health by taking the responsibility back to you.

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

dark leaves with rain drops like little mirrors

After over 20 years of depression, anxiety, suicide attempts and so on, I decided for myself "enough is enough" (I nearly died, so it took a lot to wake me up ;-) ) - all the therapies and drugs I got prescribed over the years didn't really heal me, they helped to come out of the worst with each "episode" but didn't make me heal. I'm a "rebellious type" and when I heard the phrase "you will have to live with this until the end", I knew deep inside "NO" and so a quest for answers started... First I tried to find out, what those diseases really are from the "school medicine view" and then also from alternative views which lead me to more deep studies about the body and natural remedies; and later to kind of "self psychology" (shadow work)... This was a process of several years and is ongoing but most successful, rewarding and empowering in all life matters....

I very well know, that we're All different and resonate with different ways - I'm not telling you to follow my way exactly but I would like to give you ideas of how you can help yourself.

1. and most important step is to take back the responsibility for yourself. I do not mean that you shall stop medication or any kind of therapy you do but be aware of what it is, what it does and does and what not.... feel inside yourself, ask yourself what does you good and what not and then DECIDE. It's your body, your life, your decision and responsibility.

As an example: I know from many years of experience that I react very bad to any kind of Benzodiazepine and I mentioned that with a Doctor at the hospital, when I came in with a panic attack - after some tests and a couple of hours, I could go home but had to catch meds first - I got 2 different drugs and after paying them and the hospital I went back home and checked the drugs - well, they both were Benzos and so I didn't take them..... I found out that anxiety, fears, stress and so on makes our body to use much higher amounts of the Magnesium - it makes total sense, as Magnesium is a natural mineral which we get in many foods and even mineral water, it's needed for relaxation (of muscles for example) and to calm ourselves. I did get some Magnesium supplement!!! I studied more about minerals and vitamins and checked in which foods are which "ingredients" and then I wondered what the vegetables, fruits and other foods I really like and that make me feel good do contain - they all contained a fair amount of magnesium..... so, I started and do so until today to listen to my body - what does my body want to eat - this is something some of us have to learn first but once started those signals become stronger and stronger..... This is just one little example and more will follow over time....

Remember, every little step helps and every little step will lead to the next.....and it feels great to be able to say: "I did this by myself, for myself"!!!!

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