Full Moon 08.2021 - trusting the "gates of possibility"

Full Moon 22nd of August 2021 16:24 Thailand – 09:24 Univ. Time

Sun in Leo at 4°19’6” – Moon in Aquarius at same degree and Earth there too….

The Sun conjoins the Star Regulus (Alpha of Leo). Earth and Moon are still conjunct by Jupiter at 2° of Aquarius…

An axis is always talking about a “two-way street” – an exchange, a mirroring.

The Sun is shining outwards, radiating – that which we give out. Earth represents our “ground”, home, roots and the Moon more our inner world, our emotions and feelings – Earth and Moon together more like our home, nest, security etc.

The full Moon shows us the full “mirror” of what we sent out during the creative phase since the new Moon. – Our last new Moon took place at 20° Cancer, approaching the Lion’s head – meaning the theme of “leaving the nest”, taking the steps towards self-authority, self- reliance and the own path/future…

This Full Moon area of Leo with the Star Regulus talks about nobility integrity, loyalty, creativity, courage and “passion”. We’re talking here about “governing” our journeys – on a personal, individual level as well as for the whole collectives/societies/humanity, as it’s an “outgoing” energy” just like the Sun as well. We also have the energies of “Leaders”, steering the own path, perceiving obstacles, eventual problems etc. (kind of “foresight”), which we have to go around/solve. Sometimes Leo energy can be very impulsive, without much thought – this can be very good, when the true heart is involved but if it comes from fear and lack, the outcome may be not as “wished”… just be aware of this….

The earlier degrees of Aquarius talk about opening the heart, sharing of ideas and knowledge, putting pieces together but through communication, through the exchange. To build a “bigger picture” through the collaboration…. This doesn’t mean only to build something together, but to have a common goal but different, individual aspects/abilities/ideas of how to get there, which can be included. Within the “higher realms”/spiritual, it’s the open heart for further information and ideas shared, to gain the “puzzle pieces”, to make contact… remember, it’s a two-way street…

Just like I shared in my last video, that Scientists have shared their experiences of how they solved problems – they did let go of it, did something else and suddenly, like out of the blue, they knew, received the answer…. Sometimes we need to let go of that “outwards”, just leave it to the “universe” (surrender) and focus on something else – the answer will come…. We can also just actively ask, for anything…

Some more details and more "sharing":

Juno is now separating from the lunar Southnode but Ceres has moved into conjunction with the Northnode at 10° Taurus.

Geocentric Pallas is approaching Neptune for their “in retrograde” conjunction on 27th of August. Their heliocentric “single” conjunction will be on 6th of October… They, in this geocentric Full Moon chart, opposing Mars and Mercury in later Leo…

Heliocentric we see Mercury separating from Vesta conjoining the stars Syrma and Khambalia of Virgo in the sign of Libra and are in a last quarter square to Saturn in Capricorn.

Saturn is slowly approaching his last quarter square to Uranus and is his last roughly 41° to Neptune. I will talk about this separately and soon I hope as well as about the above-mentioned helio- centric Pallas - Neptune conjunction….

The last few months of this year will become interesting as well as packed first few months of 2022 – more about this a bit later in the year…. But for now, enjoy the little break we have, “fuel” yourself 😉

We have again the theme of emotional turmoil, which is mirrored in the outside world – many people will feel that and may even unconsciously feed this “victim consciousness”. We can though, discern, try to see “through” that and “feed” ourselves with that which is beneficial for us. We have to see the reality of things without becoming lost in the pain and anger – to acknowledge those feelings but in a constructive way, a “forward” orientated way - loss is a terrible feeling as well as sadness, grief, fear and anger but remember, energy can’t be destroyed, only transformed (Pluto), so there is a kind of a “chance” within too when we allow ourselves to see the “light at the end of the tunnel”….

Our very own experiences do contain a lot of truth, individual truth – we carry them with us at all times and therefore are accessible at any time. We “program” ourselves through the reactions and consequences we take out of experiences – like the famous hot plate we touch only once 😉 but if we then never touch a plate again, even if it’s a cold one, would be “limiting” - Many of these “programming” are based on a different state of consciousness (at the time of the experience) and maybe not the “whole truth” and those are usually “hunting” us as they need to be cleared… Other experiences can show us strength, where we succeeded and which helped us and those can help us at any time – the remembering of such “key” moments, when we were “brave” and with trust into self and the “Universe”…

The more we “grow” into this trust, with its limitless possibilities in a psychological and spiritual way, the more they also become “physical” – the more we can imagine, the more there will be….

I always used to say “there’s nothing not existing, otherwise it will be invented”…. It means this openness, the imagination is what is a creative force – without the idea and the acting accordingly, there wouldn’t exist anything…. by limiting imaginations, dreams etc. we limit possibilities and therefore expansion and growth on all realms….

Those of you, seen my first few videos about active planetary cycles, can see the correlation of history, the repetitions – well, we’re in a time that goes much beyond that – we create the ideas of a different mindset and reality and therefore the possibility of its creation…. Yes, for many millennia it went on like this, the repetitions of similar reactions but who says it has to stay like this?? Yes it was, that's fine but let us explore other possibilities...

We have to be a little “selfish” in order to be creative though – if we’re caught up in drama (may it be the own or that of others), we’re not in the state to create anything, if we’re in fear or worries we can’t imagine beauty as a possibility nor taking action towards it…. Therefore, we need to make space for us within – we need to clear our dramas (heal) and then go on creating, at least in the mind, draw, write or tell our ideas, share them with the beauty we see, the passion and fire we feel… nothing is impossible!!!!... Because we’re in a different energy through the Earth shift, through the galactic connection so much easier to access we’re getting the opportunities too, the manifestations etc. and eventually the “timeline shifts”….

It’s difficult for us at times to “wrap our heads” around all these concepts – the timelines, the creating etc. but I’m sure, we All have at least little examples in our lives that proves these ideas to be not mere crazy illusions but true “possibility”, chance and real – science slowly proves it too…

Saturn, Uranus, Neptune – all interesting… Saturn has expanded his own structures, his rings are now soooo wide, the Galactic Center shows strange bubbles of energy radiations.

Videos containing those topics on my You Tube channel, also the ongoing “active planetary cycles series” - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVYkI0duqQnVM2RJvPdFq6A

ohhh – by the way, Eris and Sedna should be added to the list of the Three just mentioned, stay tuned for more about all of this 😉

In this “break time” and especially during this full Moon we can make experiences, try things out, be “experimental”, have fun and enjoy the outcomes (which way ever, it’s always an experience and therefore of value).

Much Love to you All,


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