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"Hello future, here I am" - New Moon May 2021

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

This new Moon occurs in the constellation of Aries conjoining the Star “Botein” of Aries at 26°0’14” sign of Aries. Earth therefore in late Libra (sign and constellation).

Yes, we All want out of this – we want action, we want “life”, we want to feel alive… but what else? Is it just “no more of this we have now” or is there a deeper “drive” behind? We always get, what we focus on – “no more of this”, will bring more of it – a Universal law… so focus onto what you want or dream of – it might actually “knock at your door”…

“The wind of change” is blowing and storming, no way back but we may also sing “hello future here I am”… The main task though is, an actual transformation and not “adaptability – I know, I said that before. – If we cut some “old cords”, the baggage from the past, old patterns and mind sets, we may suddenly feel a little “naked”, insecure and vulnerable. Natural that is and nothing to worry about or even to “hinder” oneself – no, the mastery here is, to ground ourselves in the “now” and with a little bit of courage and trust we can step forward. If we make an “analysis” of “what is wrong” we also need to see the opportunities and possibilities we have and then go for it.

Right now, of course, health is a big issue – but it’s not only the physical body that needs to be looked at but also our whole “system” – our heart-mind connection, the feelings and our “spirituality”.

You know, 1 + 1 = 3 …. Yes, I know – but look at how it works in nature – a woman and a man give life to a child…. Yes, sometimes the solution for a problem is not to be found when using the same “mind set”/belief system/value system that did occurred in…..

We really need to step out of the “box” we put ourselves into….

the star Botein of Aries shown in an ancient constellation drawing

In the longitude of the star Botein, we find other stars and constellations important for the energies of this area, providing forward-orientated action to fulfill any kind of “desire”, which can also be felt as “erupting”. It can manifest as sexual drive, creative action but also as “war-like” energy – depending one’s choice as there is also the energies that talk about the inner need for truth and righteousness (not justice!!!). “War like energy” also means that there would have to be an “enemy”, someone or something to blame for what happens. A pattern we’re All very well aware and accustomed to but not really serving one – neither within, nor without. Patterns aren’t easy to break but there’s always that day one can start with a first step….

Earth, always opposing the sun, is conjoining the “libra stars” at 26° - conjoining the star Zubenhakrabi. Even so the depiction of Libra has been changed a few times, the old star names from millennia ago, when there was no separate constellation Libra yet. Alpha and Beta Librae are called Zubenelgenubi (Arabic: al zuban al janubiyy – southern claw) and Zubeneschamali (Arabic: al zuban al samaliyyah – northern claw).

The “claws” represent the balancing act between the future and the past – the finalizing of the past to find that “middle”, the “now”. It’s the “now” that defines the future – not the past, unless we “now” dwell in the past…

The physical energy, forward motion, power etc. is here and used, each of us, with our decisions, values and heart are defining where it goes – individually as well as collectively. When we come to such “crossways”, and intersections, we have to decide which direction we go, it’s a “split second” decision sometimes that can alter everything…

Sun and Moon also are very close to the Northnodes of Mars and Mercury – Earth near their Southnodes… Mercury at almost 17° Taurus, conjoins the lunar Northnode and is near Venus’ Northnode and Mars at 15° Gemini stands on Jupiter’s Northnode conjoining the star Mebsuta of Gemini… ha – what an entanglement!!!

Just as the Sun wants to shine, there in late Aries, through the Moon and it’s emotions and needs, Mars wants to “do” – action, physical energy, life force if you want is ready to be used… he stands in an area where such is supported – the stars in middle of Gemini want to go, not to hesitate – forwards is the motto here too… same time, there’s also the galactic encouragement and the signs and synchronicities we may encounter, when we’re on the “right” path for ourselves – we only need to act on them 😉 Mars stands on the “reflecting points” of Jupiter here – the higher view, the higher learning and ideals that are “nourished” and reflected back in a pretty fortunate way, judging the star Sadalmelik of Aquarius, where Jupiter resides now. Sadalmelik is the Alphastar of Aquarius and is of visionary leadership, highly intelligent and philosophical to bring joy to the Individual while inventing, creating and performing in the areas of art and science (in whatever way) to also serve Humanity as a whole…

Wonderful energy here – just live it – those “wants and needs” created out of fear are best left behind… the most creative ideas one gets while creating 😉 – something that just happens, that can’t be planned…

Mercury is the “Translator” and Messenger for those – his placement in the middle of Taurus, combined with the Moon’s and Venus’ Northnode gives real opportunity for “integrated communication” – the intuition and the heart with the intellect … beside that, middle of Taurus hosts the star Aldebaran – he can “slay” and being sharp but what a useful tool for discernment and let’s say cutting “interfering” ideas, the old patterns of thinking.

Venus is back “home” now, on the way to her Northnode but now she’s near the Pleiades and the energies of Perseus. It’s a “calmer” energy here – the worst “battles” are over and one can start to heal. Beauty is all around us – we only need to open our heart and eyes to see that. The Pleiades and the Hyades are told to bring rain – well, yes, it seems so, especially here – but see how nice and clean everything looks like after… let that rain clean your heart, washing the worries and the “battle dust” away….

Pallas – the “problem solver” - stands close to the star Fumalsamakah (Beta Piscium) in the sign of Aquarius at 23°42’1” approaching Uranus’ aphelion (his “home” or “inspiration”), Juno’s Southnode (discernment/digestion/rebirth) and she’s on her way to meet with Neptune the first time of 3 (because of them retrogrades). Neptune at 27°22’11” under the Circlet is back “home”, even so he’s officially in the sign of Aquarius, he’s also approaching Pallas Southnode at 28°. In the South the Phoenix, Sculptor and the first stars of Reticulum (Beta Reticuli) – in the North “Markab” the first star of the square of Pegasus…. You see, it’s packed here – loads of “activations” of entanglement and emphasis!!!!

These last around 6 degrees of Aquarius, or should I say first degrees of the constellation of Pisces, are talking about gaining sight, clarity about the own health – the body, the mind and the spiritual and our “relationship” to ourselves as these “multi-dimensional-Beings”. Not only on an individual basis but for humanity as a whole. We’re asked to use the energies and “technology” available within us and what is naturally provided to nourish ourselves in order to gain purity for the future development of the species (genetics, DNA). Yes, it’s also still “Aquarius”, so technology and distribution of resources plays a role here – it’s more about the “bio-technology” so, the art-sciences, the “alternative methods” that can help us to organically shift and to prepare us for “eye opening” or let’s say to “fine tune” our perceptual capabilities.

On 10th of May, Ceres and Eris have their heliocentric conjunction at 28°49’58” Pisces. During our new Moon though, Eris at 29° Pisces and Ceres at 6 degrees Aries, on her way to meet with Uranus too… Eris the benevolent disruption and Ceres the nourishment….

New Moon 12.05.2021 01.59 am Thailand time (Univ./GMT = 18.59 on the 11th)

For Chiang Mai this new Moon occurs in the 3rd house of communication. Mercury and Venus as well as the lunar Northnode are in this “Gemini-Mercury” house too.

The Mars “action” theme is lived in the 4th house – the home/the roots/foundation

The themes of Pallas and Neptune in the 1st house of identification and definition.

Communication systems we not only have in the form of “devices” outside of us, but we also have our usual verbal communication, body language and our inner systems like intuition, “emotional cell phone” and gut feeling but also the more “spiritual” forms of communication like “prayer”, channeling, telepathy and so on… Many people are even Healers by using the different “communication” forms – that can go from a Psychotherapist to a Massage Therapist, a Herbalist, an energy Healer or maybe even just the own knowledge of the body… only what you belief into, will work… so how do you define that for yourself and do you really belief and trust in it or are you confused by what “others” say or belief….

I have observed, that people who did tend to run to the hospital for every little really minor thing, have suddenly changed and use “home remedies”, ask Elders etc. – I’m sure, these people won’t go back to their old ways, even when this pandemic should be over, because experienced “change” lasts…

Much Love to you All,


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