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"Hello future, here I am" - New Moon May 2021

This new Moon occurs in the constellation of Aries conjoining the Star “Botein” of Aries at 26°0’14” sign of Aries. Earth therefore in late Libra (sign and constellation).

Yes, we All want out of this – we want action, we want “life”, we want to feel alive… but what else? Is it just “no more of this we have now” or is there a deeper “drive” behind? We always get, what we focus on – “no more of this”, will bring more of it – a Universal law… so focus onto what you want or dream of – it might actually “knock at your door”…

“The wind of change” is blowing and storming, no way back but we may also sing “hello future here I am”… The main task though is, an actual transformation and not “adaptability – I know, I said that before. – If we cut some “old cords”, the baggage from the past, old patterns and mind sets, we may suddenly feel a little “naked”, insecure and vulnerable. Natural that is and nothing to worry about or even to “hinder” oneself – no, the mastery here is, to ground ourselves in the “now” and with a little bit of courage and trust we can step forward. If we make an “analysis” of “what is wrong” we also need to see the opportunities and possibilities we have and then go for it.

Right now, of course, health is a big issue – but it’s not only the physical body that needs to be looked at but also our whole “system” – our heart-mind connection, the feelings and our “spirituality”.

You know, 1 + 1 = 3 …. Yes, I know – but look at how it works in nature – a woman and a man give life to a child…. Yes, sometimes the solution for a problem is not to be found when using the same “mind set”/belief system/value system that did occurred in…..

We really need to step out of the “box” we put ourselves into….

In the longitude of the star Botein, we find other stars and constellations important for the energies of this area, providing forward-orientated action to fulfill any kind of “desire”, which can also be felt as “erupting”. It can manifest as sexual drive, creative action but also as “war-like” energy – depending one’s choice as there is also the energies that talk about the inner need for truth and righteousness (not justice!!!). “War like energy” also means that the