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"I am many and do a lot"....

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

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Everywhere I was asked “who are you” or “what do you do”… well, I got tired of answering this question in the way it was meant – I started to answer “ohhh I’m many and do a lot”…. People looked at me as I would come “from the Moon” or so…. Pretty funny and sad the same time, isn’t it!? … Well – at least I was placed onto the moon instead of the usual “drawer”/box 😊 Once realizing how different it feels, when you answer with truth, to such simple questions opens the door to many other experiences…. It’s a freeing feeling …

Such simple practices made me realize how our mind actually creates our reality. I tested many different thoughts and what they do to me – very interesting. I live alone and for a while now I’m journaling but it’s not really the right word for it. Maybe “writing meditation” or something alike would describe it better. I’m using it for shadow-work, thinking, questioning and problem examining and solving. I always do this by handwriting and amazingly I get a lot of answers to questions – actually always. Often, I would not have thought about the ways I get the answers but even so I maybe feel hurt or confused in a situation, the answer is there. Sometimes I do not see it as that right away but it seldom takes longer than a day. Often, I wake up with an answer. Sometimes I have a dream that includes the answer – a bit cryptic like this but probably it’s better this way as then I’m forced to think….

Isn’t it absolutely amazing what kind of limitless entertainment system we have included within us!!?? We get a library we can tap in anytime we like to, we get even movies we can either participate in directly or just view and sometimes we can even alter it – perfect actually and absolutely what you need at that moment. Brilliant isn’t it 😊

Much Love to you All,


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