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June 2021 "wrapping ups"

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

the glyphs of Cancer and Leo intertwined

involves the constellations Cancer and Leo - the lion's bravery and the crab's womb...

Finalizing and restarting – digesting, cleaning and moving on… themes we’re actually very good in, we do it on a daily basis. We also do it in broader perspective and we have been in this kind of energy for years now. Some people call this time the “Grand awakening” and compare it with the movie “Matrix” and yes, an easily understandable comparison.

Even if we know, what we have to “let go”, it sometimes means we have to let go of that which we knew and thought to be the “truth” and to lead ourselves into uncertainty and insecurity, which we can only manage when we feel safe inside and trust that the future can not only bring “worse” but also much “better” and by focusing on that “better” we go on much more “light hearted”.

The “heart-mind-coherence”, we are “re-defining” (Venus-Mercury) is helpful with that, the living of the own passions and promises (Vesta – Orcus) and the change of “intake/ nourishment” (Ceres – Uranus) are as well but now we go ahead and add the action and power – Mars… manifesting the “New” from the own inner “womb”.

The more “truth” we realize and recognize about ourselves, the more of the “hidden” comes out in the outer life as well – it’s all always “mirroring”… The security, health and wellbeing we search for isn’t in the outside alone, because that’s only the manifestation/mirror from within – Cause and effect 😉 Universal laws at play or let’s say “revealed for All to see”….

18.06.2021 Mars – Varuna at 8°31’38” sid. Cancer

Mars is about physical action, energy, sexuality, the masculine principle, leadership, doing, go to get “it” type etc. Mars is sometimes misunderstood as a simple “war god” – it does give a wrong idea about his energies – he’s more about the action we need to accomplish or do anything, to realize our goals and ideas.

Varuna is one of the Vedic primordial gods – a creator that knows everything. Symbolizing creating, the two pair together well – just important here is to understand, that we create what we focus on, and so that can go into either direction. His Aphelion-Perihelion axis lays on the galactic equator and on our equinox axis – giving special emphasis of his themes and the galactic connection that holds….

The last cycle started in Cancer at 6°34’56” on 4th / 5th July 2019 conjoined by Mercury, which confirms what I just said about “how” we create – the mind translates the intuition, the heart into an idea and thoughts and that creates focus and action. The Three did conjoin the star-system Tegmen (at least 4 stars), which symbolizes the shell of the crab, the constellation Monoceros in the south and the Lynx in the North. Also nearby Asteroid Juno and the Moon in middle of Cancer. .

This stellium in Trine with Chiron and Square with Vesta and Uranus… This whole picture is talking about nourishing, safety, a cocoon within which we transform and “create/breed” the New by knowing the self, the own abilities and passions. To feel safe, we may feel the need to build a comfortable home or other safe space. The Lynx gives the ability to move between the realms and Monoceros the “magic”, to integrate that which we thought is far and out of reach but may also bring some “challenges” in order for us to “see that magic”, to be able to “shed the old skin” – just like the caterpillar that needs to eat a certain amount until it’s ready to go to cocoon….. what we belief in, is what creates our possibilities – the wonders, the “magic”…. The challenge was to come out of the own “loops” of creating the same basis again and again but to realize the freedom we have to “invent” ourselves anew every day. – A bit like going two steps forward and see another “head growing” (obstacles – “head of Hydra”) and go back into the cocoon (1 step back) and then same again – but note, even so it takes 3 steps to go one forth, it’s still going forward 😉

(Picture: M44 Praesepe open cluster also called "Beehive cluster" in middle of Cancer - NASA)

Praesepe cluster M44 "beehive cluster" in Cancer by NASA

This next cycle, takes place only 2 degrees further into Cancer, with different stars, aspects and Bodies involved. It gives a bit of a “cooler” feel – a moving forward motion, to work, to get busy and do that “spring cleaning”/discerning about what is nourishing to the “deeper” task at hand and it might go a little “faster” as we’re becoming more used to those “realizations” and “magic” gained earlier in Cancer/last cycle…. Opposing the Two is Chariklo in Capricorn – talking about the “safe, sacred spaces”/sanctuaries and how we structure them for us and how we relate or care for Outsiders or how we may feel “as an Outsider” ourselves… Chariklo is important not only through the opposition but also because her nodal axis lays at 5°41’ sid. Cancer (SN) and Capricorn (NN). Just think about how crabs or snails and other such creatures move – they have their “house” with them, their safety is with them and so could/should it be for us as well – just as the saying “your home is, where your heart is”.

Yes, Cancer is a water sign but never underestimate the quality here – it’s not only emotional (Moon is the “ruler of the sign”) but also contains a leadership quality, through this “womb” feel – the space where we create new life…. Cancer is one of the “cardinal cross signs” - my You Tube presentation about the crosses:

Btw. Venus conjoins Varuna too on her path to meet with Mars – on 30th of June at almost same place as Mars met with Varuna and during this conjunction time Mercury “sits” on her Northnode in Taurus - this “Heart-mind-coherence” is a theme all the time, in one form or another constantly present in all these “charts” 😉

Venus and Mars have their heliocentric conjunction on 22nd of June –

geocentric will be on 13th of July.

Usually they meet every roughly 11months, but this current cycle, we need to finalize lasted 2 years. They last met geocentric and heliocentric in August 2019 at 8°51’19” / 9°45’34” Leo with the Sun at 5° sid. Leo (geo) and Juno at 4° sid. Leo (helio).

As the locations of the geocentric and heliocentric conjunctions are a bit “far away” from each other, I think there’s a “blending” involved – heliocentric at 2° Leo and the geocentric at 24° Cancer in the constellation of Leo – under his head to be exact. The next cycle will start in February/March 2022 – less than the 11 months….

Venus – the goddess of beauty and love – our personal value system in all forms, self-definition as well as any material values and it’s resulting “desires” what can lead to greed and jealousy and she’s the “feminine counterpart” to Mars.

Wrapping up: Almost 9° to 10° Leo conjoins the star Shir (Rho Leonis) marks the right hind foot of the Lion, over the small constellation Sextans and under the “between” of the 2 forelegs of Ursa Major and the star Praecipua of Leo Minor. This area talks about leadership, those in positions to “navigate” the path of the group/country/themselves. In the broader perspective of global affairs, it may also talk about those who actually work “behind the scenes” but with the power at hand (remember, those with the so called “power”, do only have it as long as we give it to them – or let’s say “accept”/belief it as a “reality”).

Realizing power – just like the consumer decides what to buy and that influences the producer. If we don’t like a product we don’t need to fight against it but just simply not buy it and if many do that, the product will be taken off the production line….

The Lion stands for nobility, generosity, integrity, honesty and confidence, “royalty” in a more “original” sense – well, all these attributes can be used in various ways – for us on a personal level it means, that we have everything at hand, to act in coherence between the feminine and masculine principles of life. It may also indicate, that there needs to be a closer look at the “present situation” in order to “navigate” (Sextans) the future direction of path (globally and individually).

If we can’t value our true self, if we try to “betray” ourselves we will also act accordingly and everything will be “distorted” – when we act from a lie, the outcome will be a lie….

When thinking about Leo, we need to also “picture” the Sun – always shining, even when it rains.

The new cycle involves that Lion’s head, Leo Minor and some stars of Ursa Major in the north and in the South Alphard the alphastar of Hydra and the tiny constellation Pyxis (the “crow’s nest” of Argo Navis). In earlier and middle of sidereal Cancer it’s “womb-time”, nurturing, protective “idea-creating” (or general new – also the “new self”) are done and now we come out into to world, we want to bring that “new” into the seen (light)/world…

The northern stars/constellation represent more the “establishment”, the “old” way of thinking or “traditional thinking”, whereas the southern constellations are talking more about what comes from within, that “new” which wants to come forth and so that brings a bit of a conflict that can be solved by using the energies of the “brave hearts” of the visionaries and adventurers.

At first glance, sometimes it looks like as we would “loose” something, if we stand “against” the norm or tradition, or simply do something in a different way – yes, relationships may change, we may “loose” some material things but we may then gain something different, something that we would call “better” than what has been “left behind”…. Many roads lead to Rome it says – just because we have done something in a specific way for a long time, doesn’t mean it’s the only way 😉

Much Love to you All,


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