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more about the Universal Laws

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

optical illusion artwork by M.C. Escher
optical illusion by M.C. Escher

The second Universal Law is: “The Principle of Correspondence” – As above so below” and the other way round and also “As within so without” and also here the other way around…..

We can see this Law at work every day – within synchronicities and Astrology / Astronomy to just name some examples…

All these little happenings, signs, make us feel “loved”, seen or simply “confirmed”. Isn’t it a wonderful feeling!?

Did you know, that in quantum physics, particles do behave differently, when they’re watched than when they’re “alone”!? A most important and interesting observation!! – also, we probably All know it from ourselves as well, right 😉 When we realize that someone is watching us, we tend to “acknowledge” them with a smile, look into their face and whatever you tend to do – often we then do whatever we do, with more focus or awareness than before…. Sometimes it’s the other way round though – we’re so focused on what we’re doing, that we not even realize that we’re observed. – That then might have something to do with the focus or intention of the Observer….

According to Hermetic teachings and the Kybalion, there are 3 planes of “life” – the physical, - the mental, - the spiritual and each of these 3 planes are divided into 7 minor planes and each minor plane into 7 sub-planes.

The third Universal Law is: “The Principle of Vibration” – everything moves in the Universe and nothing really rests, even if it looks like from outside…. Simple example: we sleep but we’re still breathing and the heart is beating and so on – even our brain is very active…. Our vibration in different “states” variating - as many of you know, from the spiritual teachings.

We vibrate out what we feel – so if we’re happy, laugh, enjoy and so on, we feel “high” and that vibration we also radiate to our surrounding. It also makes similar vibrations to connect, therefore most likely more “enjoyable” happenings will occur. Of course, the “downwards” functions the same – the Universe is mental – so, therefore, what you think and believe makes your experience and vibration as you also put your attention to it.

The Hermetic teachings are about “Alchemy”, which means transformation – most importantly mental transmutation. When you use the knowledge of the Universal/Natural laws, we can start to master and use them for the Good. – as we All heard a trillion times over the years is the term: “think positive”. In some ways that’s true, it’s about focusing or putting attention to the opposite of what you have a “problem” with. So, if you want to “fight fear”, better focus on “courage” and then also do little things toward that goal – like the old saying “jumping over the own shadow” – step by step and I’m sure, every step becomes a little easier than the previous one…. As we have our own, integrated, “reward system”, we will feel good and happy every time we achieved something towards the goal. A wonderful feeling when we become more and more our very own “savior”.

The fourth Universal Law is: “The Principle of Polarity” – Duality is the word here most fitting. Yes, everything comes in “opposites or axis” and those are actually the same, just different in “vibration” if you want.

Many years ago, I’ve read the “I Ging” – I remember, I thought it a very practical explanation, that we All individually choose our “neutral point”, on which we “measure” the polarities around us. We define that Zero-point and then we “judge” from there and therefore we All have different feelings and thoughts about a particular matter or happening.

Living in Thailand, I have made the experience that many Thai people (at least many I’ve met and talked or watched about this) are very sensitive to temperatures. When you have warm water, they may claim it’s hot – it’s not that they make a joke, they really feel that different…. I don’t know why this is but it shows that also “cold and hot” are very dependable on the own body in this case or other kind of definition one may have - as for example the measuring systems. My American Friends are always talking about degrees Fahrenheit and I have no clue what that is in degrees Celsius and so there is no understanding - an easy way in this is to take the “fever degrees” as comparison as many people know how much in their scale that is (a neutral or zero point)……

In the Kybalion, they say, every “truth is mere a half-truth” – very interesting thought isn’t it 😊

The fifth Universal law is: “The Principle of Rhythm” – everything flows and cycles. It’s also called “the swing of the Pendulum – the swing to the right is the same as the swing to the left”….

Very important, when taking the law of polarities into count 😉 as the Two work very close together – well, all do….

In this Rhythm we have the ongoing change of waves, tides, night and day, the seasons, but we also find them in the Universe as all entangled cycles, we find them in our emotions and thoughts and even in the spiritual world. Beside these relatively short cycles or swings, we also have very long and “large” ones – we’re just starting to figure some of these out in modern science but we can also see them in history, as Civilizations rise and fall…. Probably there are far larger ones, that we generally just fail to understand so far….

In the Kybalion there are descriptions of 2 sub-laws.

- The law of Neutralisation

- The law of Compensation

Neutralisation is about how we can use the “higher” laws, to kind of “escape” the swing of the pendulum on a personal level. It’s actually so simple, that I and probably most of you, have already used these sub-laws without knowing about these teachings, or that they are part of any “Universal laws” 😊

Neutralization talks about rising the own vibration (thoughts/emotions) and “stabilize” yourself there, so the swing back of the pendulum will occur but not affect you, as it swings “below” you.