New Moon 8th of August 2021 - unfoldment

Updated: Oct 24

This new Moon and theme for the whole lunar month, are sharing (which also includes it's opposition of "receiving") and collaboration. As always, from within to the outside… We're “many”, multi-faceted, multilayered, multi-dimensional or whatever other wording and may actually start to come out of our "shell" - slowly but surly…. revelations are an ongoing theme but this lunar month we also have the theme of "unfoldment"....

We may even feel the “wind of change” (Scorpions song) within and it’s whispers but may also feel “insecure” about it and how to take it but see, the energies in both charts talk about “breaking” loops of the past, to overcome the behaviors and repetitions of the past… the past is passed and offers us the conclusion/ wisdom of “lessons learned”… in the “longer cycles” many of those, we have “stored” as sayings – like one needs to love themselves first to be able to love someone else… this is a principle though - everything needs to “exist/felt within” first.

We live, we birth – all kinds of “things” – also hopes and dreams of what we often may think “it’s impossible” and together with all that we ever have experienced in life it’s stored within us, our memories, the cells, epigenetics, DNA etc… As sad and heavy memories can be, there are also light ones, that we can laugh about, dreams we may feel “outgrown” in the now or maybe a game played in childhood and suddenly thinking, ohhh, I wonder if I can still do that – silly? Yeah, maybe but we can still play too, right…. 😉 ohhh I know, it’s all so serious – so what!!??

Years ago, a Friend gave me the tip, to imagine people I don’t like or have difficulties with in underware…. My, I tell you it helps!!! …. Yeah, maybe not so nice but it shifts energies 😉 … Nope it’s not about to “ridicule” or such, but you put them and yourself in a “human” position, somehow “equal” – well, there are probably more “academic” ways of how to do it, but….. it works also when you see your “favorite politician” or whomever in the TV, should you decide to even watch such…. Do you smile now??? Good…..

Now – we have shifted energy and perception and can go on with the Astrology 😉

What do we need to feel safe and confident enough to “shine ourselves out into the world”? Probably first of all the basic needs as water, food, shelter and health… and then? Maybe feeling appreciated and supported or at least understood - what about understanding, supporting and appreciating ourselves? Nah, I’m not talking about becoming a selfish cunt, giggles – nope but with those feelings towards oneself, we’re then also able to see such in others and them within us and so it goes around…. Spreading and affecting the environment within and around ourselves – like a “contagious virus” and well, some may be resistant to it 😉 – pun intended…

How well do we know ourselves? Do we know what really drives us?... Most people would probably answer with many different attributes, as we’re not only “one thing” right – especially when we’re in the position that we have those basic needs covered, other “things” come to surface….

If you dream of having a certain car, is it about the car itself? Usually probably not – the car may be a “symbol”/synonym for something else, deeper… may that be “freedom”, adventure, speed, status symbol, prestige, more space for family members, or whatever…. Once aware of that underlaying “need”, we may even change the path of how to fulfill that and if we still want to have the car, then that’s great too and should then be enjoyed to the fullest…. If though, we can’t even admit to ourselves, for what real reason we want something, how can we then ever feel “fulfilled”? Maybe that car and whatever else follows is just a “bandaid”, a cover up, in order to not needing to deal with the inner world…. Maybe there’s a lot of fear, guilt, regret, shame and similar that needs to be worked on in the meaning of being acknowledged consciously….

Same thing with our relationship with the “outside world” – how and why do we relate/ react to a certain situation or person – what within ourselves is this “mirroring”… many of us also start or are already used to synchronicities and to “read” them, to trust into the support we somehow create ourselves but same time appears to be “outside”… We can call this also a part of the feminine principle - "the receiving".

With such questions and inner work, we gain more information, knowledge and understanding for ourselves, which should include “compassion” for self and we start to value and trust ourselves… Yet, admitting, acknowledging are the first steps to self-mastery and “cooperation” within self. The foundation to include the own “passion”/ devotion, to structure our life or intellectual pathways accordingly, to find the “energy” and “faith” to act or walk towards that “fulfillment”….

This integration work within self is radiated out – it’s peaceful… separation, “overpowering” and forced action leads to misunderstanding, anger and discord….

… Life is a choice or a collection of those – an individual choice….