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Liberation in sight - Saturn and Uranus last square

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

It's important to understand, that there's no "savior" to arrive - we get guidance and help from all realms but not in the meaning of intervention on the realms we're able to act ourselves on... We have to collaborate together, initiate and use the powers we have - once we made steps into that direction, the Universe will open the gates with all the flow and help we need... Earth has grown up and so we have to too....

19th of October 2021

Saturn at 17°17’47’ sid. Capricorn conjoining the stars Armus and Dorsum of Capricorn and Uranus same degree sid. Aries just over the head of Cetus.

The geocentric square will be on 24th of December 2021.

Let's see what the Two are about and the current cycle this is the last quarter of and then move to the "now"....

The Players:

Saturn is about structures/systems of all kind and is often perceived as “limiting” – it’s important to understand though, that Saturn has moved his “path of action” in 1851- his nodal axis ” from the Capricorn/Cancer axis to the Sagittarius/Gemini axis brings really a big difference when working with Saturn (it’s Lyra and the Twins!! – vibration/communication) – he’s also about maturing and responsibility but more in a “fathering” way. Of course he’s not only about physical or societal structures but maybe even about structures like DNA 😉

More about Saturn:

Uranus is a Rebel and Liberator but also about technology (the own bio-technology as well), a “holistic” scientific approach – air energy, which brings more focus on the mind, the logic and less about emotions….

More about Uranus:

The conjunction/cycle we’re in: 9th June 1988

At 4°5’19” sid. Sagittarius conjoining Spiculum (M8 – Lagoon Nebula) and GEN (Galactic Equatorial Node) as well as our Solstice axis – a little passed the Galactic Center …. Chiron opposing at 4°53’18” Gemini even closer to the Solstice Axis as well as the “Anti-GEN”…. Saturn and Uranus are both approaching Neptune for their new cycles with him, so are in a balsamic, seeding for the future part of the old cycles….. Earth (and Moon of course) 24°, Venus 22° and Mercury 18° all in sid. Scorpio, constellation Ophiuchus over Scorpio…

Chiron though is a Healer and Teacher who speaks about self-mastery, surrender to self in order to break “loops” of repetition and with that to connect with the divine.

The longitude they meet, with all the galactic, Universal and evolutionary energy in a most creative way – it talks about us being a part of that All – we’re not alone, never, as everything is connected. In our Galaxy by the Galactic Center, which we could call the “Sun” of the Galaxy, which by being a huge “black hole” connects us further…. To mature into “universal consciousness”, to liberate our