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Liberation in sight - Saturn and Uranus last square

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

It's important to understand, that there's no "savior" to arrive - we get guidance and help from all realms but not in the meaning of intervention on the realms we're able to act ourselves on... We have to collaborate together, initiate and use the powers we have - once we made steps into that direction, the Universe will open the gates with all the flow and help we need... Earth has grown up and so we have to too....

19th of October 2021

Saturn at 17°17’47’ sid. Capricorn conjoining the stars Armus and Dorsum of Capricorn and Uranus same degree sid. Aries just over the head of Cetus.

The geocentric square will be on 24th of December 2021.

Let's see what the Two are about and the current cycle this is the last quarter of and then move to the "now"....

The Players:

Saturn is about structures/systems of all kind and is often perceived as “limiting” – it’s important to understand though, that Saturn has moved his “path of action” in 1851- his nodal axis ” from the Capricorn/Cancer axis to the Sagittarius/Gemini axis brings really a big difference when working with Saturn (it’s Lyra and the Twins!! – vibration/communication) – he’s also about maturing and responsibility but more in a “fathering” way. Of course he’s not only about physical or societal structures but maybe even about structures like DNA 😉

Uranus is a Rebel and Liberator but also about technology (the own bio-technology as well), a “holistic” scientific approach – air energy, which brings more focus on the mind, the logic and less about emotions….

The conjunction/cycle we’re in: 9th June 1988

At 4°5’19” sid. Sagittarius conjoining Spiculum (M8 – Lagoon Nebula) and GEN (Galactic Equatorial Node) as well as our Solstice axis – a little passed the Galactic Center …. Chiron opposing at 4°53’18” Gemini even closer to the Solstice Axis as well as the “Anti-GEN”…. Saturn and Uranus are both approaching Neptune for their new cycles with him, so are in a balsamic, seeding for the future part of the old cycles….. Earth (and Moon of course) 24°, Venus 22° and Mercury 18° all in sid. Scorpio, constellation Ophiuchus over Scorpio…

Chiron though is a Healer and Teacher who speaks about self-mastery, surrender to self in order to break “loops” of repetition and with that to connect with the divine.

The longitude they meet, with all the galactic, Universal and evolutionary energy in a most creative way – it talks about us being a part of that All – we’re not alone, never, as everything is connected. In our Galaxy by the Galactic Center, which we could call the “Sun” of the Galaxy, which by being a huge “black hole” connects us further…. To mature into “universal consciousness”, to liberate our systems within towards a more “holistic” one, our DNA, and our glands etc. to connect, to go "online" – we need to allow societal structures/systems to change by individually open the “heart and mind” for the understanding of our own connectedness and “bio-technology” and the tools we have within, to “experiment” with them, to mature into them. We need to allow ourselves to reconnect our various parts within and the Universe, to overcome the thinking of “separation” to liberate the tools we have at hand…. The mind is how we “steer” ourselves, our health and our communication….

This theme, this new cycle is seeding the change and liberation and structure of our belief-system, the “flow” of spiritual clarity (the cycles Saturn and Uranus both will start with Neptune). Neptune is very influential in this chart as he's also the "pointer" of a special aspect configuration with includes not only Pluto but also Vesta (devotion), Ceres (nourishment) and Sedna (the exiled, suppressed limitless)

For a long time, we believed only what we saw, we then started to “integrate” what we experience – now we have to add the teachings of “self-mastery” and the “universal consciousness” that will change the view and what we’re able to see…. It needs to be integrated into daily life – teaching/practice…

History: It was in 1988 that the first transatlantic internet line between the US and Europe was established and at Cern they started to discuss the concept of the World Wide Web…

The “iron curtain” started to dissolve – the Udssr started to open their inner systems a little .

There was the “singing revolution” in Estonia, which in the end liberated the Baltic states from the Soviet Union.

Since then, a lot has happened in science - in physics, quantum physics, stem cell biology, epigenetics and in many, many other fields... it manifested in PC's then laptops and cellphones, more holistic medicine practiced by many and in various forms, solar and wind energy, new packaging inventions and so on....

We came far and I think in the next decade we'll make a "quantum jump"...

October 2021

heliocentric sidereal astrology chart about the Saturn and Uranus last square

Saturn at 17°17’47” Capricorn and Uranus same degree in Aries. Both are also in aspect to Orcus in middle of Leo (Hydra).

Saturn maturity and structures, Uranus liberation and science and Orcus the keeper of Oath…

Within the middle part of Capricorn, the energies change from more “solitary” to a bit an airy, sharing, "futuristic" or "enthusiastic", communicative energy… it brings the ability of “wiggling” through that which seems like a “solid wall”, to find the “holes and weaknesses”… More:

Middle of Aries, over the head of Cetus, under Andromeda. Here we talk about having “stamina” and honor we have to keep for being in the own self – it can also be about the naiveté to the powerplays around us. As much as we want to have the freedom of being ourselves and making individual choices, we have to give the same freedom to everybody else without judgments or blame because we’re All getting mirrored 😉 More:

Last quarters are about “realization” as the “harvest” is just done we see what we have manifested, done, where it did lead us to etc… we start to cultivate and discern, with the 60° we will start to really free/push us from the old and with the 30° we will start to seed, having ideas – it will take a few years for this last quarter with its sub-themes as the new cycle will start in July 2032 (opposite of this one, in early Gemini – act on plans, new fundaments and overcoming hesitations and doubts)….

Many of us are fore-runners according our abilities – every bit helps, from whatever theme – may that be in health/medicine, technology in general, engineering, art, economics, farming education or whatever as it’s all “connected” right 😉 … we though, have to integrate the “Universal laws”, the “non-visible” (like quantum physics) as well as the divine feminine - it's all working simultaneously, all the time, breath by breath....

Now their theme has become pretty obvious and their placement too, seems to be very straight to the point of what we experience now globally… We have been using the energies well – loads of practical inventions, we have tried out some successful some less – many of them have made us very dependent though – and we start to see this now, many things were no longer possible to be produced or distributed around the world during all the lockdowns and other happenings and so with this we see dependency – the same with our cell phones right, more and more is only possible to access, maintain, use if we have a cell-phone – what originally was though to “liberate” us has now built a dependency…. Are we still creative, have imagination and ideals or are we so filled up with anything out of tv or other media, that we suppressed/forgot these abilities??....

Beside all the physical liberation, there’s of course the “non-physical”/spiritual/soul-level too – in this last square we have harvested and we understand what’s possible, that the “universal structures” and systems offer the limitless…. Now in the last square we need to cultivate what we have “discovered”, “improve”/ focus on what has “potential” in a “sustainable” way…. For now it’s important to stay strong in the own knowing and way without getting lost in the currents, to be more like the observer – it seems all so “sad”, horrible and so on but when knowing, understanding we also know, it’s our “heart, light and lightness” that is important to be anchored within our very own structures and with that automatically into the grids, the fields or simply “everywhere” (in the universal sense)…. And not to forget – it’s a “two way street” – we automatically get back, an answer to a question and so on…. It’s like the Internet or a library, it’s there to be used – it’s not only storage but shared as well…. same with the “invisible” libraries within as well as within the collective fields and the universal fields…. As well as all the other “structures”, the “bio-technology” – scientific approach means we have to use it to figure out how it exactly works, lol…..

The Two are not alone in the sky though – there’s a lot more in this chart:

Pallas in separating conjunction with Neptune in late Aquarius (Pallas on her own Northnode and Neptune just passed Uranus’ Aphelion) – creative solutions with integration of the “spiritual”, fundamental realms/the Trinity…

Earth in separating annual conjunction with Eris on the Pisces-Aries cusp (near the upwards swimming fish) – maybe “ground-shaking” revelations that will open eyes….

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