"self testing" full Moon 26th/27th of April 2021

Moon placed right “over” the Star Khambalia of Virgo in the sign of Libra and right opposite the Sun in the constellation and sign of Aries (under the head of the Ram) – both at 11°48’39”.

The Moon and Earth here, are talking about the “hidden” jewels or knowledge (esoteric – not in public) that wants to break free, or “birthed” out, brought into awareness. This area of the zodiac talks about equilibrium – true harmonic “balance” within self, in order to fully express that Self. The Sun’s placement under the head of Aries is talking about those “limits”, that hinder us to fully express that which we are, to take a lead on how that can “look like” and feels like. Such opposites (axis) are always “helping” each other. If we’re too much in this “Libra” way, we may appear arrogant as when we’re too much in the Aries energy, we may be a “puppet on a string”, following current “status quo” in a “overpowering” way. The true gift here is to balancing each other out through true authenticity. We are Individuals and should live that, to make that “sea monster Cetus” to become a wonderful, divers collective, just as Earth is bringing forth wonderful diversity in the collective of “nature”, of which Humans are part too – Remember, the full Moon represents the “culmination of intake” – the new Moon in late Pisces asks us to gain “clarity” of our “state of being”, to acknowledge our feelings through/by our emotions (inner cell phone). When we gain insight, of what we really have and are, we can gain appreciation and direction.

Uranus is nearby – the Sun will conjoin him within 4 days after the full Moon. He stands for liberation, which is the first step to change towards and transformed (Pluto) future.

Mercury and Venus just separated but are still within conjunction on “true Lilith” (also called dark Moon Lilith and is the lunar apogee – moon’s orbits furthest point – like a planets aphelion). An interesting fact to note is also that Mars and Mercury do share their nodal axis within 1 degree – it’s 23° and 24° Aries (North) and Libra (South). This means that their “feeding points” are getting activated by Mercury as well as Venus – Mercury or our mind is at “highest” intake point and Mars’ as well, who should actually act on that “push” given by Mercury….

As the Moon and Earth are talking about the “hidden” – lets have us a look at Black Moon Lilith, or lets say the Moon’s apogee – as with every “planetary Body”, the apogee (Moon around Planet) or aphelion (Planet around Sun) does speak of the point of “motivation” for its path of action, seen at perigee or perihelion where’s the point of most influence…. Lilith has been “demonized”, not only in Myth but also as the “dark Moon”, said to represent the “shadow side” of us – well, that actually depends on the view-point. She wants to be appreciated and heard - she represents the instinctual feminine part of us – as we have suppressed a lot of that part of ourselves, she sometimes comes “up” in vengeance (emotional tantrums)… so be ready to look at the suppressed and not just judge it as “bad” and suppress it further – remember, we want to liberate ourselves…. If you’re angry, let it out, transform this energy in whatever way you have – may that be running, punching a ball or sandbag, dancing or whatever is your way to do but do it consciously and then look at it again – what made you angry and why, what is beneath this – after such “inner work” some people cry – don’t be ashamed, it’s “spring cleaning time”….

The Venus – Mercury “heart-mind” will help with such a process – with compassion to oneself and understanding for others to go through such – the capacity of the mind, to look at things from a “neutral” view point…. Some of us, have already done a lot of “spring cleaning” – but at least to me, it seems there’s a “testing” from within going on – how often do we “fall back” into old patterns – how anchored are we within, how much do we trust ourselves and our intuition…. Themes like that – so again – “heart-mind” will help 😉

The lunar nodal axis – still in Taurus-Scorpio – does only confirm the above and emphasizes on the “cord-cutting” or “attachment-cutting” aspect of it all – if we can’t let go of those “old patterns” and values, we won’t come out of the “loops and cycles” we put ourselves in but in order to do that, we actually need to know what there is, within us… as always, with discernment – what shall go, what shall stay…

As mentioned in the beginning – Mars is very much involved in all of this – of course, it needs will power and action – we can use that power to go through the above processes and learn to listen to our instincts and intuition, translated by our mind and if “translation is lacking”, we can will the mind to get into gear and “ask” 😉 Mars is empowered now, not only by his current location at the “crosses” but also by the “heart-mind” near his nodal axis – he wants to be “liberated” too, to finally follow the “true” impulses he gets…

Liberation leads to change and transformation – therefore Pluto needs to be looked at – still in early Capricorn but stationing retrograde – yes, transformation needs to come from within too…. He’ll go back where he came from the last months and brings us the more internalized version of what we have been through within his themes of inner transformation, the rise of the phoenix from the ashes of self…. His theme perceived through the lenses of Altair and his constellation Aquila, over the last parts of Sagittarius and back to “over” Pavo (Peacock). He will be retrograde until the New Moon in October, when he stations direc