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Solstice, Grand Conjunction, review 2020 and the energies to go forward with....

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

Solstice (several hours) – Jupiter and Saturn exactly conjunct – 22.12.2020 at 01.20 am

Universal time: 21.12.2020 at 18.20

astrology chart about the Solstice 2020 and Jupiter - Saturn conjunction

Most of you probably already know, during this Winter-Solstice we also experience what is now often called “the great conjunction” – here we may just get a glimpse of it, a few hours prior to the event, as the Two will set below the horizon in the earlier evening of the 21st but the exact conjunction won’t happen until 1.20am the next morning. I have watched the Two (Jupiter and Saturn) for several months now every night possible (weather) and also observed Jupiter’s conjunctions with Pluto.

The heliocentric conjunction and actual start of their new cycle together already happened on 3rd of November at 6°32’36” sid. Capricorn – also now the geocentric conjunction happens in early Capricorn – it means, it’s under the stars of Aquila – Aquila as well as Lyra and other Sagittarius- Capricorn cusp constellations had a “say” in many of the new cycles started this year. Their energies/themes will be felt in many perspectives in our lives for the next years to come.

The “high” ideals and dreams of Sagittarius need to be integrated and put to the test of practicality - the swing back and forth between ideals and manifestation as well as the questions of sustainability. BUT the energy has shifted a bit – as long as the Two travelled together with the companions of the year through Sagittarius, they all had to “answer” to Jupiter as the “sign ruler” – this has shifted, as they’re now in Capricorn, which means, Jupiter answers to Saturn. Pallas and Chariklo are still near the Two but as well “answer” to Saturn now. Pluto is in a very special situation though – “on” Saturn’s Southnode in late Sagittarius (ca 28°40’) and still close his own Southnode at ca 25°30’ – he’s kind of the “big guy” behind the Two now. The longer, and therefore “theme giving” conjunction/new cycle was between Saturn and Pluto on 10th of January this year – and as it happened just between each of their Southnodes, it’s a very important really new great cycle.

We start this astronomical new Year with a lot of Capricorn and Aquila (the Eagle) energy. Aquila’s Alpha Star Altair resides in Capricorn and is of global vision but in harmony with itself – as an Eagle in nature is observing while cycling the sky…. Not to forget though, it can apply force, diving down like an arrow and take what its goal was…. Jupiter and Aquila are both about the broader view, the “high view” and observation but the goal is manifestation (structure). This is meant as an overtone for the next years to come…. Remember, a cycle does have 360° and won’t be full until another new cycle is about to re-birth and each “sector” got it’s own “sub-themes”…. In these first years, we may be still a bit insecure, trying, testing but with enthusiasm….

In these times (age) of the Earth precession, the winter Solstice takes place in Sagittarius – and still closely “conjunct” the Galactic Equatorial Node Axis. Mercury is still closely conjunct with the Sun and therefore as well with GEN. The Sun is said to outshine anything in its close surrounding – nah, no worries, Mercury will go on with his fast rounds – but he will take the illumination and shine of the Sun on, while the Sun won’t be very “impressed” so to speak – therefore our mind, communication and commerce might be “standing” behind to let the expression speak, so let’s say, we might be having difficulties to communicate in a “cool” way…. On the other hand, there is this special “galactic” point, that influences both – which may give a connection or abilities we’re not All used to…. Beside this All, we have another stellium in this area of the heavens – the all year long stellium of Ixius, Quaoar and Pholus, which stood for a long time above the Galactic Center. Ixion still loosly conjoins that but also the GEN… Ixion is about the “lust for life” but also the question, what or how much we’re willing to sacrifice to that “lust”. A theme we’re All aware of after this year 😉 …

Pholus is like an “Transformation Assistant” and is most active through and therefore while traumatic times – traumas are horrible, I know, but they’re also a “gateway” to change and transformation, if we can access this “light at the end of the tunnel” view…. Quaoar is about the natural laws of life. These Three have been more or less tight together for over a year already (they’re slow moving) and will continue to be close – especially Pholus and Quaoar. A big stellium all together: from Ixion to Quaoar with Sun, Mercury and Pholus in between there are only 4,5 degrees. Even so the Sun outshines them All, their themes are still there and illuminated by the Galactic connection that gives emphasis to LIFE, it’s full expression, the lust or appreciation of it as well as it’s natural flow and law. Maybe we can “wrap our mind” around that 😉 with the help of the surrounding stars of early Sagittarius, bringing our deeper dreams and ideals to surface as the Truth that Sagittarius is standing and “fighting” for. Above all of this, the Solar Apex (direction of our Sun and therefore our path we spiral towards) – a direction close to Lyra and its stars (Vega’s the Alpha) – this may give us hopefully in time a “unified direction”, as a collective of Individuals.

Pholus now brings us directly to Orcus (see details below). Orcus still resides just passed middle of sid. Leo, still conjoins Lucifer and a little further, there we find Vesta. Orcus is about protecting and remembering Oaths – the soul contract – but also the Universal Laws. He’s as powerful as Pluto – a power beyond the realms of materialism but “radiating” into it. Lucifer is about conquering the fears that hold us back from our inner light. Vesta represents our inner, sacred flame – our inner “Olympic flame” if you want and she talks about devotion. The stars of middle Leo as well as Draco and Ursa Major from the North and Sextans from the South talk about taking responsibility for the own evolution and (Ursa Major) are talking about the establishment – the powers that we allowed for so long to control us. But remember, Leo is bringing the strength to break free of this construct of old patterns and beliefs. Royalty doesn’t show in a bloodline – it’s in the heart of each of us, if we choose so. Living according the Universal Laws in confidence, leaving false beliefs and fears behind and devote oneself to the own way, which ultimately brings a collective change and transformation, which is, the overlaying task…. Those who misuse their powers will eventually punish themselves – Orcus and the Universal Law of cause and effect…..

Vesta is in opposition to Neptune in Aquarius. This may bring at first a feeling of confusion or not yet “seeing clear” of what our innermost pulling is. A nebulous feeling but actually, as he stands in Aquarius he’s under the influence of the future orientated Humanitarian (and answers to Uranus). Maybe not his home, but he’s dealing with change himself and with that assisting us – remember, his waters are crystal clear, if we can tap into that, all will be purified and our inner vision clear. His “shadow side” is escapism – so watch yourself 😉

As I just mentioned Uranus – he has to say something in here too – he’s in conjunction with Lilith (true). They are in the constellation of Aries (answering to Mars). The liberating, change and surprise loving, futuristic Uranus together with the demonized part of the divine feminine, make quite a pair. In the constellation of Aries, which in the earlier part stands in the fight for personal freedom to bring new beginnings. It’s mainly an inner work that brings us to liberate and integrate – a very personal “job” to “slay” the own demons but with the help of this special Pair, will for sure bring surprising outcome 😊

There are a few themes that are already available now, and I talked about in an earlier post today - I put a short "excerpt" at the end, after the details, if you want to refresh.

Much Love to you All,


Details Solstice and conjunction:

Sun 5°03’49” Sagittarius (on GEN) Mercury 5°58’51” Sagittarius (on GEN)

Jupiter 5°11’52” Capricorn Saturn 5°11’52” Capricorn

Moon 2°35’13” Pisces Venus 12°18’49” Scorpio

Mars 27°55’25” Pisces Uranus 11°40’15” Aries (R)

Neptune 23°01’24” Aquarius Pluto 28°34’24” Sagittarius

Northnode 24°35’08” Taurus Southnode 24°35’08” Scorpio

Juno 5°41’56” Scorpio Ixion 4°32’02” Sagittarius

Pholus 8°12’32” Sagittarius Quaoar 8°57’37” Sagittarius

Pallas 9°13’ 3” Capricorn Chariklo 2°14’15” Capricorn

Ceres 13°39’53” Aquarius Nessus 15°05’21” Aquarius

Eris 28°12’02” Pisces (R) Chiron 9°40’05” Pisces (just started direct)

Lilith (true) 9°03’08” Aries Asbolus 28°04’21” Taurus (R)

Sedna 2°29’30” Taurus (R) Varuna 9°29’48” Cancer (R)

Orcus 17°55’20” Leo (R) Lucifer 18°41’05” Leo

Vesta 23°11’41” Leo

Pholus does cross the orbit of Orcus but not Pluto’s (even though he comes close) but as Orcus is kind of the “other half” of Pluto (working closely together), so Pholus becomes also connected to Pluto. Furthermore Pholus “synchronizes” with Saturn’s orbit and cut through the orbits of Uranus and Neptune….

from the post 20th of December - ongoing energies....

Mercury-Sun superior conjunction: The flow of information (communication) is at its peak – illuminated by the Sun. Some of us may feel or experience this in special ways of communication within ourselves and our “guiding system” or however you perceive and “name” it – others may have just sudden ‘realizations”. This energy will be around for a few days…

Mars’ action or “life energy” is still at the end of sid. Pisces, therefore “watery”, meaning emotional and in trine with the lunar nodes in Scorpio/Ophiuchus, deep themes may be surface and need to be taken care of – The Southnode stands in an area that is most importantly about “self-mastery”. Even these deep themes, spiritual and “soul work” may seem something “still”, it’s still “work” and needs will-power, the action to take the idea into motion… we often learn in little steps and to stay “active” instead of “reactive” may be a step in the right direction for some people already – for other people it may go in another “direction” and seems to me a special placement in combination with the Mercury – Sun conjunction….

Chiron is direct now (still slow though) in sid. Pisces - Varuna in sid. Cancer – Venus sid. Scorpio – this gives us a wonderful Harmonic, matching the time of the year, as well as the other placements of these days…. We can, if we choose though, access our self-healing capacities by working with the universal laws and our heart. Maybe some of us, do have to heal our heart – “her” value to ourselves as often, by “overruling” our heart we entrap ourselves in the values of others… By living true to ourselves we access all there IS within us and liberate our gifts, talents and abilities – each of us uniquely wonderful and important. Juno is “loosely” involved in this story - she’s about relationships also the one we have with ourselves and that confirms above said topic. In these times it’s all about ourselves – how do we react to the happenings in these truly challenging times? Are we going the easy way of blaming and “fighting” or are we going within to connect with our own truth and inner harmony? When we trust in the working of the Universal Laws, we will get what we need… “miracles” happen and they’re actually “self made” in some ways 😉

Credit: for all charts and research I'm using the software:

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