Solstice, Grand Conjunction, review 2020 and the energies to go forward with....

Solstice (several hours) – Jupiter and Saturn exactly conjunct – 22.12.2020 at 01.20 am

Universal time: 21.12.2020 at 18.20

Most of you probably already know, during this Winter-Solstice we also experience what is now often called “the great conjunction” – here we may just get a glimpse of it, a few hours prior to the event, as the Two will set below the horizon in the earlier evening of the 21st but the exact conjunction won’t happen until 1.20am the next morning. I have watched the Two (Jupiter and Saturn) for several months now every night possible (weather) and also observed Jupiter’s conjunctions with Pluto.

The heliocentric conjunction and actual start of their new cycle together already happened on 3rd of November at 6°32’36” sid. Capricorn – also now the geocentric conjunction happens in early Capricorn – it means, it’s under the stars of Aquila – Aquila as well as Lyra and other Sagittarius- Capricorn cusp constellations had a “say” in many of the new cycles started this year. Their energies/themes will be felt in many perspectives in our lives for the next years to come.

The “high” ideals and dreams of Sagittarius need to be integrated and put to the test of practicality - the swing back and forth between ideals and manifestation as well as the questions of sustainability. BUT the energy has shifted a bit – as long as the Two travelled together with the companions of the year through Sagittarius, they all had to “answer” to Jupiter as the “sign ruler” – this has shifted, as they’re now in Capricorn, which means, Jupiter answers to Saturn. Pallas and Chariklo are still near the Two but as well “answer” to Saturn now. Pluto is in a very special situation though – “on” Saturn’s Southnode in late Sagittarius (ca 28°40’) and still close his own Southnode at ca 25°30’ – he’s kind of the “big guy” behind the Two now. The longer, and therefore “theme giving” conjunction/new cycle was between Saturn and Pluto on 10th of January this year – and as it happened just between each of their Southnodes, it’s a very important really new great cycle.

We start this astronomical new Year with a lot of Capricorn and Aquila (the Eagle) energy. Aquila’s Alpha Star Altair resides in Capricorn and is of global vision but in harmony with itself – as an Eagle in nature is observing while cycling the sky…. Not to forget though, it can apply force, diving down like an arrow and take what its goal was…. Jupiter and Aquila are both about the broader view, the “high view” and observation but the goal is manifestation (structure). This is meant as an overtone for the next years to come…. Remember, a cycle does have 360° and won’t be full until another new cycle is about to re-birth and each “sector” got it’s own “sub-themes”…. In these first years, we may be still a bit insecure, trying, testing but with enthusiasm….

In these times (age) of the Earth precession, the winter Solstice takes place in Sagittarius – and still closely “conjunct” the Galactic Equatorial Node Axis. Mercury is still closely conjunct with the Sun and therefore as well with GEN. The Sun is said to outshine anything in its close surrounding – nah, no worries, Mercury will go on with his fast rounds – but he will take the illumination and shine of the Sun on, while the Sun won’t be very “impressed” so to speak – therefore our mind, communication and commerce might be “standing” behind to let the expression speak, so let’s say, we might be having difficulties to communicate in a “cool” way…. On the other hand, there is this special “galactic” point, that influences both – which may give a connection or abilities we’re not All used to…. Beside this All, we have another stellium in this area of the heavens – the all year long stellium of Ixius, Quaoar and Pholus, which stood for a long time above the Galactic Center. Ixion still loosly conjoins that but also the GEN… Ixion is about the “lust for life” but also the question, what or how much we’re willing to sacrifice to that “lust”. A theme we’re All aware of after this year 😉 …

Pholus is like an “Transformation Assistant” and is most active through and therefore while traumatic times – traumas are horrible, I know, but they’re also a “gateway” to change and transformation, if we can access this “light at the end of the tunnel” view…. Quaoar is about the natural laws of life. These Three have been more or less tight together for over a year already (they’re slow moving) and will continue to be close – especially Pholus and Quaoar. A big stellium all together: from Ixion to Quaoar with Sun, Mercury and Pholus in between there are only 4,5 degrees. Even so the Sun outshines them All, their themes are still there and illuminated by the Galactic connection that gives emphasis to LIFE, it’s full expression, the lust or appreciation of it as well as it’s natural flow and law. Maybe we can “wrap our mind” around that 😉 with the help of the surrounding stars of early Sagittarius, bringing our deeper dreams and ideals to surface as the Truth that Sagittarius is standing and “fighting” for. Above all of this, the Solar Apex (direction of our Sun and therefore our path we spiral towards) – a direction close to Lyra and its stars (Vega’s the Alpha) – this may give us hopefully in time a “unified direction”, as a collective of Individuals.

Pholus now brings us directly to Orcus (see details below). Orcus still resides just passed middle of sid. Leo, still conjoins Lucifer and a little further, there we find Vesta. Orcus is about protecting and remembering Oaths – the soul contract – but also the Universal Laws. He’s as powerful as Pluto – a power beyond the realms of materialism but “radiat