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some "food for thought"

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

Artwork by Garik Barseghyan Pixabay
Artwork: Garik Barseghyan Pixabay

I love “my mornings” – they’re full of peace and understanding.

So today I go on about polarities but from yet other “viewpoints”:

We, who are on a path of seeking – a so called “spiritual” path, aren’t on the only “right” path, as there are many different ways to find Truth, which is confirmed by all the scientific “revelations” we can see to unravel. It’s the energy that’s around us everywhere – “revealing times” and so I share “my truth”.

Belief is “not knowing” – belief needs “proof” – it’s something we do every day, without being aware of it. Like in a mall, you want to buy a pack of noodles and you think, “I believe they’re in the 3rd alley on the right”, you’re not totally sure, so you go and check – you went to “proof” your belief to be either true or not and according to the outcome, the belief is changed/dissolved into knowing. – this small example also shows us, that truth isn’t absolute neither as the noodles are probably placed somewhere else in another shop… so, truth is merely a “view point” from where we “proof/validate/ judge” a belief…. According the law of correspondence, this not only happens in our “outside” life but also within us. We’re proofing/judging the believes about ourselves all the time and sometimes we get trapped in a spiral that leads us deep into our abyss and that we for sure perceive/experience as very uncomfortable, painful, frightening as long as we have not learned to integrate those “hidden” parts of us… It’s not easy to make all these discernments as believe does include the energies of “hope” but also “fear” – in a subtle way but still there… the more work we do in this direction, the more we come to deep buried fears, that need to be integrated (remember, the acknowledgment of it’s existence is already enough).

Astrologically these energies are all around us right now – we all experience new knowledge, we experience un-covering of the hidden – Jupiter giving emphasis/ expansion of everything he touches, so at the moment to the constellation of Sagittarius (late part), which stands for ideals and higher/wider perspective. Pluto is about transformation, which means, we have to let go of something in order to make space for something else. Saturn is about structures/ order in every way as well as maturity; he stands in the constellation of Capricorn (early part). So, does that not sound like as we should prove, acknowledge, validate if our believes are standing the proof of “translation”/ manifestation into our reality? Mars, the energy of action/force in retrograde in the constellation of Aries, his home sign, which stands for innovative new beginnings, in retrograde asking to hold on and have a second look. Neptune, god of water, ruling over all the various stages of water (including mists/fog) in the constellation of Aquarius, the future orientated humanitarian, waiting for us lifting the veils from the hidden path/future. The Sun, our center and creativity, now in the constellation of Virgo (early part) which is about the birthing-process/manifestation (whatever)… Venus, the heart, beauty, values on the way to conjoin (will be exact on 2nd of October 23.02 Univ. Time) Regulus the heart of Leo, which stands for courage, self-expression and leadership – now today still under the head of Leo (constellation) in sid. Cancer, so an emotionally mental area. I will try to find time to make a separate post of the energies around that first week end in October.

Now I would like to share my impression about “Service to Self” and “Service to Others”.

Obviously it’s another polar-axis and therefore kind of the same – I mean, they share the word “Service” right 😉 When I heard these terms the first time, I was very confused to be honest, as I thought that I do not know any living Human who is not in “service of Self”, therefore I dismissed the term for myself as “nonsense” – by now though, I understand the term and I’m once more in total awe of the perfect orchestration!! I mean, how better an example could we find and same time, even those who use the terms frequently are sometimes “struggling over the similarity” and hopefully make everyone aware about the polarity-similarity…

We have the “bad boys”, manipulation, cheating, deceit, secrecy and so on bringing pain, suffering and death. We have the “good boys”, fairness, equality, honesty, acceptance and so on which brings happiness, health and life. Both sides belief they’re right and so a big fight has started which brings a lot of destruction and that destruction happens to both sides!!! As we know, that everything happens in cycles and life and death are interconnected as well, so we know, that both are needed and therefore we know that both polarities are needed to keep this rhythm and cycle going. Of course, such cycles are extremely long for some “Beings” – like planets and even more stars/ suns or galaxies and probably universes and whatever there is more - even a life cycle may take millions, billions or trillions of years, that cycle is still part of the Law…

So many of us have made the experience, in one form or another, that we’re “multidimensional” – so the experience made is knowing, so now we can apply it to our daily life and stop fearing death (healing the divine feminine) nor a re-birth/life (healing the divine masculine).

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