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The cycles of 14th of March and the Merkabah

The New Moon post has been very intense/long, and so I would like to now look at the 14th of March in more detail, as 3 cycles (geocentric) bring their energies into play for some time but first a bit of a general note and how the Merkabah relates to Astronomy and Astrology.

As you All know, I work a lot with planetary cycles and for that I mainly use the heliocentric data, as that’s when it’s actually happening for THEM. We, from Earth sometimes see it “coming” first and sometimes later – just as it’s in life - we see something to come, or see the effect later….

In the astronomical data we see the same effects as in the astrological data – just with other “words” described and with a let’s say “different approach”. As I like to point out – Earth is always “opposite” the Sun in a chart. As we know, most planets are currently in the “half” of the zodiac/ecliptic, where the Sun “is”, therefore the Sun is kind of between Earth and those Planets, meaning, in astronomical view, they are further away from Earth than they are from the Sun. But as Earth is fast approaching (roughly 1 degree per day) we’re reducing the distance by that every day.

As we know from Quantum-Entanglement, distance is irrelevant. The Astrological picture doesn’t talk about distance anyways, it talks about the Geometry and therefore about Frequency/ Vibration. I mentioned the above astronomy, so you can imagine the “Geometry” in a “3D” picture rather than a 2 dimensional drawing….. The Geometry of course changes by view-point. Some a lot, like the Moon (as orbiting Earth) and Mercury and Venus as they’re orbiting the Sun closer to the Sun than Earth….

The cycles or you can call them “spheres” are happening within the Geometry – the Geometry may change “form” so to speak but not the spheres, they may be a little more or less elliptical but remain spheres – the cycles change frequency/vibration and therefore influence the form of the geometry…. Just think of the Merkabah or the “geometric” approach of Physicists “picturing” their findings …. You can also think of what happens in the experiments with water-crystals, sand etc influenced by music (vibration/frequency) – they change form / physicality, as well as for example rice becomes bad and moldy if you talk “bad” to it or neglecting it!!! (very interesting study about that to find on You Tube – the late Japanese Scientist Masaru Emoto)

March 13th / 14th 2021:

The 3 conjunctions (cycle starts), are happening only 5 hours, 10 hours and 16 hours after the New Moon. I did mention them in my last post but would like to explain a bit more about it – Ceres and Chiron, will last for almost 5 years – Vesta and Orcus cycle around 3,5 years and the Venus and Neptune cycle roughly 8 months – geocentric = in our awareness.

The “last” of these 3 is the one of Venus and Neptune – their heliocentric cycle will start on 16th or 17th of March (depending time-zone) with only a 5 arc-minutes difference. Heliocentric their latitude and declination are pretty far but viewed from Earth, they’re within 22 minutes…. Venus is very bright in the sky but Neptune can’t be seen by naked eye, but when watching it, it may appear as Venus shines brighter and more “flickery” than usual….

Venus – Neptune cycle 14th of March 2021 – heliocentric 16th/17th of March 2021

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