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The Mind and merging

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

melting watches - Salvador Dali

(Painting by Salvador Dali: "the persistence of memory clocks)

I would like to share "my" Truth that grew in me:

As you know already - to me everything is everywhere and always reflecting each other.

I'm a very "mind-based" person and so I have to "logically" understand what my body knows already - I have to merge the Two energies to One...

I often hear that "ego and mind" is talked of as the same and made me insecure and feeling "afraid" but I could overstep this and embrace the unbelievable abilities of the mind... look around you - people tell stories, write books, make movies of limitless creativity - pictures and ideas that we actually can PERCEIVE and UNDERSTAND.... it's the same with spiritual concepts - we can with our mind "translate" them, so there is nothing egoistic about the mind!!!! A Friend recently said to me that our minds work very slow and therefore are not "capable" and I disagreed with above examples. I thought about it and came to the conclusion that we're Both right - we persieve information and "transport" it via the "transmitters" (as example Neurotransmitters which are "electrical") and I guess that works in "light-speed" (no clue, but would make sense) but our AWARENESS of the information comes in much slower. Thus the higher our vibration/frequency of awareness, the faster we can "translate" the information. Or we could also say, the more we're "attuned" within ourselves, got rid of false beliefs and blockages the faster information can flow - remember, everything is energy/information!!! In the spiritual communities we often hear the term to "rise/ascend" to 5D or above vibration - which is actually just the same as I said, in other terms.... As everything is mirroring/reflecting, I got an article this morning which states that Scientists have discovered the 5th element in space, they claim that this isn't possible to "find" on Earth but that's not true as they will find it as soon as the collective consciousness shifted - that we start to search for ourselves within ourselves.... When we save/heal/merge ourselves and start to be more aware, we automatically help - "co-create"- we will understand we do not need to "save" or "fight" anything, we simply create new and let go of what does no longer match/serve us.....

Last night I made a post about Lunar and Planetary nodes. It actually is just another "viewpoint"/ perspective of the above. The constant feed of information through our dreams, ideals, higher learning, foreign (unfamiliar) experiences etc (Sagittarius North Nodes) translated into our logical minds, every day life and thus integration (Gemini South Node) to make us ready for the next cycles to come....

By the way, I have in my natal chart, Mercury (the Gods Messenger) conjoining the Lunar South Node - lol, ok, one more - Ascendant in Gemini....

Natal charts are just a "blueprint" - generally spoken we All have Everything within us - we just have different paths and thus tools to walk that path....

I love these new experiences and to be part of it ALL and I'm totally ready for the "ride".

Blessings to you All

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