Thoughts and experiences that are very well "mirrored" in a song....

We're All on the path - the path of life - we're all in one way or another "trapped" by our believes and emotions, until we start to "break through" - one after the other "program" we uncover through or by our experiences in the material world. The more we understand how this works and that we create in one way or another all our experiences by ourselves, we learn how to "observe" (being aware) those happenings and start to integrate this in our "thinking". We "re-wire" ourselves and with it, break out of our own "prison". We realize, that we search for "the light"/salvation in the outer world, when in fact it's all within us.

We grow and evolve - it's a natural process, that includes everything - remember, nothing stands still, everything moves....

We see these processes also in history. We know about many civilizations that grew and one day were forgotten or even destroyed - the more we learn about these processes, we see that things happening in cycles (cycles are time) in correspondence and flow of other "greater" cycles and evolutionary processes. Now as cycles are spiraling forward, there is nothing that happens exactly the same way again, as nothing is at the same place in space ever again.... there's nothing to fear, nothing to loose - nothing is ever lost, just in another "spot" of space and time....

I love this song and video by Lindsey Stirling featuring Izzy Hale (Halestorm)

Much Love to you All,


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