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Venus and the Star of David

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

Venus met with Ceres and Eris earlier in the month and with Neptune last month.

Venus is going to conjunct Uranus and so will Mercury and he’ll also conjoins with Venus (note, Mercury is faster than Venus and did also conjoin all of the other Bodies mentioned). On 22nd/23rd of April Venus conjoins Uranus geocentric (heliocentric was on 17th of April) and during this conjunction Mercury is only 2,5 degrees “behind” Venus and Uranus in the middle of Aries. We’re also under two grand-Trines, forming a figure known as the star of David. Please keep in mind, the crosses – earth cross and the galactic cross are very parallel, seen or not, it’s there… Pisces – Virgo and Gemini – Sagittarius…

Roughly 15 hours after this, Ceres and Eris are having their exact geocentric conjunction in late Pisces (heliocentric will be on 10th of May – so we see it before it’s exact from the Sun’s perspective). Nurturing/feeding and disruption meet - disrupting only to show "reality", so not an enemy!!!

When I look at all these “Players” and the role of Venus, I guess we’re heading into a time full of surprises and “disruption” – some may “welcome” them and others may react with anger and other fear-based emotions… but I think, after over a year of constant pressure, fear and conflict, many of us may already have developed a new basis for themselves, to be able to consciously choose their way of action and reaction, nevertheless, we also need to understand, that we All have been living in a time of global “trauma” and from Psychology we know, how very different the responses to such can be and it’s so often, based on old “programs”, they may come up, even so we may have thought to have freed us.

The “Star of David” is a very stable and harmonious pattern and talks about abilities but also old patterns, furthermore, these Grand Trine are in “air and fire” signs – air feeds fire - be aware of this simple fact. The star of David is also a pattern that talks about the laws: “as above so below – as within so without”….

As we rise in consciousness (bringing subconscious themes into awareness), fears and stuff arise (“multilayered”) and we often, especially at first, don’t know how to deal with the themes, just again, the heart helps but of course also the mind – we All do have the ability to step back and look at things from a different perspective!! Just as it should be – think first and act after, according the own values and the “inner voice” – this ability is really emphasized on, the mind that goes with the heart (heart-brain axis we actually see confirmed in modern science) and directs the path of action. Compassion is of course a nice reaction but if you feel that to the extend to become “same”, you won’t help anyone…

Liberation – an ongoing process, on many levels for many themes – it’s the path of the now to the future, just like we need to know where we are in order to navigate a ship… With Venus and Mercury – liberating the heart and the mind – really staying with the own values, the own ideas also in communication… being authentic and with this, we feel so much better and we change the collective too as we’re simply a part of it – we not only rise ourselves to be, humanity as a whole too. It starts with the self not with the other 😉

Mercury wants to communicate and he does – we’re often in “mind chatter” and also may tend in direct communication with others to say something too much or too fast – often this comes from “egoic”, repetitive, old “programs” and not from a “liberated” mindset...

The inner fire/devotion and Intuition is involved too. We may have passions that can lead us into devotion but there is just one thing – various "forms" of passion, some are short lived, some are maybe “smaller burning” but more sustainable… sometimes, when a short lived passion is burned out, we want that “kick” back and suddenly we may start to overpower ourselves and others in the “search for the kick” – not always, sometimes we can just let go and be happy about the experience though – just kind of as a “negation” or “reduction” in

finding out what is really “driving” oneself or we just “grow out” of some “passions” we may have had previously just like “the air/fire is out of it” 😉 The lines between devotion, passion and fanaticism are thin….

Another aspect of the liberation – heart, value – passion/devotion theme is, that by changing the own values or recognizing them, we automatically take the “air out of the fire” of some “passions” but we may struggle with it at times - it's all a process - we need to be nice to ourselves too and not become "Fanatics" for the own development.

More details:

The heliocentric conjunction of Venus and Uranus occurred at 15°14’27” under Aries, over the head of Cetus. The geocentric conjunction will take place on 23rd of April at 14°56’24” (in latitude and declination they’re very close too, only 14 minutes apart) - Mercury nearby at 12°22’41”.

The “Star of David” – it can provide “natural flow” to many but it can also trigger “old patterns” that will need to be “worked on” – we All know how that goes, it can be perceived in various ways but remember, there’s always the light at the end of the tunnel and within us… sometimes we can also perceive such as “too good to be true” but that would just be a little “flicker” from the past, so just let go of it…. The Players are our conjunction from above with the Sun a little “behind”, Moon/Vesta conjunct in Leo and Orcus near, the Pholus-Quaoar conjunction in Sagittarius with Ixion nearby. The 2nd Grand Trine Mars over Orion in the area of the “Anti-GEN” and Polaris longitude, then Haumea in early Libra (constellation Virgo) with Earth nearby and finally Jupiter in early Aquarius….

Liberation of the own heart and mind for the future – divine feminine intuition and the inner sacred fire/devotion and the promises/oaths – lust for life, respecting and living according the natural universal laws, plus Pholus as Assistant in healing/transformative process and aids Uranus theme of unexpected events. – This is the “fire-trine”.

The air Trine: Jupiter in early Aquarius under the constellation Cygnus brings the visions for the future, he’s about truth and he “emphasizes”/expands everything he touches… Mars is full of active energy (masculine) and leadership (which of course can be used this or that way) and stands over Orion in earlier Gemini on the galactic-earth cross as well as Pholus, Quaoar and Ixion do in Sagittarius (a little pass though but still near).

Can we stand stable with what we have learned and realized or are we going to fall back into all the stories and programs we know so well? Be aware and don’t buy into the powerplays….

More about the lesser known planets: with drop down menu.

Yes, Venus is all about the heart and beauty – what we define for ourselves as beautiful, “worth” and valuable. During this past year or more, we have been "pushed" to experience and look for different values within self - different ways of expression - for some that brought profound changes also into the daily life.... again and again, the question is, do we live our own values or those of others? .. yes, many of us have done "shadow work" again or the first time, however, there is also that different aspect of the values about ourselves (self-worth). Lack of self-love/worth does lead to victim-consciousness and to validation through the outside world.

When talking about “Love” - how do you define it? - to me, it has a lot to do with respect, acceptance and the ability to “let go” - these are values really important at this time.

Uranus is a Rebel and Liberator, not only to free us from our outside attachments and “chains” but also our very own biotechnology – on all levels – we have that on the physical realm, on the emotional realm and on the “spiritual” realm. He’s very “mental”, logic but that’s the tool we use to actually “navigate” all realms – in different ways though, but still same/similar…. We’re All very much aware of the physical technology all around us and more and more people are also aware of at least some of the “technology” within and that awareness (and openness for something new) will automatically lead to more and more of it – to a “revolution/revelation” of self 😊 The “heart-mind connection” is a part of the bio-technology…

Mercury is the “God’s Messenger” – he’s the mind and our communication. He’s fast and of electrical energy. Commonly it’s said he “rules” commerce, short trips and related affairs as well… but his main concern is the mind’s communication in all forms, from telepathy over internet to written letters, documents, texts there is all included…

As a little example: I hear from more and more people, who have consciously decided to not all the time feed (Ceres) on the news about the “pandemic” or other depressing things (disrupting Eries to show “reality”) and they All changed, feel better, liberated and with less fear… they started to focus on other topics (whatever that is individually – Venus’ heart)… No, not shutting it totally out as of “head in the sand” but consciously deciding when, what and how much – this process is just one little part of that “inner technology”…

You know, that often the constellation Cetus is called the “sea monster” as a picture about the state of the “collective human consciousness” – the “conformity” we have chained ourselves with – yes, the “collective” has been for a long time been more a “monster” than the wonderful, beautiful being it could be… we only need to overstep the fears – to come out and embrace individuality in it’s various forms and there we are 😉 Also, actually we have come a long way already, many ideas, concepts, actions and abilities that would have lead from “exclusion” to being burnt, are now “daily life” so to speak – so we do show, that we can 😉 We just need to be aware of it 😉 … this whole region of zodiac, the conjunction happens as well as the Sun nearby, speaks of this “entrapment”, it’s also the mythical story of Andromeda and her family – but there is the energy of Perseus, the hero who freed Andromeda. We’re in this “fight” between the divine feminine and masculine very often – to free our divine feminine we need the protective and strong powers of our own divine masculine…

As within, so without – we will see this playing out in the outside world, not only within ourselves.

Even though it’s beneficial energy here – some may use it in a different way…

For Chiang Mai and Thailand - all the above - and, the conjunction occurs in the 12th house, that means transcendence, to really look through the surface of the obvious and to "spritualize" the themes in order to find the "own home", the ground, foundation, the "inner spirit" within the depth of self - so water houses for the fire trine - therefore it's important not to let the emotions overrule, to master them and to "use" them as the "cell-phone".... The air-trine within 2 fire houses (1st for Mars, so the own house and 5th house, sun ruled) and the 10th house which is earth (Saturn). Very forthcoming, a lot of action, expression and things in the open - so, the mind really needs to be "heart connected" in it's "higher" meaning in order to bring out the best....

Much Love to you All,


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