"wrapping up times" - new beginning

Updated: Oct 24

List about the cycles of the next weeks:

25.05.2021 last Geocentric conjunction Vesta – Orcus at 15°52’51” Leo/Hydra

26.05.2021 full Moon – middle of current lunar cycle – at 10°8’7” Scorpio

29.05.2021 new conjunction Venus – Mercury (change of speed) at 29°24’9” Taurus

30.05.2021 First of Three geocentric conjunction Pallas – Neptune at 27°43’15” Aquarius

10.06.2021 New Moon with Mercury at 24°29’24” Taurus

11.06.2021 Ceres – Uranus at 17°38’17” Aries (Helio 07.08.) + Mercury at solar conjunction in Taurus

21.06.2021 Solstice 4°43’23” Gemini

22.06.2021 Heliocentric conjunction Venus (Hour glass - Franklin Mint) – Mars at 2°3’27” Leo – Geo. 13.07.21 24°31’9” Cancer

And we have the start of “retrograde season” in June – July …

The planetary cycles I mentioned have all been starting the last time in the last quarter of 2016 and 2017. Also in that time the Uranus – Eris cycle had started anew at 27°52’42” Pisces (helio).

Many of us “feel” the balsamic period of the few days, just before a New Moon intensely (some more “good” and some the opposite) and the same happens with the “balsamic” phase of planetary cycles… as the title – a “wrapping up” time.

As with Mercury – Venus, they just had a conjunction in later April and it all seems as “normal” with our heart-mind-connection but we’ll have another conjunction in later Taurus, as Mercury has slowed down so much, that on 29th of May, when he stations to go direct, Venus has made up the “distance” and so they meet again….

Vesta and Orcus have met some time ago, went retrograde and now meet again after the retrograde – 3 geocentric conjunctions, whereas heliocentric there’s only 1 and that was in February 2021.

Same thing is going to happen with Pallas and Neptune. Now end of May, the 1st conjunction then going retrograde in July, meeting during retrograde on 27th of August – then having the heliocentric conjunction on 06th of October – continuing towards direct and meeting again on 18th January 2022….. Pallas and Nessus same thing – the first geocentric conjunction was also later part of April – continuing in August and the new year…. There will be more but I’d like to stick now, with what concerns us more urgently now….

What do we have to “wrap up” or concentrate on… well, Vesta and Orcus I have talked about a lot in previous posts – their last and confirming start of the new cycle on 25th isn’t really about wrapping up, but it’s about being really and truly aware what we’re working on here for the next roughly 3,5 years (will be around 5° degrees further in Leo)… The last cycle started late June 2017 at 13° Leo, even more close to the “establishment”-stars of Ursa Major, than this new cycle is, on the other hand, there was a nice trine with Juno (relationships, also with oneself) and Hygiea (health). The stars of Ursa Major and of Leo bring force and power – it can always be used in various ways – we can use it, to keep our focus on what we “promised” ourselves, what we feel devoted to and to overcome the obstacles we perceived by society, establishment or other such “structures”. Not to forget here is also, that “under” the middle of Leo, there we find Vela, the constellation that marks the sail of the Argo Navis – is quite a large sail, as it spans until around middle of the sign of Virgo. So, we have set “sail” towards our “fulfillment and that, we can observe within the happenings of the last years – collectively, we have done a lot in this direction and the new cycle is a little bit further into the sail already’. In this time now, the “wrapping up” time, may bring an even tighter grip of those who “oppose” us or even “inner fight”. The way is to just go the own way, whatever what, blame and fight doesn’t bring one there!!! “Where there is a will, there is a way”.

The Mind (Mercury) is slowing down and so the Heart (Venus) can catch up – interesting picture here and it seems, we’re really opening on a grander scale and we can feel the difference between a coherent heart-mind and one that is a bit “blocked”…. Wonderful, isn’t it….. The only challenge here – “real change vs. adaptability”… The Two will meet conjoining the Star Al Hecka (for my German/Swiss/Austrian readers – I always smile when I see this starname, as I think of the word “aushecken”)…. Al Hecka marks the southern horn of the bull and lays south of the constellation Auriga and north of Orion’s head, Lepus (the hare) and Columba the dove that helped the crew of