"wrapping up times" - new beginning

List about the cycles of the next weeks:

25.05.2021 last Geocentric conjunction Vesta – Orcus at 15°52’51” Leo/Hydra

26.05.2021 full Moon – middle of current lunar cycle – at 10°8’7” Scorpio

29.05.2021 new conjunction Venus – Mercury (change of speed) at 29°24’9” Taurus

30.05.2021 First of Three geocentric conjunction Pallas – Neptune at 27°43’15” Aquarius

10.06.2021 New Moon with Mercury at 24°29’24” Taurus

11.06.2021 Ceres – Uranus at 17°38’17” Aries (Helio 07.08.) + Mercury at solar conjunction in Taurus

21.06.2021 Solstice 4°43’23” Gemini

22.06.2021 Heliocentric conjunction Venus (Hour glass - Franklin Mint) – Mars at 2°3’27” Leo – Geo. 13.07.21 24°31’9” Cancer

And we have the start of “retrograde season” in June – July …

The planetary cycles I mentioned have all been starting the last time in the last quarter of 2016 and 2017. Also in that time the Uranus – Eris cycle had started anew at 27°52’42” Pisces (helio).

Many of us “feel” the balsamic period of the few days, just before a New Moon intensely (some more “good” and some the opposite) and the same happens with the “balsamic” phase of planetary cycles… as the title – a “wrapping up” time.

As with Mercury – Venus, they just had a conjunction in later April and it all seems as “normal” with our heart-mind-connection but we’ll have another conjunction in later Taurus, as Mercury has slowed down so much, that on 29th of May, when he stations to go direct, Venus has made up the “distance” and so they meet again….

Vesta and Orcus have met some time ago, went retrograde and now meet again after the retrograde – 3 geocentric conjunctions, whereas heliocentric there’s only 1 and that was in February 2021.

Same thing is going to happen with Pallas and Neptune. Now end of May, the 1st conjunction then going retrograde in July, meeting during retrograde on 27th of August – then having the heliocentric conjunction on 06th of October – continuing towards direct and meeting again on 18th January 2022….. Pallas and Nessus same thing – the first geocentric conjunction was also later part of April – continuing in August and the new year…. There will be more but I’d like to stick now, with what concerns us more urgently now….

What do we have to “wrap up” or concentrate on… well, Vesta and Orcus I have talked about a lot in previous posts – their last and confirming start of the new cycle on 25th isn’t really about wrapping up, but it’s about being really and truly aware what we’re working on here for the next roughly 3,5 years (will be around 5° degrees further in Leo)… The last cycle started late June 2017 at 13° Leo, even more close to the “establishment”-stars of Ursa Major, than this new cycle is, on the other hand, there was a nice trine with Juno (relationships, also with oneself) and Hygiea (health). The stars of Ursa Major and of Leo bring force and power – it can always be used in various ways – we can use it, to keep our focus on what we “promised” ourselves, what we feel devoted to and to overcome the obstacles we perceived by society, establishment or other such “structures”. Not to forget here is also, that “under” the middle of Leo, there we find Vela, the constellation that marks the sail of the Argo Navis – is quite a large sail, as it spans until around middle of the sign of Virgo. So, we have set “sail” towards our “fulfillment and that, we can observe within the happenings of the last years – collectively, we have done a lot in this direction and the new cycle is a little bit further into the sail already’. In this time now, the “wrapping up” time, may bring an even tighter grip of those who “oppose” us or even “inner fight”. The way is to just go the own way, whatever what, blame and fight doesn’t bring one there!!! “Where there is a will, there is a way”.

The Mind (Mercury) is slowing down and so the Heart (Venus) can catch up – interesting picture here and it seems, we’re really opening on a grander scale and we can feel the difference between a coherent heart-mind and one that is a bit “blocked”…. Wonderful, isn’t it….. The only challenge here – “real change vs. adaptability”… The Two will meet conjoining the Star Al Hecka (for my German/Swiss/Austrian readers – I always smile when I see this starname, as I think of the word “aushecken”)…. Al Hecka marks the southern horn of the bull and lays south of the constellation Auriga and north of Orion’s head, Lepus (the hare) and Columba the dove that helped the crew of Argo Navis through their challenges…. This area talks about the more “physical” tasks, accomplishments but also challenges and struggles we may have to face or overcome – it’s not so much about not having any fears nor doubts but that we can just trust our instincts, our own guidance and abilities “more” than the fears, we can take a deep breath and go a step further into the “unknown”, into the areas we didn’t dare to explore before….

A personal example: When I moved away from Switzerland to Thailand, gave up everything I knew (good job, security etc.), I also had fears and doubts – many things like ohh, what if I can’t make it, if I go bankrupt or though – I made a “plan B”, worst case scenario and what I would do then, that calmed me down and gave me the “space” to focus of what I wanted…. That was over 16 years ago, I’m still here 😉 … I still use this “plan B” concept nowadays – as I face challenges here too but having such a plan, even so we don’t want to have that happen, helps to calm us – well, at least me….

Pallas and Neptune – quite a journey the Two will take us through until January 2021 and you will probably hear/read me talking about them during this time… Their last cycle started in December 2016 in middle of constellation and sign of Aquarius. This going over it time this year, starts on 30th of May, in late Aquarius and Pallas will travel back close to where their last cycle started and then back up close to where they meet this month as Neptune will travel back only roughly 1,5 degrees further back into Aquarius. In the middle to later parts of Aquarius we have more emphasis on collaboration, co-manifesting, co-building and the fair use of resources. Like the maybe bankrupt Inventor, meets those interested and like-minded, co-workers but also the Investors…. So a totally different feel in energies than the late degrees of Aquarius or should I say the start of the Piscean parts of the heavens….

Neptune represents the “spiritual realms”, our inner connectedness, our dreams but also the emotional “trials” we go through in order to find clarity. More about Neptune: https://www.faempowerment.com/neptune

Pallas Athena: is Jupiter’s brain-child. She’s tactical, fair, balanced and solution orientated. She’s also mythologically linked to the Argo Navis but also by her nodal axis. More about Pallas: https://www.faempowerment.com/pallas-athena

The Two will meet now conjoining the star Simmah (y Psc) at the Circlet (westward fish of Pisces) in late sign of Aquarius, where also Pallas’ Southnode and near Uranus’ Aphelion are located. In the north we see stars of the square of Pegasus, mainly Markab and even further north Lacerta (the lizard). In the South we see stars of the constellations Sculptor, Phoenix, Eridanus and Reticulum. This longitude of the heavens talks about the integration and connections of the physical and the spiritual realms. Our body is our vessel and not the other way round, as that though, we have the responsibility for it and we work together here – our genetics, our DNA structure – all important and it’s on us, to create an environment for our bio-technology to work smooth for us and in alignment with what we want to reach. When we connect spirit, soul and the physical, we can do things, most would have thought impossible or very, very difficult. That might be, that an elder person is in a top athletic shape/ fitness or that we can become most creative in art or we learn multiple languages when 80 years old or more…. We can, if we really want and put all our “realms” together go very far…. The same goes for example lucid dreaming, remote viewing, astral travels and other such more “esoteric” tasks….and of course, any combinations…… We need to trust, feel and know that we’re able, that we can do anything if we provide ourselves (cells and mind and heart) the environment/health needed…. We integrate it all – we don’t divide the time in this is for “consciousness”, this for spiritual, this for work, this for pleasure, this for….. no, we can be conscious about it all, integrate it all, all the time….

According to Nick A. Fiorenza the star Markab is associated with the Merkabah – ascension – more modern term “intra-dimensional-travel” and even bio-teleportation.

It all happens over the constellation Phoenix – “rising from the ashes” 😊

Ceres and Uranus will meet for their new geocentric cycle on 11th June 2021 (ca. 16 hours after the new Moon) at 17°38’17” of sid. Aries conjoining the head of Cetus. Their last cycle started in September 2016 at 27° sid. Pisces conjoining Eris (disruption for clarity of reality). Ceres is about nurturing – how we give and receive nurturing in all meanings of it, also how we nurture ourselves. Uranus is the Liberator, Rebel, Change bringer, Scientist, Humanitarian… The last quarter or more of this cycle did really show us something about many aspects of life, when it comes to the theme of nurturing and its broad spectrum and Eris involved did truly bring some interruption…

That late part of Pisces, just before the upright swimming fish and Pisces alphastar, over Baten Kaitos of Cetus and under the last parts of Pegasus, the beginning of Andromeda and Nodus Secundus of Draco talks about the “mind set’-emotion-connection that we need to heal or acknowledge to be able to gain strength from the obstacles we successfully overcome. We need to accept our past lessons of life without judgment nor blame (unconditionally) – to respect what we have learned, even if it goes against the current “main stream”-collective-consciousness but to same time know, that what we do helps to enrich the collective consciousness.

The new cycle will take around 20 degrees further in Aries, over the head of Cetus – actually right “on top” of that head. During this time Mercury is at solar conjunction, giving special emphasis to the “head”-mind involved - use the “heart-mind” instead 😉 The long legs of Andromeda symbolize the “stamina”, the honor we need to keep. These stars talk about being in the own self, uncorrupted but can also bring a taste of naiveté to the powerplays around us. As we’re the co-creators of this “collective consciousness”, we need to be aware of how we “nourish” not only ourselves but also that collective. What we think, what we watch, what we talk – all of it does impact ourselves as well as our surrounding/ environment… We gain now the clarity about this and in the new cycle we have to actually use it, to put it into action to liberate us All from feeling “trapped” or dependent or in fear – to also understand, that each of us does have the same right for individual decisions. To nourish ourselves with what we want for the future but same time helping others to get their nourishment/honor they deserve and may need to find their own way and self.

Much Love to you All,


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