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New Beginnings 01-2024

Updated: Jan 12


Heliocentric sidereal Astrology – a different view point and perspective

When we look from the Sun, we see Earth – our physical home of incarnate life – in relation with the whole solar system and further.

Fantastic and wonderous our lives, yet by far not all there is….



  • Pallas conjoins Haumea on 9th of January at 5,5 degrees sidereal Libra

  • Hygiea conjoins Nessus on 27th of January 22 degrees sidereal Aquarius

Pallas and Hygiea are Asteroids in the main belt, they are not as fast nor as slow - the energies are feelable already a while (approaching time) and will last for a few weeks as of (separating time)....

I can recommend to check out the "Earth at her Perihelion" post, as there's a lot of information about the currents that also colors all of January....

Chapters with jump links:

Pallas and Haumea


Some “cycle details”


Pallas conjoined Haumea last time in May 2019 also in very early (cuspal) sidereal Libra but as this time both pretty north of the ecliptic with Haumea in the constellation Bootes and Pallas just at the edge between Virgo and Bootes….  In 2019 they were ca. 7,5° apart in latitude, whereas in this 2024 conjunction they’re 5° apart in latitude and in the next one in September 2028, they will be less than 3° apart in latitude and ca. 5 degrees further in longitude… The conjunction of May 2033 will be another 5° further in longitude and then only 40 minutes apart in latitude…

So, you can see, they’re in an interesting “cycles within cycles” part here as well as observing the “evolution” of it or telling “one step after another”… and as Haumea does orbit the Sun once within ca. 282 years, it’s something here, that doesn’t happen every few years.

The last time, they had these conjunctions in Libra, they happened in the 1740’s and were together with the Makemake-Haumea conjunction (they happen rarely because of very similar orbital times)…

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