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Interference, cycles and learning

the 2022 DART mission triggered and inspired me....


(This post was first published on 29th of October 2023 - yet, is "timeless")

I just read an article in “Space. com” about the slowing down of the Asteroid hit by the DART mission and the “debris” it caused…

Yes, science does need to experiment, just as we as babies and toddlers experiment with our bodies and its functionality - yet, is that all there is to it??? - the discussions of what experiments are ethical and which not, is not a new one and will probably be hold in future times too about “whatever”…

Yet, this post isn’t really about the “ethics” of this special mission but correlations and thoughts that did arise….

The last picture before the impact showing both, Asteroid Didymos and its moonlet Dimorphos. Picture NASA and John Hopkins APL NASA link

The underlaying reason for this whole mission was “fear” of whatever that could in the future become a threat to Earth and to search for “defense”…. well, at least that’s what we were told and from that simple perspective, it may even make sense….

Yet, every action got a reaction and every effect its cause - old wisdom…

some “correlations” that came to mind…

In the earlier up to the middle of the 20th Century, a forester named Viktor Schauberger made lots of observations, experiments, mistakes and conclusions. His most famous quote “comprehend and copy nature” is, in my opinion, of most importance… a “summary” in this sense…

Viktor Schauberger focused on water but it didn’t end there… yet, let us see what “we” did last century:

  • straightening river beds, building canals etc.

All of it was done with understandable reason, to safe livelihood even or land erosion etc. - it yet had also consequences - many rivers became dirty and kind of “empty”, diversity along rivers degenerated until now many river beds have been put back to a “winding” bed, with rocks placed at “key-spots” etc. - those rivers are now carrying more life again, more quality for all creatures in and around or in other ways depending on it (including ourselves)….

In many Asian countries I have visited, I could see that people had built their houses on stilts when near a river or otherwise known flood zones… Nowadays, that’s in vast areas no longer the case - more and more houses are built close to rivers in a more western style of building…

No, the creative way isn’t just “going back” but “including” what was learned and why people did what they did - there’s a way to bring modern world and living style into harmony with nature….

It seems obvious, that every time “human kind” interferes with nature too much, there will be a consequence and “nature” always won…. a “together” instead of an “against” is asked I think….

Viktor Schauberger also studied the cyclic or spiraling nature of water - others have studied their crystalline form and resonance as well as memory, the structure or behavior of water, its bridge-building quality, “exclusion zone” and more…. (Dr. Masaru Emoto, Dr. Gerald Pollack and others) - so much knowledge that can be built on and evolved….

Following up the theme of “cycles” and spirals….

As most of us may know by now, “cycles and spirals” seem to appear everywhere on Earth in all kinds of forms and magnitude…

When observing “space”, we can see them clearly as well - especially when thinking of pictures of spiral galaxies of which kind we’re living in as well….

But we take that a bit closer - Johannes Keppler (1571 to 1630) already described such phenomena in his works about the geometry between planets, which lead him to the discovery of the elliptical shapes of orbits etc. (he’s still “inspiring” people nowadays, especially when including his “job description” as a philosopher and astrologer)


Has a 84 years orbit, is rotating like “laying sideward” and into the opposite direction as most planets (Venus and Pluto with him though) and is in Astrology thought of being of liberation, rebellion, science and technology (I think also our own bio-technology) to name a few key-words….

What I find interesting in the mythology of Uranus and his role as being the creator of so many creatures together with Gaia (Earth), is the fact that he became afraid of the own creations to become more powerful than him and locked them up but then that did hurt Gaia in return… and with the next generation of creations, he “swallowed” them himself, just not Kronos (Saturn) and so Saturn did free all siblings and took over the “throne” and was foretold, the whole thing would repeat itself…. (well, in this whole “battle” Uranus was castrated and out of that Aphrodite was born)

It’s all “multi-layered”, yet that “fear of being overtaken” by the own creation is one we can observe now with all the talk about A.I. and other technology - who runs what…

Yet, there’s also the observable sky - Uranus is transiting over an area in late sidereal Aries and stands currently “aligned” with the star Botein of Aries - an area pretty “potent” and powerful…. yet, it’s also an area that can support impulsive actions…. (in either direction).

We know, that fear, worry and anxiety does “block” or hinder creative thinking as we’re, in a state of stress, will activate “stress responses” as we think “fit” and that may lead us into further problems….


Is a dwarf planet with a ca. 284 years orbit and oblate form… I read her in Astrology as being of fertile and guiding energy, balance or harmony of natural law and forces as well as “bloodlines and inheritance”….

I think with only these few lines about Haumea, we can see how very well the themes fit with Uranus themes - yet, she stands on the other side of the zodiac, actually in the constellation of Bootes - she’s emphasized on by her upcoming conjunction by Mars, opposed by Venus and squared by Pluto (all heliocentric data)….

As Haumea is located far out, we’re talking “higher octaves” here - she’s about a “higher consciousness” that wants to be born…. I think we have the opportunity to see our “hearts” - not only on the “negative sides” but also what we actually have and that not only the nice things need acknowledgment and gratitude but also the not so nice experiences, as they bring us insights too….

All of this, may also inspire us to actually “experiment” with our own technology, what we inherently have within us - its transformation into a new way of being - from inside out, bringing forth into the seen that which we’re capable of…. each individually and as part of the Earth’s inhabitants….

It will be interesting to observe, in what fields or areas of life, we will first start to repeat the mistakes of the past and in which we already learned and will apply…. on individual as well as “global” levels….

Because, mistakes have been made and will be made but the question remains, “what will we make out of them”…..

What do YOU think???

Much Love to you All,


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