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Active planetary cycles - Part 3 - Neptune, Orcus, Varuna

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

Jupiter and Saturn conjunction as banner for planetary cycles series

VIDEO Part 3...

Here I talk about the two conjunctions Neptune made with Orcus and Varuna in which we're still in... They're long term cycles, which means they're part of the whole more generational or "multi generation" cycles.... they're part of the "Earth cycles" too in their let's say "role" within those bigger cycles for us as a Species...

The Neptune - Orcus cycle/conjunction took place on 8th of July 1764 - next: October 2260

The Neptune - Varuna cycle/conjunction was on 24th of April 1766 - next: February 2157

Orcus is the "Keeper/protector of oaths/promises" and as that a Helper of Pluto within the tasks of evolutionary cycles.... He represents the individual life paths within the "collective" and stands for going that path confidently and with "passion" and trust....

Varuna is more about creating/manifesting and the universal principal of rhythm, which we find in everything as everything moves and undergoes exchange. The ups and downs, the intake and release etc.... he works with the mind, the conscious.....

  • Breaking the loops of suppression and subservient behavior – victim consciousness

  • “un-masking” the powerplays at work of those who are in positions of powers with intentions to their own good only and work together with the integer ones…

  • Dealing with that which was “suppressed” and wants to be acknowledged and actively dealt with (inner work).

  • to use the creative powers, including the “impossible” possibilities to invent, share, organize on societal, political, economic, scientific and artistic levels, to actually include the “non-physical” and non-visible realms. Bridging the realms….

  • Also bridging between the “giving and receiving” – between polarities in general and between groups of all kind

  • Equality, fairness etc…. A deeper understanding of “royalty”, which includes nobleness, the heart, integrity

  • We need to keep ourselves “clean”, not only on a bodily level but also mental and spiritual in order to see clear, maintain the relationship with self and act accordingly. We need clear vision, focus, will and power, self-authority in order to build the life we want.

  • The intellect/ mind plays a major role – it’s of “air” and is connected to the universal principle of “rhythm”, the ups and downs that occur on all levels or maybe we could also say, a flow that’s a two-way street….

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