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Updated: Apr 2

a novel by Steven King - it matches some Astrology

The novel plays in a small town in which a new “second hand store” is opened. People find all kinds of things they have already wished or dreamed of for a long time and they can get “the wish” cheaply with the additional promise of “owing a favor”…. Most other people, do not see any value in the things people got as the things look old, broken, stained etc., yet when they enter the shop they too find something “valuable” to them…. Almost the whole town, made a promise to the shop owner without knowing what they will be asked for as a price….

Vintage shop at Marche Dauphine Paris
A vintage travel gear seller at Marché Dauphine, Saint-Ouen, the home of Paris' flea market by Jorge Royan on Wikipedia

This is very matching with the Astrology - current and upcoming!

What we perceive as beautiful, artistic, and valuable is a Venus theme and of course, it does include non-material things… “heart desires” can at times go against our personal “core values or self”, depending the own "basis of operation"….

Before I go deeper into Venus themes - also related to an astronomical article I’ve read - I would like to introduce you to two outer planets and their current aspect:

  • Pluto - currently in heliocentric view in early sidereal Capricorn - Pluto themes are transformation, death and rebirth, power and manipulation also on an atomic level… read more about Pluto on my website….

  • Orcus - currently in heliocentric view at around 20 degrees sidereal Leo - Orcus themes are oath, promises, life path and similar…

Both, Pluto and Orcus are planets of “higher or deeper octaves” (as all planets beyond Neptune - a different “realm”), often not directly visible/perceived, as they might be obscured etc. - we’re with them also talking about “universal laws” as like in “cause and effect”, resonance etc. …. Furthermore, those planets do often have a “cutting through” feel, may strike us as hard and difficult….

Since August 2023, the Two are in a 135° angle and will remain in this angular ecliptical distance until ca. middle/end of March 2025.

The 135°aspect in astrology is called a “sesquiquadrate” and is about “action” or some kind of manifestation and its distribution, radiation etc. or “marketing”… At times we market ourselves just like birds would do their “mating dance” etc. or we “market” a service, object or product, a piece of art but ALWAYS our “state of vibration”.

“Presentation” in this sense, does include the theme of “need”, desire, wanting something or seeing a benefit, practicality or anything alike within something (we can also call it a purpose). We want to produce a “resonance”, presenting ourselves or our “goal” or what we want to “fulfill”….

  • Important - what someone “needs” is not necessarily what one wants or wishes for and that’s where things can become “tricky”…


As Pluto talks about power and the misuse of it (within and without), but also deep hidden or “secret” themes there might be some “inner need or goal” that needs to be concentrated onto….

Pluto has shifted from the constellation Sagittarius into the "outskirts" of the constellation Capricorn, which means, there’s no longer finding truth and creating ideals the task, but to actually focus on what we have identified that to be…

Yet, because we’re always “vibrating our current energy out”, we’re constantly producing that “resonance”…. therefore, what we get might not have been what we wanted but what we “needed” in order to get the hidden message / truth, that needs to be translated into a “lesson learned”, into power….

When we think of Orcus as the promises, the oaths and paths we took and take, we can see how these Two, especially with this aspect now, work wonderfully and beneficially for us….

Easier said than done, I know… because it’s sometimes difficult to convert a “lesson learned” or “Aha moment” from the theoretical understanding into practicality or action…. - it’s the thought and action, that will “ground” the power…

As in the above story - the shop owner was a “Pied Piper” and it was up to every single person individually, if they “buy or promise” into the offer or not….

Yet at times, we’re our own “Pied Piper” - especially when we’re trapped in fear based behaviors, programs, attachments, desires etc., we’re then prey to ourselves (excuses we make, being stagnant, unwilling to change etc.) as well as easy prey for people who can sense that…

  • Imagine you would have the task to rob someone’s bag/purse at a train station late at night… you would look for someone who looks weak, insecure, afraid etc. in order to avoid a fight… therefore, when we want to safely walk through the train station late at night, it’s the own vibration, radiation that will protect us….

Every cause has an effect and every effect has a cause …. very simple truth and can in both directions be a very important tool…. like for diagnostic, for direction etc. …


These are things, that have not started just yesterday - humanity has been developing such strategies of “relief patterns” in a bigger scale for quite some time….

Yet, now we’re in a state of “development”, within which we have the ability, power and strength to face them and to resolve them…

It’s not about blame, punishment nor anything alike but of understanding the patterns and principles at work and to start to try to apply them in a beneficial way….


“Inner fire”, passion and devotion, following a “calling”, commitment - well - that’s something we will be challenged with ….

We have two ways open - we can either devote ourselves in the “relief patterns” and in this sense commit to the “artificial fears and their artificial relief” or we devote ourselves to the “resolution”, the transformation that leads to change…

If pain, failure and all these emotions are “pushed away”, artificially blocked by whatever, we won’t learn the lesson and therefore we may repeat them….

                        “Real” worries and fears are great powers and not “bad” - imagine the stories we hear from people who could lift cars to rescue a child or loved one, which without the combination of the love and the fear, they would not have been able to do so…. When we experience sudden worries, fears, doubts etc., then these can be great tools, warning systems etc. …


                          As that Pluto and Orcus aspect will be active for quite some more months, a “triangle” will form with any planet in a 90 degree angle to Orcus (when a planet stands in later sidereal Taurus) and therefore 135 degrees angle with Pluto can be occupied by various faster moving planets until middle of March 2025 and give us specific “topics” within which the aspects will correlate…. (it will be similar with planets in 90 degree angle from Pluto in earlier sidereal Aries and still constellation Pisces).

Mercury, Venus and Earth, will form such angles more than once in this period…

Saying this - we have the connection to….


Venus will "challenge” the “status quo” and as a result, maybe be “transformed” in her value system or better said in ours….

Venus is “connected” to the heart, and it’s said, that this means of “magnetic energy”.

Magnetic fields are like “bubbles” that can have a “protective” energy to it - what comes in, what goes out…

I find this very matching with the position of her Southnode over the Orion’s shield and at the “entering” side of the galactic equator band….

I did read this little article on Space .com about Venus. (Article linked here)

For quite a while, some phenomena have been observed in the atmosphere of Venus and described as “lightning bolts”… whether or not these were really “lightning bolts” or not was discussed for quite some time and now a 2021 study shows some data, that does shed some light onto the lightning….

There are “whistler waves” (on Earth) - which are some kind of electromagnetic waves that on Earth are in direct relationship with lightning discharges. On Earth these whistler waves go from Earth up and out…

New data show, that on Venus they go the other way round - from outside down into direction of Venus’ surface….

A study in 2023 is talking about the idea, that the “lightning” observed on Venus, might actually be meteors that are burning up in the atmosphere…

Another theory says, that - I copy in - “the waves stem from disturbances in the planet's magnetic fields. Or, more specifically, the idea is that magnetic field lines surrounding Venus may break apart then snap back together, in turn producing bursts of energy exhibited as none other than whistler waves.” 

Venus’ magnetosphere is “different”

It seems that Venus doesn’t produce her magnetic field the same way as Earth does. It’s not a result from core but rather an interaction or “absorption” from the solar magnetics brought by solar winds, that does “feed” the field…. interestingly her magnetosphere is also shaped like the heliosphere (the bubble around the whole solar system)…

                  These “outside in” parts of Venus, do have a very interesting “aspect” to the astrological meaning of Venus - the heart is filled from “the Sun - core self and expression” - so, it’s the “living from Self and the own expression, that makes us not only “beautiful” but the “heart singing” …

I leave it up to you, to further philosophize on the “current state of science” and its possible correlations….

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