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Astrology 13.-15. November 2020 - 12,5 years cycle of Jupiter and Pluto - New Moon - Universal Laws

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

Astrology chart about the Jupiter and Pluto conjunction 2020

Conclusion: (Details below)

According the Principle of Rhythm as well as the Principle of Correspondence, everything happens in cycles – within, without, above and below…. The year 2020 is a year in which we have many astrological/astronomical cycles that ended and start anew. The cycles become active from a heliocentric view not the same time as from geocentric view. The cycles are kind of “open” – like there is a in between time – between the old and the new, a bridging time and that what we go through a lot this year. Major cycles are now becoming “confirmed” through the geocentric conjunctions.

The Jupiter – Pluto – Pallas geocentric conjunction happens on (universal time) 12th of November at 21.38…. at 27°34’39” and Pallas at 27°35’14” sid Sagittarius and from heliocentric view they’re already in the new cycles at around 7degrees and 14 degrees Capricorn.

Throughout the year, the planets and asteroids involved, have been in their retrogrades, going direct (or will soon) and have put an emphasize on certain themes as they didn’t really move much… We were forced to look and see, what is going on, to shift our view point. We did gain all the information necessary to change and shift our ways. Everything is always in change, I know, just now we have a global theme that can either pull us apart or bring us closer together in thoughts, ideas and tasks. We have the power, the knowledge and the wisdom for change. It seems we should now go towards these new goals and ideas and bring the change into “motion” or better said “structure” (Saturn).

We’re in the second half of the year of the “revelations” but there will be more – probably in a “broader” way, really “examining” all the structures (Saturn in Capricorn!!) and within the next 2 weeks also Jupiter and Pallas are to move into Capricorn – Saturn is about maturity, responsibility, continuity – I know, he may sound “heavy” but at the end, it’s a really wonderful energy, when we can finally stop to blame and judge everyone but finally find the power within ourselves, growing up and taking responsibility for all that we create including the new “structures” that we’re building collectively according the Universal Laws.

Our emotions and feelings are energy (created by our thoughts) and as that it’s contagious therefore, when we take responsibility for ourselves, we simultaneously take responsibility for others/collective. Pallas with her beautiful, creative, innovative, solution orientated energy helps – she wants equality within, so we’re able to create that which we really want and not what we fear and try to avoid. What we try to avoid, we’re attracting (Universal law!). I know, not everybody is right there yet, and so there might be a lot of turmoil going on, during the change period but the history shows us, that in the end, Humans go forward in compassion and “togetherness” – those are values that we hold within our genetics