Astrology 13.-15. November 2020 - 12,5 years cycle of Jupiter and Pluto - New Moon - Universal Laws

Updated: Mar 22

Conclusion: (Details below)

Acording the Principle of Rhythm as well as the Principle of Correspondence, everything happens in cycles – within, without, above and below…. The year 2020 is a year in which we have many astrological/astronomical cycles that ended and start anew. The cycles become active from a heliocentric view not the same time as from geocentric view. The cycles are kind of “open” – like there is a in between time – between the old and the new, a bridging time and that what we go through a lot this year. Major cycles are now becoming “confirmed” through the geocentric conjunctions.

The Jupiter – Pluto – Pallas geocentric conjunction happens on (universal time) 12th of November at 21.38…. at 27°34’39” and Pallas at 27°35’14” sid Sagittarius and from heliocentric view they’re already in the new cycles in around 7degrees and 14 degrees Capricorn.

Throughout the year, the planets and asteroids involved, have been in their retrogrades, going direct (or will soon) and have put an emphasize on certain themes as they didn’t really move much… We were forced to look and see, what is going on, to shift our view point. We did gain all the information necessary to change and shift our ways. Everything is always in change, I know, just now we have a global theme that can either pull us apart or bring us closer together in thoughts, ideas and tasks. We have the power, the knowledge and the wisdom for change. It seems we should now go towards these new goals and ideas and bring the change into “motion” or better said “structure” (Saturn). We’re in the second half of the year of the “revelations” but there will be more – probably in a “broader” way, really “examining” all the structures (Saturn in Capricorn!!) and within the next 2 weeks also Jupiter and Pallas are to move into Capricorn – Saturn is about maturity, responsibility, continuity – I know, he may sound “heavy” but at the end, it’s a really wonderful energy, when we can finally stop to blame and judge everyone but finally find the power within ourselves, growing up and taking responsibility for all that we create including the new “structures” that we’re building collectively according the Universal Laws. Our emotions and feelings are energy (created by our thoughts) and as that it’s contagious therefore, when we take responsibility for ourselves, we simultaneously take responsibility for others/collective. Pallas with her beautiful, creative, innovative, solution orientated energy helps – she wants equality within, so we’re able to create that which we really want and not what we fear and try to avoid. What we try to avoid, we’re attracting (Universal law!). I know, not everybody is right there yet, and so there might be a lot of turmoil going on, during the change period but the history shows us, that in the end, Humans go forward in compassion and “togetherness” – those are values that we hold within our genetics 😊 This “heart energy” is also needed to help with the Vesta – Lucifer conjunction as well as with the Venus/Moon conjunction opposing Mars. As so often in life and history we’re in the situation to be torn between what we actually want and are passionate about and that which we fear as well as our doubts. It can go both ways as always – we either step over our doubts and courageously decide to overcome fears and boundaries to fulfill what our inner self knows already or we “devote” ourselves to the fears and doubts and step into a “downward spiral” – the decision is ours – within the Venus and Mars opposition are similar two energies at work – are we going to have a revolution of the heart or are we going to use these energies against each other!!?? ….as always, there is further help available 😉 Uranus at 12°53’ in Aries stands in a trine to Vesta/Lucifer. Ohhh yes, he likes it “sudden” and surprising but he’s also scientific and future orientated - helpful as we’re in a cycle of change with the emotions heightened, his “cooler”, logic thinking comes in handy. The other “Thinker” and Messenger is Mercury and he stands kind of alone in Libra under the “knee of the Virgin”, so in more an “airy area” and in trine with Ceres in Aquarius. So he’s in communication with the nurturing, feminine energy, which herself stands in the future orientated sign of Aquarius. It seems, our own inner communication “technology” could be really well tapped into, to get the “higher view point” so needed in these times – nurture ourselves, so we can go through these times of uncertainty and tap into what we really want for ourselves, to trust our inner voice. Neptune stands in Aquarius as well and to me he’s kind of the “overseeing force” here in some ways. He stands “free’, so we can use him as the escape – in positive or negative “form”. We can transcend or we can feel sorry for ourselves and go into the downward spiral – as always, we decide….

There are many conjunctions, oppositions and squares in this time – that means challenges but also a hidden “present”, if we follow our “real heart”… so much opportunity is here, if we decide to look “through” the challenge towards the end of the tunnel and step through to come out at the other end, transformed, changed toward our true self.

Two Days after this major circle started, we’re already with another New Moon – kind of wonderful if you ask me 😉 A time to go within to define our wishes and dreams and to work towards them – fitting isn’t it… It’s like this new moon will emotionally be a “transponder” with this cycle energy – a “blue print” not only for the new lunar cycle but also for the whole cycle circle of 12,5 years. It will be the “wishes and dreams” we take into Capricorn within the next 2 weeks and with it also to the next full moon end of November – it will be all put to the test the next decade, if it’s possible to put those ideals into a “livable”, practical structure. Venus and Eris are in opposition – remember, “oppositions”/polarities are about integrating the energies, to merge them and not to fight them - Eris wants to expose the truth about our surrounding as well as our relationship with that, so also about our inner, own truth. Venus is our heart and when we truly listen to our heart and intuition, we will know how to discern and will know the truth and how to act….. We do not need to take down the tree in order to see the forest!!!

Some Details:

Jupiter and Pluto at 27°34’39” sid. Sagittarius. Jupiter Decl. 21°56’44”S and Pluto Decl. 22°37’17”S

Pallas at 27°35’14” but North Declination and Latitude. Pallas conjoins the star Al Mizar of Aquila.

Vesta at 12°32’3” conjunct Lucifer at 12°42’49” sid. Leo and also in loose conjunction Orcus in sid. Leo at 17°46’56”. They are in Trine with Uranus at 12°53’55”R sid. Aries

Moon at sid Libra 22°57’25” conjunct Venus at 24°2’22” a57’20nd are both opposing Mars in Pisces at 19° as he stations direct. Heliocentric Mars conjoins Uranus in Aris at 13°.

Heliocentric Jupiter and Saturn conjunct in Capricorn at 7°24’ and 6°51’

Heliocentric Neptune at 24°37’55” Aquarius and Ceres at 24°39’37” (Geocentric both in Aquarius but Ceres around 5° while Neptune only 2° off)

Jupiter is our “higher Self”, in the meaning of “higher learning”, expansion in general, our ideals and dreams on a personal level but also for society as a whole. How would you dream the world to be like?? On the more physical part he’s about learning, the law, justice, travelling, foreign countries and cultures (to expand one’s “horizon”), physical movement in nature…..

Pluto speaks about transformation, the process of death and rebirth and therefore he’s very powerful. This power is feelable, is within us – which way are we going to use it!?

Pallas Athena is Jupiter’s “brain child” (Greek mythology) and is of a fearless character. She fights if needed for justice and harmony. She’s intelligent and creative, put the pieces of information together to find innovative solutions to problems.

Sagittarius is about higher learning like a “truth-seeker” or Philosopher or similar… It’s about integrating different view point through that higher learning gained through experience. He’s about foreign lands, galaxies but also ideals and visions. Highly intelligent and intuitive. Later part of Sagittarius as soul-truth has more and more unfolded and the path becomes clearer; practical ways or livable ways for expression of the ideals and knowing unfold. Above Sagittarius the constellations Aquila and Lyra, South the Peacock. Nick Anthony Fiorenza sees the Lyra constellation as a symbol for spherical resonance and the Universal Law of Resonance. Which I think makes much sense – or better said, it “resonates” with me. The lyre was invented by Hermes who gave it to Apollo. The lyre can be used for healing, beauty and art but also as a messaging tool but to whom and with which purpose stands somewhere else….. Aquila, the Eagle, is about vision – but not only the ones for ourselves and our personal future but in a more global sense as well – integrating both tasks. The tail in Sagittarius – the body over the cusp – the head and eye at ca. 5° Capricorn. At 25° Southnode Pluto – at 28° Southnode Saturn

Vesta is our inner, sacred flame – so it’s our devotion but she’s also about “time sharing” in the mythology – how much are we going to “endure” in order to keep our flame burning, to find our “purpose”/passion and acting on it. She’s also Saturn’s daughter and as such they share the theme “commitment”…. Lucifer (from Christian beliefs the “rebellious fallen Angels” – the “Lightbringer”) he brings the “evil” to be looked at, understood and “rejected” by saying “no”, or to be integrated as a natural part of ourselves. The “light” of truth shines from within the “dark”. Leo does have a lot of energy but he also likes to lay down in the Sun and let it shine onto him. A balance/harmony of physical power to the powers of a creative mind that likes to express in a confident, pride, leading but yet warm and open hearted, way. The star Regulus is the “alpha” of the constellation Leo, marks the heart of the Lion. Leo is about taking the stage of life, confidently express and shine, highly creative and intelligent, “royal” integer and noble, passionate and loving. The later part of Leo, the tail, is less about the physical but more about transcending this physical, outshining part of Leo and translate it into and bring it toward the more grounded and responsible Virgo. To find a deeper truth, soul truth maybe…. But the passion of Leo is still very deeply feelable here. Don’t forget that the tails are used by animals not only to balance themselves but also to communicate….. In the Heliocentric chart, Lucifer is also tightly conjunct but with Mercury and Vesta nearby – all of that in sid. Cancer…. As Vesta is Saturn’s daughter, we should maybe have a little glimpse at him too – he’s in very early sid. Capricorn and in conjunction with Chariklo and they’re both parallel with Jupiter and Pluto… Cancer is ruled by the Moon and the Moon is in sid. Virgo, in conjunction with Venus on the way to be “new” in Libra….

Uranus is all about the unexpected, sudden and surprises but also about liberation and freedom; therefore, he’s also about science and the future. Anything from genius to madness…

Aries traditionally the sign of new beginnings including the innovation, “action” and leadership needed for that kind of tasks. It’s also about the Self – the Identity. Aries is of a lot of energy/power also in the meaning of physical energy and therefore also of sexuality. Aries stands along the ecliptic, the constellation Cetus the sea monster below and Andromeda above entering from Pisces and then constellation Cassiopeia (Andromedas mother, the queen) and further north, all 30° of Aries there is Cepheus (Andromedas father, the king) – in the myth, Andromeda was captured by Cetus due to her parents command, in order to calm Poseidon (king of the ocean) until Perseus came to free her. In modern Astrology Cetus is seen as the administration in all areas of life (birthcertifate to deathcertificate – all is about some kind of papers right), the duties we have to serve according tradition, society, politics and beliefs, which are often blocking and can even make us psychological and physically ill and yes, that is kind of the “enemy” of intuition and creativity.

Some Details:

New Moon at 28°0’ sid. Libra. Parallel (to the Sun) is Nessus in sid. Aquarius at 14°52’5”R.

Chariklo and Saturn in conjunction in early Capricorn

Venus in Virgo opposing Eris in Pisces

The Sun is our “center”, the life in its fullest expression and that’s what it’s about – confidently live/express/create the life according the inner/heart truth: to shine.

The Moon; intuitive, feminine power that influences so much on Earth and within ourselves. Our emotional “needs and wants” in material ways, that cover our inner, unconscious real needs and tasks and together with her Nodes describes our most personal evolutionary task.

Libra has become a kind of a strange sign, as it’s half of the virgin and then its own constellation. In ancient times, the virgin was seen standing and Libra as an own constellation bigger as having “gods” operating the scales and the scales were same time the claws of Scorpio. So, a lot of changes that Libra had to go through over the last few thousand years. Because of this, the first half of sid. Libra is actually “under the skirt and legs” of the Virgin – constellation of Virgo. As this “picture” drawn above, there is something mysterious about this part of the skies – “hidden under the skirt” – one needs to undress to find, so kind of lifting the veils but that’s more of a Neptunian theme, so maybe decoding the knowledge. Hidden purpose, sacred path and truth in life – hidden within.

The themes of the constellation and sign of Libra are balance, fairness, truth, equality, justice. The ancients saw Libra as the “judgement day” or the entrance to the afterlife or better said, the soul-path either trapped from lifecycle to lifecycle or mastered and freed…. In the constellation of Libra we “weigh and judge” ourselves and others as well as situations but as the scales themselves, we are asked to find balance and harmony against those self-destructive forces of judgement.

Much Love to you All,


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