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Active planetary cycles Part 4+5 Pluto - Sedna and Neptune - Eris

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

Jupiter and Saturn conjunction picture used as banner

Our reality does go as far as we can imagine possible

These two cycles bring us into the 19th century - so kind of "closer". Both cycles are in important "stages"/aspects of their development now and play an important role as "overtasks" to the smaller cycles we finish and restart so often ;-)

Here the video-link:

Everything in these charts is so entangled - nice aspect choreographies but also the

occupying each others nodal axis and/or aphelion-perihelion axis...

The fact that we're getting more and more clarity, discover abilities, include the "spiritual realms", the inner realms as gate to the vastness and "unknown" but also what we don't like, is blocking, suppressed, betraying and so on... we also need to see the "value" in that, the purpose and integrate the information we get from this as well, as important part of the Human experience.....

As you know the principle of "reflection" - the "as above, so below and the other way round" - the fractality of everything etc. - you can for sure see, how interesting these times now are, in relation not only to these cycles but also to others and what it tells us about the manifestations we see since late 2019 and early 2020... also, I personally have lost the fear or worries about how this will "end", as it can only end in revelations.... it maybe though totally different to what we would suspect, because "abilities"/perception are part of the revelation.

I have also seen/heard discussions that go in so other directions - positive, creative in the meaning of "ohhh, this didn't work, maybe we try it differently" and this on many levels, about many different themes....

Remember - we All have something to share and to learn from (experiences) and it's not about how "good or bad" they are, but what we take out of them for the future....

Much Love to you All,


Pluto (248 years-orbit) and Sedna (11'000 year-orbit)

8. Sept 1814 in sidereal Aquarius at 28°19'32" and Ixion nearby at 26° - all passed the Urn of Aquarius and stand over the constellation of Sculptor. Uranus's Aphelion at 28°30’, Juno’s Southnode at 29° Aquarius and Pallas' Southnode near at 0°25’ Pisces. Jupiter in opposition at 27°33’ Leo near Uranus’ Perihelion and Juno’s Northnode – it seems as Uranus and Juno worked closely together as well as Neptune and Mercury (Neptune’s Perihelion at 23°38’ Aries and Mercury’s Northnode at 23°58’ Aries).

Pluto the Transformer meets with Sedna the "exiled feminine" at the end of the "liberating" sign of Aquarius, under the "Fish-head" and above the energies of Sculptor and further down we see the constellation of the Phoenix... - Ixion - the lust for life, "directing life force energy" as "companion"....

Transformation, a rebirth of the feminine principle, the limitless ideas and possibilities can be achieved through liberation, “revolution” of the own abilities on all scales – the “small” with the “big”, one “feeds” the other back and forth – a rebirth of Self, the relationship we have with ourselves and all that surrounds us (also the body)…. “Self-mastery” is the focal point here as we need to bring that which we have suppressed to consciousness, in order to "control"/deal with it vs. being controlled by it.... That allows a sharing from the true Self, and a flow that is reflecting that in the same diversity and beauty of the Individual/the Human collective sharing for the benefit/accessible of All...

Neptune (168 years-orbit) and Eris (557 years-orbit)

7. Aug. 1848 at 8°12’0” sid. Aquarius, Neptune conjoining Ancha of Aquarius and Eris 40° south of the ecliptic between the constellations Grus and Phoenix. They were in square to Quaoar in Taurus but no other “obvious” aspects. Sedna in early Pisces, near the Vernal Point and SGP and Haumea’s Perihelion and Haumea at 29°57’ Aquarius (Sedna’s NN) and Saturn at 27°42’ both under the Circlet and Uranus 26°37’ Pisces.

Neptune is the “ruler of all liquids”, he’s about “spiritual and emotional clarity”, dreams, illusions – disillusions, escapism and so on - in 1848 Neptune’s Perihelion/Aphelion axis was at around 2° Taurus/Scorpio. Eris is the “disruptor” as an eye-opener for reality and truth – she’s not at all “bad” but she does not go with lies, deception and so on…. They work very well together…:

“The more you know, the more you know that you don’t know” - "holistic" scientific approach, exchange and talk which includes "the Non-visible", philosophical (the way of thinking) - “shared emotions become half burdensome or multiplied joy” – sharing to others, “prayers” or talking to a wall or writing in a journal…

Our reality does go as far as we can imagine, therefore the more we can imagine the more we expand the reality....

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