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New Beginnings 11-2022

Updated: Dec 9, 2022

Juno – Jupiter conjunction and the new Moon (17 hours apart 23rd to 24th of November 2022)

Such a connection in “time line” seems important…

The new Moon happens on 24th of November at 5:57:14 am Thailand and Universal time on 23rd of November 2022 at 22:57:14

Earth in Taurus and Moon and Sun in Scorpio – it’s the sidereal degrees 6°18’36”

Earth is stands just passed Sedna and so we have the stars Furibundu, Althaur and Alcyone involved. The Moon and the Sun stand between the constellations Libra and Scorpio (yet, remember, the claws of the Scorpion are the scales now).

Surfacing of deep hidden “mysteries” we’ll have to deal with but also fears and maybe anything that has “calcified” us in this sense, frozen, unable to move but now we’re awaking from this “stony sleep” and become ready to face anything…

There might be also the question of what is “mine and thine” in some ways – mirroring, reflecting – it always goes in both directions and so it’s often that we come into situations that might look like “for the other” but it’s same time “for us” – all parties always get something, may that now be “liked or not”, easy or difficult etc. …

We’re having the chance to shed “old skins”, to shift ourselves into a new way of being – on all realms and paths of life… It’s always a decision of ourselves, if we stay in the past or face the “unknown” challenges of something new or different.

If we have trust or faith into ourselves or our “higher selves”, the Universe or whatever we can be ensured of guidance and help is there.

The Juno – Jupiter conjunction is exact on 24th of November at 23:03 and 16:03 (Univ. T.)

This conjunction will last until the next on 1st of January 2029 and we’ll go through it’s different steps (angles) until then...

Juno conjoins Jupiter at 13°46’0” sidereal Pisces in opposition to Makemake in sidereal Virgo at the star Diadem of Coma (north of Virgo).

Astrology chart about the heliocentric conjunction between Juno and Jupiter

The Players:

Juno is about one to one relationships (including the one with self), what we value and look for in our relationships, which includes the “teacher – student” relationship and that one can be both the same time. Juno is also about equality and acceptance and inner “balance”/harmony. She’s a “transmitter”/bridge between our outwards actions and our beliefs, higher ideals etc.

More about Juno:

Jupiter is expansion / evolution and this includes “higher learning”, our ideals and beliefs on a personal level and on societal level. How would you wish/ organize the world to be like?? On the more physical part he’s about learning, the law, justice, travelling, foreign countries and cultures (to expand one’s “horizon”), physical movement in nature (kind of like “fullness of life”)…

More about Jupiter:

When Juno and Jupiter meets it’s about expansion of relationships or “ratios” – how do we connect to the “outer world”, the other people, society as a whole etc.

When we talk more in the sense of evolutionary or spiritual Astrology, we can interpret this as the relationship we form to the “higher realms” in the sense of teachings, learning and gaining a “higher” or different view on things. How can we relate to that, putting it into our own “wholeness”. How can we integrate the forming of new believes into our daily life etc.

Yet, it’s a “2 way street” – at a conjunction a new cycle starts and the themes of the planets become so entangled that it’s sometimes difficult to know “what is what” and the same is true about "past, present and future" – a bit chaotic in this sense, yet, we feel the “relationship”, the connection and this especially with Juno involved.

The meeting point of the Two is also a place where Jupiter is very powerful, yet working on a more subjective