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Cycles video series part 2 - Pluto and Eris

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

Jupiter and Saturn conjunction as banner for planetary cycles series

I gladly present the new video about the cycle of Pluto and Eris, we're currently in - we're now in the last quarter of this cycle that started in 1757, just a few years after Eris and Sedna had their "first last-quarter-square"....

What does us connect back to the middle of the 18th century?? - Actually it's a lot, not so much about the style of life, but about the changes in consciousness that happened, a new way of living that was starting to unfold, slowly over the decades and centuries.

We're now in a time we may "realize" and have "revelations" on a personal as well as on a global level... as these are both very long term cycles but "around" it all, are also the precession cycles (and others) of Earth herself that bring even more emphasis on the "now times" and the changes of the energies, which all of these cycles are part of and "helping".

With much Love,


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