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Earth "Gaia" - her and our evolutionary path

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

Earth 1992 by Explorer 1 - NASA/JPL

While I’m busy with all of my research and viewing hundreds of heliocentric charts, I got more and more into viewing where Earth actually stands…. Mostly in Astrology we’re using the geocentric view and even though that makes Earth our “center point”, we never really talk about her relation to it but only about the effect on Human’s – yes, we’re very tightly connected to her as we All know 😉 but hey, we’re also tight to her evolutionary cycle and that “view point” we often leave out of mentioning – she’s our “floor”/roots but as so often, we prefer to look far and outside instead of what we have just right under our feet… I often talk about Axis (Astrology) and Polarities (Universal Laws) – in Astrology we always talk about where the Sun stands and identify with that – Earth is always exactly opposite of that as viewed in a heliocentric chart. So, if the Sun is in Sagittarius, Earth is in Gemini…. Therefore. we have an actual emphasis on the axis and not only on the Sun and its position. Earth and we All are now actually “opposing” the place where Saturn and Pluto made their new cycle synod a year ago (around 10th to 13th of January 2020), which is also right in between their two Southnodes and therefore Earth right between their Northnodes – as the Southnodes are about the digestion of themes or input, the Northnodes are about the “intake” kind of the “highest” point of this input. It’s like Earth and we are gathering the information and the Sun is digesting it through expression.

Earth is very much influenced by the Moon as well as the other way round – as Earth keeps the Moon around her and the Moon influences the sea, the plants and our moods etc. – so these nodes and their cycles are important to Earth – with the new Moons she goes within, the power is in the roots and with the full Moon she exposes her powers the most in the outside – the plants put their power up from the roots into the leaves…. An important cycle in agriculture/ gardening, just as a sidenote 😉 … The lunar node axis (crossing of Moons orbit with the ecliptic) is therefore a very important “longer” cycle between the Two. In early September 2020 we had the change of the lunar nodal axis from Sagittarius/Gemini axis to Scorpio/Taurus axis. That did happen while the Sun stood in Leo but Earth stood in Aquarius at that time…. Meaning a “cross” if only looked at the signs and not degrees – Taurus/Scorpio and Leo/Aquarius is the fixed cross…. This is a roughly 1,5 years cycle energy and will change with the shift into the Aries/Libra axis (lunar nodes) which will occur in early March 2022, while the Sun is in Aquarius and Earth in Leo (just interchanged!!) – it takes around 18.6 years for a full cycle (from lunar Southnode to Southnode).

Taurus is an “earth sign” and Scorpio a “water sign” – The axis that talks about the deep inner truth and transformation (Scorpio – Antares it’s Alpha Star but also the constellation of Ophiuchus and others) – the own value system, the self and self-reliance or to stand for oneself (Taurus – Aldebaran it’s most known star, the constellations Perseus but also Capella and it’s constellation Auriga and half of Orion, where the long winding “river of life” Eridanus starts in the direction to Aquarius, where it’s “delta” is situated – it’s also the direction of Earth’s precession).

Another important axis and nowadays cross for Earth is the crossing points of the Galactic Equator with the ecliptic (our path around the Sun), which is at around 5° Sagittarius (north) – Gemini (south) Axis. The Galactic Pole Axis at around 5° Virgo (north) – Pisces (south) forms the “Galactic Grand Cross” which influences Earth a lot in her path…. And is for some years “overlaid” by Earth’s own “Grand Cross” formed by the Equinox – Solstice Cross at roughly 4°50’ Pisces – Virgo axis (Equinoxes) and the Solstices in Gemini – Sagittarius. We could say, Earth is on the “galactic path” – an important point of her own evolutionary path and therefore our as well.

Sagittarius – Gemini axis was also very much in focus for over a year now by the “stellium” as well as by the various synodic cycles started by various bodies like Ceres, Chariklo, Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter and Pallas and a lot talked about. Same for the Pisces – Virgo axis but maybe less, as there wasn’t so much focus on and that may be a part of the “Grand Cross Problem” so to speak – focusing on one axis and “leaving” the other one out, may bring more conflict and obstacles into the path than one would wish for….

Now the “Age” of Pisces, which we’re in for 1800 years now, means that the Sun is in Pisces during spring equinox and in Virgo during autumn equinox and therefore for Earth the other way round. –The theme of “galactic integration” seems a given but shouldn’t we maybe have a bit a look at that Pisces/Virgo axis? Pisces themes or tasks are transcendence/clarity, spirituality etc. grounded into the pure intention, organization and more let’s say “physicality/ life-form” of Virgo….