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From mental health to spirituality

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

artwork showing like 2 brain sides as colorful vs black and white

As I suffered of Depressions, Anxiety and Panic Attacks for 20 years and then found finally a way out of it more or less by myself, I feel it’s important to share some of the experiences and conclusions that followed out of that… or better said, I see correlations.

When I decided, after waking up in hospital without memory of the previous days, I thought, now it’s really “5 to 12” and not only I needed to deal with the experiences I had during the time I was “out” but also with the fact, that I had nearly killed myself…. After a few weeks, my employees stressed me to go to see a Psychiatrist, which I did but I also knew I will only get some meds as it wasn’t the first “episode”…. I took the meds for some time but same time started to research – Psychology, Neurology, Vitamins, Minerals and and and… then I stopped the meds and went on herb-medication, teas and special foods and magnesium supplement for a short time… I got better and better…. I never had an episode again since…. It was not easy in the beginning but became easier and easier the longer I was studying…

After roughly a year, I came across a German website by a German MD… I never became a member but I saw a few interviews with him and the essence of what he said was, that everything is usually “simple” (doesn’t mean easy!!) and that “shadow work” would be needed…. I thought about that and did find some stuff within me, that I had to look at… I instantly felt better…. Encouraged by that, I went on and on…. I thought it amazing, what the mind is capable off and how well the whole systems in the body work together. I learned to listen to my body, what it likes and needs and if possible I “obeyed” 😉 ….. I’m not a Doctor nor a Psychiatrist but a “survivor”, so I can share some of what I found out that seems to be “common” in these diseases. One of the most important ones in this, is Magnesium – it’s in many, many different foods and when you’re in depression and anxiety, your body uses huge amounts and so the levels drop – after 2 months of supplements, I only changed my diet, figuring out, which foods that I actually like to eat, do contain high magnesium and I bought mineral/spring water…. In my studies I came across that correlation often as well, so it seems to be a common factor – the levels do often not drop under the minimum but just right “at” the minimum. What they further found out as a common is “infection markers” high (not over though!) and as I had several blood test results to check, it was the same with me. There teas, ginger and curcumin can help but also foods with high Vitamin C (whatever one likes). The 3rd thing that can be involved is Vitamin B12 – it helps in so many “actions” in the body and it’s stored in every mammals liver, which lasts for around 2 ot 3 years but once that’s gone you need to refill – I’m sorry for all Vegans as it does only come from animals, it’s in milk or dairy and eggs but also of course in meet… You can supplement it but it will be then still be gained from animals….

Most important in the whole process is, that one listens to oneself – everybody is different and that I mean literally – every body. Some do great on raw foods, greens and juices, other people like myself, I’m great with cooked vegetables. It doesn’t really matter what as long as it’s what your body asks you for – it remembers and will give you a “craving” for what it remembers the stuff it needs is inside. – ha, no, I’m not talking about things you’re “addicted” to but if you once in a while crave chocolate or something, no worries, it’s needed then 😉

To me it was important to cut “news” – I couldn’t deal with all the negativity anymore, there was enough around me during daily life, so I couldn’t deal with “extra”… Another important part to me was “movement” but I’m someone who doesn’t like to do sports – I dislike Gym’s, I dislike running as well as cycling and so on… but I love music and I love dancing, so I found myself the place I got that both and I enjoyed it to the fullest – I didn’t care about becoming sweaty or so – I just took a jacket with me, so I wouldn’t catch a cold once the music stopped…. Also here – whatever you like to do…. Health is not about doing what others tell you – except you want to try out this or that to figure out what is right for you but other than that it’s about doing for yourself, what makes yourself feel better at body and mind….

Later on, all my studies and work with myself led me more and more into totally “other” fields, as I noticed so many correlations while being my own “Psychiatrist”. I also started to search for all kinds of stuff, as my intuition was strengthened. I often got the feeling that with this or that “subject” I heard in an interview, the newspaper, a documentary or simply a movie, is somehow “off’ or something important is in ther