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Updated: Nov 8, 2022

nice red flowers on a bush by Fran Arnet
in front of my house....

Life is wonderful and given to be lived 😊

Even so there is a lot of suffering, pain and lack in the world that surfaces for everyone to see – it’s exactly that what will change the condition of our lives….

More and more people “wake up” to the fact that we’re creating our reality – knowingly or not – that isn’t a factor for it to happen. 😉

Many people I know, even so there are many restrictions due to lockdowns and stuff, are taking it as “positive” as possible – enjoy activities as possible and concentrate on that spectrum – they therefore radiate positivity to their surrounding and of course same is for the opposite…. I could tell many stories about all these people around me – as example for this or that side of the polarities – very interesting – do they know the “spirituality” behind it, do they know any of the terminology many of us use? – nope – they just do and become “aware” through the experiences (at least the positive ones) that they DO change their reality, even so they wouldn’t necessarily call it like this…. It's about the self-love, to allow oneself to enjoy life even though others are suffering....

Yes, we hear a lot about “manifestation techniques”, the feeling of oneness and more… Well, if we know it or not, we do – we do create our experience, perception and “form” every single moment and we’re not alone, everyone does the very same and influences the perception of the “collective”/All and whatever other names you want to choose.

Remember the Universal Laws – it IS, it’s not something we need “to find” or “to achieve”, it’s already there and always was – everything, anything…. We only need to choose, so to speak…. Like going shopping – you choose which product you buy and when you don’t find it in one shop you go to another or onto the net or you do it yourself, depending on the “offer”. Have you ever made the experience that you thought it would be practical to have “this or that” but don’t even know if something alike is “existing” and then short after something alike is presented as a “new arrival” somewhere in a shop or online? – yeah, you helped creating it 😉 … See – it’s not the question if you “can” do it, the question is, if you are aware of it. As soon as we know, we start “testing” it out – we will find out that it doesn’t always work and depending the person will either “put it away as nonsense” or start to ask ourselves, why did it work once but not another time, right!? … Well, very simple actually, do you believe in it? Do you trust yourself and your choices?

Every single experience we make is a “lesson” – is it a so called “good” one, we take it but we usually “refuse” the “bad or negative” ones. But remember Ying-Yang – there’s always something “good” in everything “bad” and the other way round.

Like there’s this saying “true light comes out of the dark” (I don’t know its origin) and that’s what is happening now in the world – the “darkness” in form of a “bad” experience – first of all, it shows us once more, that we’re All part of this Earth and can experience collectively. Where and how the outcome will be, depends of how we react to it individually as that feeds the “collective/society” – every person who made something “positive” out of the situation, radiates this into the world and same is true for the opposite. Which polarity are we going to feed? … are we staying in the “they did”, “they should”, they, they they….. but stop – where are YOU? What do you do for yourself?? … YES, it’s about YOU and not the others!!!! ……

Start to “turn” your thoughts, beliefs and focus and you will see miracles to happen for yourself and others!!... We ARE all connected, if we want it, know it or not…. SO, what you do to yourself or not, is automatically done or not done to others. – under this perspective the teachings of the various religious “founders” becomes sense, we just need to stay with the “original”, so to speak and not the variations of the organisations built around them. It seems these variations also have their “purpose” though – to show the truth about the “origin” by the opposition 😊 There is therefore no need to “fight” against anything or blame anything – just like when we burn our finger in the fire or a hot stove or something – it doesn’t make heat or fire something “bad”, it just is, but our pain gives us the realization that our skin is reacting to its influence – lesson learned, no judgment in this – only discernment …. Lol, yes, of course, there are those who have learned to walk through fire or on water – proof that nothing is “absolute” beside for now the existence of the Universal laws (matrix)….

Much Love to you All,


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