Full Moon 28/29 January 21 and the time after....

Full Moon 29th January 2021 CNX at 2.16am – Universal Time 28th January 19.16pm

Our Moon will be illuminated while standing in Cancer at 13°48’7”, therefore the Sun exactly opposite in Capricorn – in middle of Cancer we see the stars Asellus Aus. and Asellus Bor. as well as the cluster M44 called Praesepe. It also means that the Sun already did or is going to conjoin each of our last year “stellium members” and same time opposing our Earth. Important here is also that this full Moon axis is in T-Square to Mars and Uranus in Aries. Influential as well is the conjunction of the Sun with Jupiter, only 6,5 hours after the full Moon. Another important aspect to note for this full Moon is the conjunction of Venus and Pluto at 29° Capricorn involving the stars of Aquila and the stars Terebellum and Peacock - and the one of Eris and dark Moon Lilith at 28° Pisces involves Cetus, the Pisces side of the upwards swimming fish as well as Andromeda. The connection of Neptune, Ceres, Vesta and the lunar nodal axis is active and will be for some more time….

The short Moon cycles are so obvious to us, that we’re All very aware of them – even if we’re not into Astrology, Spirituality, Philosophy or anything alike… There are many more cycles that influence us in awareness of it or not. Cycles and their “sections” just are – neither good nor bad – during some of these sections we may feel more action is needed than during others. Just like when gardening, during some times we don't need to do as much but when prepare for planting, that itself or harvesting is very action loaded (not negative right!!). You can also visualize how the rings interact, after throwing a stone into water - similar to that - in opposition, the waves (cycles) will "collide" in the center and try to "intersect" as in a Vesica Piscis. Another example: you can feel when a car is passing you - it's the air (space) that is pushed away, it may make you move, or shake when standing in a square angle to that, or on a rainy day even shower you but may be "unnoticed" when we stand in a 120 degrees angle for example... Same time we’re also giving it “further” (radiating) – a body/thing (also the celestial bodies) that stand in a certain angle to each other, will mix with the “incoming” energy with the own and give it further – just like a ball hits a tennis rack, table tennis, billiard, foot by football or anything alike….

The new Moon is the beginning of a Moon-cycle and the full Moon is the opposition – the theme is at it’s highest point in the meaning of “information gained” – it continues with manifestation and harvest and then we “digest” and start anew…

More about Cycles: https://www.faempowerment.com/axisandcycles

Cancer is the Moon’s “home sign” and generally is about home, security, safety in all meanings – it’s the emotional body that is most influenced here. Now as Earth is in Cancer as well and she represents our home, roots and foundation we should truly have a closer look to the Cancerian stars involved. Asellus Australis and Asellus Borealis mark the “ass” of the crab – they bring the need for nourishment of the “safety” themes but same time they’re a bit “stubborn” in the meaning that when we feel the need for security, it means we have a lack there and so go back to “old” patterns, so we may feel “stuck”. Praesepe M44, a small star cluster of approximately 50 stars, is about “shedding skin” – also contributing to this theme are the stars of Hydra south of the ecliptic and the Lynx, north of Cancer. The middle of cancer and also a little further is just that – our womb, so to say – our inner “sanctuary” and where we nourish ourselves – in what form and way, is of course individually different but important to know is, that the Universal laws are at play here as everywhere else – what you feed yourself with is what you will reflect and attract and as everything is always connected, we same time feed the “collective monster Cetus” …. I know, it’s often painful and not an easy way to go, but once we “birth” the healing (shed the old skin) we kind of “forget” the pain – therefore pain can be very transformative, healing and holds all these powers within.

On the other side of the axis, we find Capricorn. As we have many bodies in Capricorn, we have to look at a broader spectrum here. The constellation Aquila, under which influence Venus and Pluto stand is even more active in Capricorn as it’s Alphastar and eye Altair make the longitudal connection to the compact constellation of Capricorn. Capricorn itself is about structures, maturity, responsibility and so on – so all “systems” we use to feel safe – also the physical houses, homes, churches, temples or whatever one considers “safe”…. Whereas Altair and Aquila are bringing the lighter, idealistic, seeing and focusing eyes of the Eagle into the more “physical” realms of Capricorn. Remember also, Capricorn is Saturn’s home and his placement is closer to Altair than the Sun’s – secondly, he has just started new cycles with several planets and Asteroids and that close or at his own Southnode (his re-birthing place) and so did Pluto (he has by now passed Saturn’s node by a degree).

Yes, we have all been challenged this past year to reconsider our feeling and personal understanding of “safety” and “home” and we may “re-consider”/reflect on this now and maybe even have some “realizations” and ideas for change, other ways and with the T-square to Uranus and especially Mars, we get the needed physical energy.

For those interested and not yet read or like to read again, here the link to my recent article where I talk more about the current entanglement of Uranus, Neptune, the lunar axis and more: