Astrology - one way of connecting to the Universe

Updated: Oct 20

the constellation Crux and the coalsack nebula

How Astrology explains the current situation….

general thoughts (Astrology part further down)

Yes – we’re multidimensional Beings and that can be expressed with many different terms/ words. Language, as we know from the biblical story of the tower of Babel, can separate people. Even if we use the same language, different understanding and judgment might be applied to words and therefore, just because of the use of such a specific word, a person might go into “resistance” and miss the actual essence of what was said. Misunderstandings are the result and we start to “blame” – either the other person(s) or oneself (should have this or that etc.). To avoid such, we can try to simply stay open...

There are many different teachings about spirituality, religion, philosophy about our personal relationship with the Universe, creation or however you choose to call this. There is no “right or wrong” in this – one form of teaching may resonate more than another, depending the environment we grew up in and what we decide upon later. We All have our own individual perception of things and as no path is absolute, we may also move through many different phases, trying, searching different paths. We take from one path (experience) what we find suitable and then move to another to add… I personally love to “puzzle” – to put different views together to a new picture – that picture changes though as more and more pieces come together…

One of my sources as you know is the Astrology, not only because I feel “connected” to the bodies and stars but also because I love numbers and mathematics but especially algebra. There were these “puzzles” when I was young – a little “every day story”, for which you had to find a specific answer by just only putting the known factors into a formula – not judging, neutral in some ways - the numbers just are, forming algorithms, when put into context/relationship. Astrology is the recorded observational study and science of such algorithms/relationships.

There are many different forms of Astrology – none is “better” than the other, just different view points that mostly lead to the same answer – just using another algorithm and of course “spiced” by the perception/interpretation of the Astrologer/Reader.

How we perceive is also how we create, so viewpoints are just that – different perceptions and “neutral” in this way. An example out of “daily life” – there are 3 apples and you eat one, usually we would say there are only 2 apples left but you could also say, there are still 3 apples, one only changed the form and location…..

My astrological view about specific happenings in the current times and how they built up

As time seems to move in a rhythmic, cycling or spiraling way, I like to look at planetary-cycles.

Since roughly 1800 years, we’re in the so called “Age of Pisces” and we will be for some more time. The constellations aren’t cut into 30° pieces as we like to draw them for our convenience, therefore the “start” of this next age will go fluently – but for a better understanding – when using the 30° separation, the current placement of the spring equinox occurs at around 4°50’ Pisces, moving towards Aquarius with a “speed” of roughly 1° in 72 years. Influential are not only the stars of the zodiac (ecliptical) constellations but also those north and south of the ecliptic. One thing about the constellation degree cuts is, that with the heads of the two fishes of Pisces got cut in half. Not one fishhead is fully in its sign – energetically interesting…

When talking about Pisces, we automatically need to talk about Neptune as well – he does “inhabit” similar qualities. In February 2010 Neptune made his heliocentric conjunction with Chiron – in Aquarius – and Neptune is still in Aquarius, whereas Chiron moved on into Pisces (and therefore “answers” to Neptune as it’s “ruler”). When talking about Aquarius, we also have to talk about Uranus, as he’s the “modern” ruler of Aquarius and as we know, he’s currently in Aries, where he just made his conjunction with Mars and Mars is the “ruler” of Aries. An “interconnected” part of the family in this part of the picture. Neptune will move into Pisces (geocentric) during Spring Equinox time in March 2023 (meaning the Sun will be in Pisces for his shift and therefore Earth in Virgo).

Neptune’s main theme is to “transcend” – to see clearly, to know. Yes, he’s often called to bring nebulous times but that’s only if we allow us to be “tricked” by that “fog”. Our emotions can become heavy and blurry at times, holding us down in “darkness” or blur our vision; just as we in the physical world, feel lost in the unclear sight during a foggy day. We have to believe and trust our other senses to walk through the “sea of fog” (Swiss German expression) safely. Emotions are part of our sensory system – they come up and tell us about our state of mind but as we’re often confusing emotions and feelings, we kind of “miss the message” or flee into “escapism” (trust me, I know a lot of that one!!). Once we “transcend” this, lifting the veil and remember our own experiences, we can use this tool and further explore our inner self and all that is co