Full Moon "on" Scorpio's Head

Moon placed right “on” the Scorpion’s Head and the Sun conjoins the Hyades (the Bull’s head). Constellation of Scorpio and Taurus at 10°8’7” of each of the two signs.

The Moon, Earth and Sun – all on “stubborn” heads but even the “hardest” head does have “soft” glands and tissue within and most of all, the minds aren’t bound to any structure of the physical realm…..

Probably many of us, have consciously experienced how these work – that our mindset, wishes and beliefs change our perception of reality and sometimes even “manifestation” into the physical realm….. The New Moon, start and theme of the monthly cycle, in Aries (Earth in Libra), asks of a decision – to discern and finalize the past, to let go what is “blocking” – to open the “channels” within for the possibilities of the new….

Now this full Moon, as “culmination” of the theme, as the tool or way to fulfill the theme, we may be confronted with some deep emotions and turmoil in order to be able to see, to realize what needs to be finalized and “released”. It can be “shocking” and somewhat disturbing, when we realize that we indeed “co-create” our reality, that many things we thought to be “true” and “real” in fact aren’t in the way we thought.

On the other side shines the Sun, giving us the “life force power” to fight against our own inner “monsters” (Perseus in the northern sky), remember, what is in the light may create a shadow but takes the immediate fears away and the “nightmare” loses its scare. With trust into the “light” of our consciousness we find our way through on the way to mastery and building/defining a “new world” (mind set/values) ….

Nobody likes turmoil, chaos, loss (nightmares) but sometimes they just show us, what the “monster” really is and helps to build something new… Just like a spring-cleaning does open our eyes to the nice home we have, when it’s free of the webs of the old….

As the lunar node axis is only 5 degrees away, we’ll have a partial eclipse. It also means, they’re almost exactly on the Aldebaran-Antares axis – two “Archangel stars in Taurus and Scorpio – marking the “bull’s eye” and the “heart of Scorpio”. We have here again emphasis on the “heart- mind connection through the involved stars… furthermore, there is the “need” to cut the cords, to what isn’t serving, the old values and what we thought to be true…

I know, the idea of letting go, of what we for millennia thought to be true and real, is very difficult but when we realize that there are so many “un-explained wonders” that happened throughout time and history, we have proof of something “different” …. When someone can be healed or even heal themselves from so called “fatal disease” almost instantly, there are questions to be asked – according to science, if something isn’t the “same” only once, it proofs that the theory is wrong…. Think about this for a moment and let that sink/think in…. and it’s not only about healing, it’s about many areas of life, we have “wonders” told….. What if??? What if!!!!

We’re in “wrapping up/finalizing” times about many cycles, as I talked in my last post already – here the link to it:


25.05.2021 last Geocentric conjunction Vesta – Orcus at 15°52’51” Leo/Hydra

29.05.2021 new conjunction Venus – Mercury (change of speed) at 29°24’9” Taurus

30.05.2021 First of Three geocentric conjunction Pallas – Neptune at 27°43’15” Aquarius

11.06.2021 Ceres – Uranus at 17°38’17” Aries (Helio 07.08.) + Mercury at solar conjunction in Taurus

What we start anew end of May to 10th of June: (short compilation from above post)

Vesta and Orcus I have talked about a lot in all the previous posts – their last and confirming start of the new cycle on 25th at 15° Leo conjoining stars of Ursa Major and of Leo bring force and power – it can always be used in various ways – we can use it, to keep our focus on what we “promised” ourselves, what we feel devoted to and to overcome the obstacles we perceived by society, establishment or other such “structures”.

The Mind (Mercury) is slowing down and so the Heart (Venus) can catch up – interesting picture here and it seems, we’re really opening on a grander scale and we can feel the difference between a coherent heart-mind and one that is a bit “blocked” …. The Two meet conjoining the Star Al Hecka, which marks the southern horn of the bull and lays south of the constellation Auriga and north of Orion’s head and more…. This area talks about the more “physical” tasks, accomplishments but also challenges and struggles we may have to face or overcome – it’s not so much about not having any fears nor doubts but that we can just trust our instincts, our own guidance and abilities “more” than the fears….

Pallas and Neptune – quite a journey the Two will take us through until January 2022 and you will probably hear/read me talking about them during this time… This “direct, retrograde, direct” motion starts on 30th of May, in late Aquarius

Neptune: represents the “spiritual realms”, our inner connectedness, our dreams but also the emotional “trials” we go through in order to find clarity.

Pallas Athena: is Jupiter’s brain-child. She’s tactical, fair, balanced and solution orientated. She’s also mythologically linked to the Argo Navis but also by her nodal axis.

This longitude of late Aquarius talks about the integration and connections of the physical and the spiritual realms. Our body is our vessel and not the other way round, as that though, we have the responsibility for it and we work together here – our genetics, our DNA structure – all important and it’s on us, to create an environment for our bio-technology to work smooth and in alignment with what we want to reach.

Ceres and Uranus will meet for their new geocentric cycle on 11th June 2021 (ca. 16 hours after the new Moon) at 17°38’17” of sid. Aries conjoining the head of Cetus.

Ceres is about nurturing – how we give and receive nurturing in all meanings of it, also how we nurture ourselves. More about Ceres:


Uranus is the Liberator, Rebel, Change bringer, Scientist, Humanitarian… more about Uranus: https://www.faempowerment.com/uranus

The new cycle in Aries, over the head of Cetus with Mercury at solar conjunction, giving special emphasis to the “head”-mind involved (ego). The long legs of Andromeda symbolize the “stamina”, the honor we need to keep. These stars talk about being in the own self, uncorrupted but can also bring a taste of naiveté to the powerplays around us. As we’re the co-creators of this “collective consciousness”, we need to be aware of how we “nourish” not only ourselves but also that collective. What we think, what we watch, what we talk – all of it does impact ourselves as well as our surrounding/environment.

All this “finalizing” and starting anew takes place with the full Moon energy within this lunar cycle. There will be a lot going on in June to August as well – so stay tuned for the “June-wrapping up-post” coming soon…. All of these cycles work together, one little piece that flows into the next like a “gear-wheel” .… it may look a bit complicated but in the end it’s simple: We have to “remember” what or who we are, what we “love” and are passionate about and use that passion and abilities we have for the greater good of oneself and the collective the same time. We have to take care ourselves on all levels and nourish ourselves and others as an integer, honest and coherent Being without being too influenced by the powerplays around us, that represent merely a “distraction” (I’m sure many of you totally get, what I mean with that, lol). We need to focus and act towards that, which we want – trust yourself, surrender to your heart and “bio-technology” and you’ll get presented with possibilities and opportunities…..

More Details for Chiang Mai and Thailand (Houses)

Full Moon is taking place for the Moon in the 1st house of self-awareness/personality/physical energy/independence/appearance and the Sun 7th house of the one to one relationships/ balance/mutuality. As the nodal axis is only a few degrees away, which causes the partial eclipse, they’re in the same houses…. Both Venus and Mercury also stay in the 7th house.

The Moon brings the need for more concentration on the physical body and the own self-identity but from above explained inner place, to “clean out” and try something new or maybe something we thought about for a while…. And the Sun wants to shine this “new appearance/personality” into relationships of all kinds, in a balanced and reflective way. The new “heart-mind coherence” will help with that, as honest, true hearted communication is usually accepted by others….

This full Moon may bring a real “forwards” energy – maybe also outside activities, which can involve physical activities as any kinds of sports or related or maybe shopping for a new outfit that matches the “new self” or it can be to feel the need to give to others in a “one to one” way, not in the meaning of “general, groups or such”…..

Much Love to you All,


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