Integration and opportunity - Solstice June 2021

Updated: Jun 16

As we're in important and a little "chaotic" times, I decided to take a step "above" and look at the chart for the Solstice from the Sun's perspective - an "Observer view".

I included some of what I see in the geocentric chart and more aspects (angles) as the parts of evolutionary cycles…

One important difference between the charts is, that in heliocentric view we see the Moon always conjoining the Earth a little more or a little less… The Sun – Earth degrees are the same in both charts as well as the time of like equinoxes, solstices, moon phases etc., the planetary placements are similar except for Venus and Mercury as their orbits lay “between” Sun and Earth….

For those, who would like to listen instead of reading, here the link to a video I made, based on the charts - but in fact different than this written post, where you get much more details than possible in a video...

Solstice 21st of June 2021 Thailand time 11.00 am – Universal time (GB) 04.00 am

Please understand that a solstice lasts for several hours – the time I used is around the “middle”…

Integration, opportunity and choice are the big themes for this Solstice…

We All are in the middle of this “shift” or birthing process and yes, it doesn’t seem to be very “smooth” as transformation and change always involves a “wrapping up process”, to let go of the “old” in the meaning of integration.

Yes, if we look at the global situation now, there seem to be not much freedom of choice nor speech but beside that, on an individual level, we are constantly choose for something, make decisions according our values, belief-system, ideals, information and sometimes also emotional or based on intuition or “gut feelings”.

For years now, Ixion, the “lust for life” stands close and up right at the Galactic Center and has been for a while accompanied by Pholus (Assistant for transforming processes) and Quaoar (the sacredness of life and the universal, natural flow) – this “lust for life” is what is in focus again for the Solstice. We all may define that differently but it’s also where we can become easily “corrupted” or deceived and actually even betray ourselves. “Lust” can be very creative but it can also lead to “desire”, which can even turn into recklessness and other destructive behaviors…. maybe "lust" is a word that can be misunderstood easily - I mean it in the way of "thirst" for life, which we define ourselves. Desires are mostly based on the past - experiences we would like to "repeat".

Earth, is standing near the galactic center and over her South Celestial Pole – grounding, stable, foundational, “private” energy that flows for her, including the “galactic, universal connection” and that means the same for us. We can align ourselves with that “path”, including the way we “intake”/nourish our own body, mind and soul as well as aligning our “lust for life” in a way that it doesn’t “take over” our “life” or dictate our decisions…. If we’re not sure, we can step back within self and ask ourselves for answers – we’ll get the answer – it may not always be the one we hoped for, or not communicated in the way we thought it would be…. But trust, you will always get an answer from yourself and the Universe 😉 - and trust we need – also for any “heart-action” we may initiate, as so often with “new” ideas we may feel “alone”, insecure and then we need that trust and a little bit of “bravery” to try in the knowing that in the end, there can only be gain, even if the outcome isn’t what we thought it should…. Remember, we’re All navigating our own life.

We’re All individually but also collectively (as Human species) in evolutionary cycles. The cycles are shifting from one part to another within the cycle and from one cycle to another, it’s all always in motion – we All have a choice in this all, a “purpose” we fulfill, whatever that may be. Therefore, the evolution plays out, in what form and way on an individual level is totally up to each individually – all paths lead to growth and all paths involve obstacles to overcome.

There is one thing important to be aware of though – not every Human Being is “nice” and some do manipulate and betray others, some are even worse Criminals…. Always check with your intuition and your mind, the “higher view” and so on, to make sure you’re on the right path for yourself…. Yes, sometimes this sounds difficult, we may be in a “hurry”, in turmoil or whatever that we may find excuses why we can’t take that moment for “self-questioning”, to check back with our inner voice or why we can't start to create what we want, or why we can’t even try to act according our own “ideals” and become kind of “hypocritical” even in our own eyes – it’s this kind of energy around not affecting everyone as “player” if you want but we may observe it happening. Know though, it might come from the feeling of “not being enough”, as in not “good” enough, not “knowledgeable” enough, not “fit” enough.

Details and more explanations and interpretations:

Sun at 4°43’23 sid. Gemini - Earth/Moon at 4°43’23” sid. Sagittarius is in approaching conjunction to Ixion at 5°13’12” at GEN (Galactic Equator crossing the ecliptic), over the SCN (South Celestial Pole) near the Galactic Center and with the stars of Sagittarius’ bow.

They are in a “approaching” last Trine with Venus (0°29’27” Leo) and first Trine with Mars (1°38’16” Leo – exact conjunction on 22nd of June) and a last Trine with Ceres at 7°6’30” Aries.

Mars and Venus are in a first Trine with Eris at 28°51’28” Pisces and a first quarter square to Sedna, the “exiled” feminine and in a “loose” separating opposition with Jupiter in late Sagittarius. Venus is in an almost exact Quincunx (150°) with Pluto.

Here you find to the drop-down menu for the main planets and asteroids

Here you find the drop-down menu for the TNO’s (Pluto and his realms)

A note about the geometric energies of the aspects – a quarter/square is a corner of 4 whereas the trine/triangle a corner of 3 – the triangle is stable, harmonious energy and the square more challenging as we have to add and integrate corners in order to build up towards the end of a cycle, where we then have to “wrap up”, “collapse” in the meaning of letting go to start another spiraling, moving, evolutionary “cycle”. Just like a little Kitten is totally cute and we may like to keep it that way, “movement”, growth happens and it will become the Cat that it’s supposed to become – the process of growing up isn’t easy but natural and includes many “lessons” that may be painful but necessary – nothing “bad” though 😉 A very important time is, when there is an ending and “re-birth” – we stand at 360° and at Zero the same time – a magical “place” as there is all and nothing the same and we All, individually do have such a Zero point within us, accessible at any time to “recalibrate” ourselves…Trines are harmonious and stable energies that often bring us chances and opportunities….

Interestingly Hygiea (the Art/Muse of Medicine) stands at 9° sid. Leo…. And she’s part of a Grand-Trine, also to Ceres at 7° Aries and Pholus (Assistant for transformational processes – can of course also include “pushing happenings”) at 9°4’15” Sagittarius. – I honestly don’t know much yet about Hygiea but somehow I come across her often, so I started to look – more about that soon…..

There are also some squares – two 270°, meaning last quarter of a cycle - Pluto (cuspal Capricorn) to Eris (cusp Pisces-Aries) – Saturn (middle Capricorn) to Uranus (middle of Aries)…. First Quarter square, 90° is by Ceres (7° Aries) to Chariklo (6° Capricorn) and Venus/Mars (cuspal Leo) from Sedna (early Taurus).

Another clue we get from the picture is, that Pallas (solution seeker), Vesta (devotion) and Juno (one to one relationships – also to self) are all un-aspected…. Kind of “away from the drama” – that “stepping back” and center in self as a kind of “refuge”, when their themes are experienced from a more “integrated”, balanced state and otherwise it can “unleash”, experienced as more extreme energies. – In the geocentric chart we see “high emotions”, loads of polarity, and so the 3 might be used as “arguments” or even in a manipulative way and leaving another confused or “opposed” - integration may not work on a “common sense level”, maybe a simple No and staying strong within the own themes and knowing and truth can help. We neither need to put the head in the sand nor to participate in discussions that lead nowhere, we can balance, harmonize ourselves and move on from an integrated, whole sense….

We see that Earth is in a special position there – “confirming” the “Cross-parallel” I have been talking about lately and the important “shift” we’re in. Her/our companion is Ixion – he stands for the “lust for life” and what we’re willing to “sacrifice” for that (whatever lust for life means to one individually but be aware, it’s also where we’re easily corrupted). This part of the heavens is a true “gateway” to universal consciousness. the feeling of “unity” – to other realms, to the “unknown” but also to the truth of self and the trust in that self as a part of the Universe – so, a “higher view point, an observer view and same time a going within, or “grounding” within, to stabilize the own inner “roots” and connections….

In the geocentric chart we see the Sun shining directly opposite of Earth on the opposite pole of this “galactic axis”. In the more “daily life” aspects of it all – we want to shine that “galactic consciousness” out into our world. The Sun at Orion the Hunter – especially here at the “sword”, there is a dynamic and physical action felt, that may challenge current systems or authorities.

Whatever we do, it may probably feel as “heart based-action”, as it’s aligned with our “visions” for the future and our “thirst” for adventures even if it makes us kind of “standing alone” – or we may have the impression of that - trust and “bravery” is a theme here – a trust into the inner knowing, abilities and guidance... if we have doubts (a call from our inner cell-phone), we can stop for a moment, go within and see, if there is a “real” issue or just a flicker of “fear” about the own “bravery”, yeah, it happens, at least to me….

Pluto and Eris in their last quarter, of course brings a shift – it’s a long cycle the Two take – it originally started in January 1757 and their new cycle will start in 2115 – well, I guess we won’t be here then, in this form right 😉 but we “lead” the time now for the next generations to come as well as for our personal evolutionary path. The cycle positions were Pluto in Ophiuchus and Eris further South near the Great Attractor, both in the sign of Scorpio. This placement and longitude of the heaven is talking about Self-Mastery, we attract and we discern. We place what is "binding" or hindering us onto the Altar of surrender and freedom.

Now they stand 0°7’37” Capricorn and 28°51’28” Pisces giving us the energy for the last quarter, which is more like the “realizing - maintaining and seeding” quarter – we have harvested and know the theme now (or at least start to) we need to prepare the ground for the new to come – not wrapping up but realizing and acting accordingly and “seeding anew” with the knowing, wealth and resources (the self) the learning and “higher view-points” gained.

More about Pluto:

More about Eris:

Saturn is approaching that last square with Uranus – their cycle started in June 1988 in sid. Sagittarius at 4°5'19" – note! near where Earth stands now during this Solstice!! - conjoining the Solstice axis and the GEN (Galactic equator node) with Chiron at opposition at 4°51' Gemini (so conjoining the axis and nodes there)... Structures need to change in order to liberate the full potential, which can be “manifested” by healing “loops”/repetitive behaviors.

This last Quarter isn’t exact yet (10th Oct.) but we’re “approaching” it and therefore it’s more about realizing, noticing the “manifestation”, the “culmination” in order to initiate a “correction of path”, where needed - this quarter will last until June 2032 and talks about focus, strategy and the tools we’ve got to liberate ourselves from boundaries or restrictions, that keep us in those “loops”.

Chiron? – he’s in his loop in the middle of Pisces and in last sextile with Saturn. That’s more like towards “wrapping” up time and it also means a kind of gravitational force at work between the two – so moving back or forth is a little harder and needs force…

Chiron and Saturn started their cycle in June 1966 at 28° sid. Aquarius with Pallas as companion at 29° (all on her Southnode). This area is about gaining sight, clarity about the own health and body(ies) and our “relationship” to ourselves as these “multi-dimensional-Beings”. We need to use the energies and “technology” available within us and what is naturally provided to nourish ourselves in order to gain purity for the future development of the species (genetics, DNA). - short, our own "bio-technology". The structures of belief need to change accordingly in order to gain that understanding and to break the loop of repetition.

Now with Saturn in Capricorn, there is more emphasis on the “structural”, physical or let’s say “manifested” part of the cycle. As I said above, the focus, methodical use of the tools available. To run around like a “headless chicken” doesn’t bring anybody further… Especially as Chiron is in his loop-part of orbit (not like a “normal” planetary retrograde!!) there might be this “pull” towards the “old narrative” and structures but eventually we will let go of the “judgements” and just move on…

When I look at the trines in the chart and the Players involved, I think back to all this “Girls-power” when I wrote about their new cycles with Venus, but note, the “masculine” has been running the show for long and isn’t used to "collaborate" with the feminine and therefore needs some attention too!!

As Venus and Mars have their exact “union” just a day after this Solstice, I guess we can “heal” such “disharmony”/imbalance with the right nourishment for all parts of our psyche and our sense of “lust for life” will keep us on the path that aligns most with us – there is an individual path for each of us, but make sure there is true “heart-action coherence” and don’t let your opportunities and chances pass 😉 …. This heart-action is also in trine with Eris’ disruptive, reality-showing powers, so be aware that might bring some “instant response” – in this or that way 😉 with the chance of a step forward…..

We need also to look at the shifts that occur in the few days after the Solstice as there we find further clues:

- Venus and Mars conjunction at 2° Leo (his throat) and over Alphard of Hydra (the loner) on 22nd of June (23 hours after the Solstice) and in an even more exact trine with Earth… Their geocentric conjunction will be on 13th of July – I talked about it in my last “wrapping up” post, you can find it here:

- Earth and Ixion more exact and on GEN

- Most of the trines are dissolved…

- Mercury is approaching Pluto and is in last Sextile (300°) to Neptune.


- Full Moon on the 26th Earth moved on to conjoin Pholus and Quaoar forming new Trines and Grandtrines – Earth, Pholus, Quaoar – Venus, Hygiea – Ceres all within less than 2 degrees of being “exact” aspects….

- Juno at 23° sid. Scorpio in the constellation Ophiuchus and now in last square to Neptune at 25° sid Aquarius

- Pallas at 13° Aquarius and Vesta 21° Virgo (both in sign and constellation) are slowly moving into aspects not exactly there yet though

- The Sun now closely on Propus of Gemini

This seems to me, as there will be a little of a “break down” energy during the Venus-Mars conjunction, obstacles, disturbances of some sort to be solved, with adjustments, to find the own harmony and balance again with the full moon and maybe even more aligned in some ways, in order to have the stability and security to move on….

Maybe we’re just testing out, in order to discern between illusion and reality – so, that “try it” I was talking about in the beginning put to action is momentarily dissolving the trines in order to find slightly shifted harmony again… to encounter new “challenges"/excitements to work with 😉

Much Love to you All,


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