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Juno and Sedna 2023 to 2027

Updated: Apr 22

Heliocentric sidereal planetary cycle Astrology – empowering and connecting on our evolutionary paths

Juno and Sedna meet also in latitude, approaching the southern star Furibundu of Taurus (nu Tauri) in ecliptic longitude they meet at 4°16’22” sidereal Taurus

Universal time: 7th of April 2023 at 17:13 - Thailand time: 8th of April 2023 at 00:13

The Players:

Juno is about one to one relationships (including the one with self), what we value and look for in our relationships, which includes the “teacher – student” relationship and that one can be both the same time. Juno is also about equality and acceptance and inner “balance”/harmony. She’s a “transmitter”/bridge between our outwards actions and our beliefs, higher ideals etc.

Sedna is called “the emergence of the exiled feminine” (named by Nick Anthony Fiorenza). She’s showing where we were hurt and “left” and closing ourselves in fear of being hurt and betrayed. But reconnecting with what the feminine principle is about, makes space for re- opening and participation in life as a “whole”.

What if we can reconnect with our creative forces in a harmonic way – accepting what there is, instead of trying to change others – to teach and learn simultaneously…

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