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Cycles video series Part 1: Eris and Sedna

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

Jupiter and Saturn conjunction as banner for planetary cycles video series

Active planetary cycles - part 1

A video presentation

Here an "excerpt" of the video:

Eris (557 years-orbit) and Sedna (11’400 years-orbit)

13. Sept. 1264 at 23°44’37” in sidereal Capricorn (near Sedna’s Northnode). Eris at 43° south of the ecliptic “between” Tucana and Grus. Sedna 1° north of the ecliptic just between Capricorn and Aquarius. Haumea (the “midwife”) at 27°22’10” in the constellation Capricorn 10° south of the ecliptic… all Three are opposing Neptune (Spirituality, mysticism, esoteric – clarity) at 24°16’18” sid. Cancer a few degrees past his Northnode, just under the Lion’s head and Orcus (oath, life path under the universal laws) at 28°51’53” conjoining Ukdah of Hydra.

Eris is about “revealing” and most often she does that in form of disruptions, even natural “catastrophes”. Sedna, usually very far out, just recently gained our awareness represents that part of the feminine principle – the “limitless possibilities”… The longitude they meet at, is about communication/ sharing of knowledge and wisdom and their manifestations, like speech or written words as well as their institutions (on all realms)… When taking all Players into count, I think it’s about a new way of sharing wisdom and knowledge, that’s not only aligned with natural universal laws but also includes the “spiritual realms” – a “higher consciousness” that comes from “within” (individually/collectively) – for this we need to “shed old skins” / old beliefs etc. in order to “re-emerge” in clarity and beauty of self, as part of the “galactic family”….

Who in the 13th century would have thought of us having internet instead of libraries and “cloud storage” – but we’re far away from completing the cycle – as we have for a while the “prophets”, chanelers, automatic writing and similar concepts for communication with the “higher realms”, I guess will be used much more commonly and natural and in the years to come develop systems using the earth grid, the natural information fields and the personal “records”, the DNA etc. just as we enter the net nowadays, but directly from within by using our very own, natural abilities…. And who knows what more to come, lol…

They have met before several times in an interval of 550 to 600 years – not this time, they came close in the 1920’s but then “interchanged speed” and couldn’t meet.

They will meet again in August 2248.

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