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Updated: Nov 8, 2022

melting watches painted by Salvador Dali

(Painting by Salvador Dali)

Some years ago - it seems to be a lifetime - I heard the term "simplicity" when I was searching for healing and even so I did never join that group of people, I "used" this term often ever since....

What is simple, is actually in Order and chaos is complicated... so from this perspective alone we know, that we're in very chaotic times and the goal is, to find order or "simple" in all of this.... What that means to each of us, may be different but I'm sure, in some ways we will find some "reduced" common values in all the different expressions of simple.... which would mean, that we found the common "seed" of the ALL in ONE.

There's a saying we often use in German languages (I try to translate directly): "for all the trees, you don't see the forest" - which means, to be overwhelmed, looking only at one thing and missing the whole picture... it's also another form of the "All in One and the One in All" - so, by bringing order (simple) into the picture, we're suddenly able to see the "whole" and that we can of course apply to our inside as well as the outside (as above, so below - as inside, so outside and so on including the "opposites")

Fear is chaos and out of chaos no order will grow - whatever kinds of fears each of us is facing in these times, the way out is, to find the courage within us to face it and with this process to "overcome" it in the way of integrating it.... we're often trapped in the "hamster wheel" and within this, we create fear of fear but with awareness and courage we can find the "light at the end of the tunnel" (hope) and with that the courage and finally change. When this process starts, we're in the process of bringing order - the soil to plant in the new - whatever that may be to each of us :-)

This process needs work and once started, it's a most wonderful journey - not without any obstacles but most certainly "interesting"... we are about to discover and learn what Truth really means and what is "right and wrong".....

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