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Natural/Universal law - One - The All

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

Over the last years I did study a lot - not in a University but online through shared knowledge, experiences and wisdom in various fields.... step by step I gained a lot of information putting together to a puzzle. The more I see of the picture, the more I see that I just only see the merely edge of the whole but that's what it is to me, the search and how I can put the gained insight together and this is of course an ongoing process as nothing in this is "absolute" in this meaning - I know, lol, many have said this before me but I finally understand how this feels like - absolutely wonderful (literally - one wonder after the other)l!!

All is in the All - The All in in All (All can be also called "One" - as often seen nowadays - just not to be confused with The All):

A few years ago, I struggled over a video documentation and "self experiment" by a Swiss independent Journalist/Researcher about the darkfield microscopy and live blood analysis. Here the link to an English video about the same ..... So, we can see the whole body in a drop of blood... Fascinating, isn't it!!!! It's not allowed to use this technique for medical analysis in many countries but it's a proof of the above "law"..... We can also look at it from the view of the way from the sperm finding it's way to the Birth - every cell forms according to it's purpose, multiplying in the right "formula and balance"... So, the sum and balance and information carried by each little tiny cell (and that is already as we know, a huge thing as it's formed by so many even tinier "particles"/layers - Geometry and Mathematics suggest there are "infinite" layers) in the end forming a perfect whole - the Baby - and as we grow, more and more perfectly forming and working in balance and according to it's natural law towards One.... We can, of course put that further and further - from the single Human, to family, to neighborhood, any club or community, to nations, to continents, to the world, to our solar system, to our galaxy, to Supergalaxy clusters, to the "Local Group" and somewhen the whole Universe (no clue yet of how many layers/dimensions there are until we "reach" the Universe/All - or maybe it's actually "growing" and we'll "never" reach the "end", however, that's an other "book or library", lol) - so but fact is, everything is part of something bigger and therefore a piece of the All and the One consists of the All....

Now you also know, why Astrology actually "works" ;-)

When we start to be aware of this principle, then we start to observe it and experiencing it everywhere around us and within us all the time .... The perfect harmony and balance in which these laws work together, form all that we know and don't know.... sigh yes, there is a lot of disharmony, chaos and imbalance around right now, but the laws hold the recipe to the way out - we use these laws sometimes even unconsciously and they work, so much more is being possible if we do it in full consciousness and with "love"....

Also, there more "laws" and principles at work, each with sub-laws and all of these can be read in many different texts and origins, meaning that these laws / truth has built the foundation of the various religions and philosophies all around the world, you only have to dig up the original teachings.

I lately have read, that Jesus said to his disciples "crucify the world, before the world crucifies you" - which I translate to "master the life, before the life masters you"..... this "mastery" of oneself and consequently of life in this particular plane of existence, is taught in many philosophies all over the world - many mysteries have been told/preserved in the form of stories, of some we actually forgot or lost their larger meaning in translation as languages change over time but pictures don't - maybe that's why ancient civilizations left their knowledge in form of paintings and carvings....

As they say, if you build a formula on the basis of a misunderstanding, or make a "mistake" somewhere on the path, then all that follows, even if calculated correctly, will show an accordingly "altered" outcome..... So I had the need to find the "original" ones - which of course I can't read but there are translations and hopefully accurate ones... but beside this, we All have the capacity to think and to put the things we read into context with our lives experiences as a "proof" and beside this, modern science is on the way (if allowed) to proof more and more...

I could now go on and on writing and also about the other laws but then this would become at least a book - well, maybe one day, lol...

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