New Moon 9th/10th July 2021

Why so serious – laugh 😊

Ohhh yes, it’s all very serious what we’re going through, trying to “survive” as good as we can in all these different physical manifestations, problems and challenges also within all kinds of relationships, divisions, opinions etc and same time "rising vibrations"….

What is the best medicine, when you’re a bit down? – laughter… it’s simple and always available and cost no money…. We can even “laugh at situations” (not people) – like in the saying “laugh the devil into the face” – it works instantly…. We always have a choice right – we can get angry, frustrated etc. or we try to see something silly or funny or twisted in the situation and laugh about it, joke about it and if we’re in a situation not able to laugh out loud, we can at least “smile” within…. the situation doesn’t change, but it’s “lighter”, we feel better “equipped” to handle it….

Yes, we’re working on “healing”, we’re working with truth, reality and the past… what does it mean, when talking about integration, surrender and similar… well, it’s about accepting, to see it’s there and let it be without attachment, without it “taking over”, just like we’re not angry a bug that enters the house but we get it out, we don’t want it inside the house, not much of a deal, not much emotions.... After that, we might think about, why this particular bug/insect came and what it could mean…

The New Moon 10th of July 2021: Thailand at 08.16am – Univ. Time 01.16 am – US on the 9th

Geocentric: Sun and Moon at 22°43’53” Gemini conjoining Propus io and Wasat (meaning “middle”) of Gemini.

Heliocentric: Earth/Moon at 22°43’53” Sagittarius conjoining star Albaldah (meaning the “bright one”) and Manubrium (the handle) both of Sagittarius (back and ear of the head) in the north Vega of Lyra.

Gemini – The Twins stand for mutual actions in the earthly realms, communications, commerce or generally sharing also of what has been manifested out of the “higher” realms (Sagittarius). The two stars Castor and Pollux are “ET’s incarnate” (they stand a few degrees away), one more earthly, the other a bit “above” who talk about the communication and administration of the two realms working together…. In the South and roughly 3 degrees in longitude away, stands Canopus of Carina and Argo Navis – he’s the navigator of evolutionary tasks on a personal as well as on a collective level and maybe even further (Canopus and Vega stand ecliptically in a nearly exact straight line). Wasat of Gemini, which is the “exact” conjunct one here, translates as the “middle” One – he communicates, organizes, gets things ready for distribution and so on…

Sagittarius talks generally about the “higher/mental” learning, the communications, foreign lands and civilizations but also aspects of the Law and our ideals… Vega and her constellation Lyra talk about the tones, the music, the vibrations – “it’s the tone that makes the music” – though, this is needed in normal daily communication, to find the right tone, to take a breath before we react in an inappropriate way, express anger where maybe a simple misunderstanding occurred and so on… it of course also means, that we manifest from our vibrational state, so we need to be aware and clear how we formulate our wishes, desires and so on and our own vibrational state (being more on the angry side, balanced, happy or maybe silly etc.)… It’s also an energy for music and picking it up enjoying it, dancing and singing along – all does “elevate” us instantly…. The stars Albaldah and Manubrium bring the “resonance” into theme here – it’s not only what we vibrate out but also what we resonate with, that is felt to come from the outside and also how do we perceive the vibrations around us and how do we relate and respond…. Yes, it might also talk about clairaudient abilities and generally the perceptions of nature and her signs around us…..

Some details: (more interpretation after this “list”)

Geocentric: the lunar nodal axis at 15°3’6” Scorpio (Southnode) and Taurus (Northnode). The Southnode is conjoined by Juno (north, in the constellation Ophiuchus). The axis stands exact on the Antares – Aldebaran axis and are in T-Square with Orcus in Leo (constellation Hydra)…… In the heliocentric chart, Juno is in a last quarter square to Neptune……… Furthermore geocentric, there is a T-square Mercury (intellectual thinking, communication) squares opposing Vesta (passionate devotion – inner sacred fire) and Pallas (creative solutions) – we have in the same order 2° Gemini – 1° Virgo and 2 ° Pisces.

Heliocentric we still have a Grand-Trine with the main Players Pholus at 9° Sagittarius – Ceres 10° Aries – Mars 9° Leo. Uranus 16° Aries in Trine with Orcus 17° Leo and to a lesser degree Hygiea plays a role in all of these at 12° Leo…. As you can see, Ceres is approaching Uranus for conjunction…

In both charts we have the already in an earlier post discussed Pluto (transformation, the Phoenix rising from the ashes) – Eris (disruptions, revelations, exposure of reality) Square. – in the geocentric chart there’s a T-square – Haumea (mid wife energy – birthing of something new) opposing Eris and both in square to Pluto. Whereas in the heliocentric view, Pluto is in trine with Haumea.

Geocentric we see Venus approaching Mars for their exact conjunction on 13th under the lion’s head – a creative pair and placement but they’re still not at the lion’s head yet, especially Venus – at the lion’s head, we want to “shine” our own light, move out of the “nest”, even if it leads to something totally new, not yet “accepted” or against traditions etc. – doesn’t need to be something glorious in this meaning but it can 😉 We just need to jump over the shadow of doubt and use the heart and action power combined here…The Two are part of one more T-square – they’re in opposition to Saturn in Capricorn and all 3 in square to Uranus in Aries. As Venus is still under a more “governing” influence here, the “establishment/traditions etc.” that might delay the energies a few days, as she might still be a little “worried”… so be careful what you “feed her with”… be gentle and understanding to yourself, don’t push and then she’ll come along the ride.

Saturn has expanded his “structures”, for us all to go beyond what we have known and learned and to mature into full use of our own structures…. In both charts he stands around the middle of the sign and constellation Capricorn but important to know is, that his path of action, as well as that of Pluto are connected to Sagittarius (incl. Lyra, Aquila) – Gemini (The Twins, Canis Major, Argo Navis) – so again “vibration and resonance”…

Ceres is approaching Uranus in the heliocentric chart – which means, we’re finalizing the theme of “nourishment for change and liberation” – yes, geocentric we passed it already, and I personally and around me many have actually changed things, stepped back from certain “intakes” etc. (physically and otherwise) - the energies around this theme will now intensify again. Ceres stands above the neck of Cetus and Uranus at the head or almost face of Cetus… so “overcoming” and liberating the “main stream”, the hindering part of the collective consciousness is theme here… We have the same theme from many groups though – not only “main stream” but also some groups that set some kind of “rules” to follow and if we don’t, then we’re doomed in one way or another…. I think, the only way out of that, is to take a deep breath, trust oneself and do what we feel is right for us personally, to kind of “surrender” to the situation and shrug and I’m sure, because one feels “lighter” after this, not so burdened, worried, guilty or anything alike, that some opportunity or synchronicity will open a different way… - ohh, I know, it’s hard – I have totally changed my life several times for one or another reason/purpose and mostly alone, which wasn’t easy but taught me a lot and that helps me navigate - experiences from the past, lessons learned etc. – we All have them right 😉 and it’s nothing taught in a school or University a belief or anything, no, it’s part of the very own personal “wisdom”….

As Ceres and Uranus are in or connected to that Grand Trine, we automatically have the Mars-Hygiea conjunction as well as Pholus as theme. The Mars – Hygiea theme I already talked about in my last post – here the link:

A short reminder though: it’s about the focus in the theme of health we take – especially in the western, so called “civilized” world, our focus is more on illness than health and therefore also the “prevention” of illness…. There is also the possibility of “maintenance” and “health” as a focus – remember, what we focus on is what we attract as we vibrate with it…. Fear and worries are a form of stress and stress does lower our immune system and therefore we’re more vulnerable…. Yes, of course, only changing the focus isn’t enough in most cases (that may change in the future) but we can take action towards that goal by searching for answers and guidance, as the self-reliable, sovereign person we All are.

Pholus is a wise Centaur – he acts as kind of an “Assistant” in transformational procedures. Not always in the way we think it should be though (attachment to outcome). He works with sudden, unexpected events or even traumata in order to push us into “awakening” to certain truth in self – so kind of “revealing” but for a “healing” process – a healing more in those spiritual realms, less the body itself, even so it’s of course connected.

Back to Hygiea: in the geocentric chart she stands just passed the Cancer-Leo cusp, conjoining the star Subra of Leo (a paw). Confirming the theme of taking a leap of faith – to trust self and live it…

more “Interpretation”:

Humanity has, a while ago, started to go further/galactic (international space-station for example – well, still in a very forceful way but with expanding technology that will change)… in all other realms, we have expanded too – so many themes, possibilities, ideas and so on are discussed, which were simply taboo 10 or 20 years ago, for some people that’s frightening and for others it’s exciting and promising…. Yet, everything has accelerated now – difficult for many as fear and confusion has been a big part of many people’s lives and out of this vibration, it’s difficult to make a really “self-trusting” or intuitive decisions, we all know that. Some people turn to some kind of “escapism” (“negative” side of Neptune), others to religion or other kind of guidance, some look for a “laid out plan” or some sort of “checklist” to follow. Nothing wrong with that as they can be practical tools and may become “personalized”, altered or moved on from when they no longer serve… it’s natural right, we don’t stay in kindergarten (well, even so we ma get the impression some do…), we move class after class… and so we do in this, we move, experience after experience….

We can’t change the past directly but we can change our perception of it and in this way we do change it, as we integrate/accept it as an “experience”/lesson and we can move on… with such work we gain a different view point, a “higher/lighter consciousness”, which eventually can lead to “Mandela” effects (timeline jumps)…. – I would like to let you know, it’s not only something “glorious”, beautiful and so on – it’s fascinating but includes challenges too 😉 …

In our daily, earthly life, we may feel the need to actually “move forward” – yes, to integrate but not only the “opposites” but also what we have learned about ourselves, the values, the ideas and abilities as well as our connections – we want to live it…. On the other side, we may feel that harmonious, stable Grandtrine (self-fulfilling I called it last time) – it’s so nice to have a “safe heaven” but it often keeps us in “place” or “lazy” in some ways… We can actually have both 😊 … We can use that “action”, this forward, pro life energy with all its challenges and opportunities into the direction of that harmony… Instead of getting lost in the challenges, feeling trapped in them and therefore not having the time/quiet, we can use that energy to expand our “safe heaven”, what we feel is “self-fulfilling” and push it up an octave - we can get back to ourselves and use the natural abilities we have, use the chances and opportunities that open and make new experiences, do things in a different way…. Kind of like “challenging” the own abilities and “comfort”… This is meant on all levels – physically, mentally and spiritually…. Remember, one feeds the other, so it’s nothing to be “separated”….

So, we need our “discernment skills”, self-reflection, boundaries and self-reliance (self-trust) etc. – these are all tools and help in daily life, in integrating our values and ideals into daily life. Just as any kind of meditation, prayer, writing, sitting in nature or anything alike are tools to connect/center in self… after a while, we may automatically do, without spending extra effort, it’s integrated – just like we can stop learning to write, once we know how to write… but we go further and learn how to write an essay, a speech, a poem or whatever….

Such requires flexibility, openness, curiosity and so on, all energies provided by Gemini (Sun, Moon) and the Earth placement in Sagittarius, provides us with the needed perceptions - if we “listen” 😉

Yes, I have not really talked about the challenges themselves – there is one I think, very significant one though and that’s Uranus – further up I talked about his placement and the approaching of Ceres – geocentric, he stands alone there over Cetus head and is in square with Mars/Venus – that liberation of Self/ genius, scientific mind from the collective way of thinking and doing is most important and combined with all the energy, leading qualities, self reliability (Mars) and heart, beauty, values (Venus) a wonderful opportunity… but a little warning, such energies can be used for some kind of “fights”, mini revolutions or something alike, so be aware…

Much Love to you All,


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