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The new beginnings in July 2021

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

New beginnings - the start of a new planetary cycle - the conjunction that starts what was seeded before...

Cycles are a very fascinating topic to me, as you know – as it’s how everything seems to move, cycling round and up, so spiraling on and on….

I have been talking about some of the cycles several times as they come up heliocentric, geocentric and there even more than once. As I have done most of my cycle-studies from the heliocentric view, I will continue to do the interpretations mainly from that perspective, unless there are important events in geocentric view to be aware of.

  • Geocentric: Juno is transiting the Moon’s Southnode. That will bring special emphasis on “one to one” relationships as well as the one with oneself. The Moon’s nodes are talking about our emotional needs and paths from the perspective of “digesting” or discerning as well as the “past” in form of abilities/lessons learned. The Southnode in the middle of Scorpio (Northnode middle of Taurus), means the Antares – Aldebaran axis of stars…. We may start to “discern” about what within self is hindering, what we want to “keep” and that may very well “radiate out” into our outside reality and relationships and cause reactions, we may just have to integrate as such and not fight them…. Aldebaran is about “cutting cords” and can bring a lot of success and “wealth” – we can, just “cutting the attachment to a certain outcome”, be open, integrate but from an inner point of truth and stability, not in a “victim mode” but by letting go, we leave the possibilities open without judgment and again, this is not only about “outside relationships” but mainly about the one with self, that “reflects out” and is mirrored back….

  • Venus and Mars had their heliocentric conjunction on 22nd of June – geocentric will be 13th July … discussed in last months “wrapping up post”. – so here just a short “reminder”: This new cycle is about standing in the own Self/power in order to act from that point, it may sometimes be a little confusing, when we are in this “inner conflict” between the “old and the new” but the Lion’s head isn’t known for fear, so we can always take that “leap of faith” strategy…

Heliocentric conjunction on 15th July 2021 of Mercury and Eris at 28°52’20” sid. Pisces in opposition to Vesta in the constellation of Virgo, conjoining the star Heze of Virgo, under Arcturus of Bootes.

Mercury is so fast and Eris so slow, they met at the almost same place last time and I wont talk about that but interesting to note here is the opposition to Vesta…. Mercury – the mind, the communicator, the intellect and messenger – as one of our “personal” planets has a chat with Eris, the goddess of strive, the divine “revelation” are opposing (needs integration) Vesta, the inner fire, the passion in the meaning of devotion (not short lived desires) on the Pisces – Virgo axis.

Our devotion to the birth of the new consciousness, the new “way of life” (whatever that may be individually) is “divinely” protected and guarded and we may feel that, through the feminine principles of receptivity (intuition or other more direct pathways or through nature herself) – this Vesta theme here needs to be integrated when we feel in any way disrupted, see News, hear anything that we tend to (as in the past) only perceive through our intellectual mind or traditional ways… not “one or the other” but integrated as a teamwork…

Eris may look at first as a “bad” energy, something we don’t like but her intention is one of “revelation” for “reality and truth” and who doesn’t embrace truth - even most Liars do eventually….. we have been focused to the “outer world” and to gain “information about truth” from some kind of “outside source”, whatever that might be individually and we may become more and more confused and don’t know whom to trust…. Why not ourselves??? Yeah, we have the connection to that “sea of knowledge and wisdom” through the feminine receptiveness. The inner “communication pathways” as intuition or little “happenings” (synchronicities) clairaudient, clairvoyant etc. – all natural, and most of all - trustworthy 😊

Asklepius and Hygeia. Rome, Vatican Museums,

Pius-Clementine Museum, Gallery of statues, 33

Asclepius and Hygiea in museum in Rome

Mars conjuncts Hygiea at 14°56’7” sid. Leo with Orcus nearby in Hydra (middle of Leo-Aquarius is his aphelion-perihelion axis intention-influence) and opposing Pallas and Nessus in sid. Aquarius.

Over the last weeks I have studied Hygiea’s path and interaction, her “discovery chart” as well as what I could find about her mythology. She’s “divine”, intuitive, very intelligent and works closely with Pallas and also with Chariklo and Juno…. Yes, she’s about medicine but her real task is health and the maintenance of that in a holistic way (mental and physical health – on all realms).

Mars is about physical energy, how we get things done, protective powers, leadership, the masculine principle and self-reliance….

Isn’t health something beautiful 😊 Yeah, we often just don’t really acknowledge it as much until something isn’t going as “usual” and others become “health fanatics”, that are so healthy that they become ill…. New “nutrition facts” come out and more and more different styles of diets, supplements and whatever practices come out and in the end we’re more confused about what to consume than before we even started to search for “healthy living”… We’re so much focused to the “outside” that we completely forget about the fact that we’re actually all the time within our body, we could maybe simply learn how to listen to our very own body and its signals – to become more “self-reliable”, which does mean, that we listen also our “desires” when they’re strong and not related to an addiction…. Same goes for mental and spiritual health – we find clues and answers in past experiences and also through resonance, synchronicities etc. and may get inspired by others to try out this or that, but then we need to reflect back to see how that really resonates with us individually and not falling into the “fear-trap” or “group pressure”. Mars gives us the bravery, action and energy to lead ourselves the individual path here….

Prevention is a bit a tricky theme – generally in life, as we often come from “illness prevention” to accident prevention and in the end we want to prevent death and because of this, we take a lot of passion and joy out of life, we kind of “wait for death”…. Well, I exaggerated a bit, I know but I’m sure you too know people that give this impression, right?

It works the same way as above, we have the inner system which helps us (senses incl. distrust/ fear), past experience of self and others (common sense) as well as businesses like for example insurances. – ohh a little fun story of my “library” – I have a hospital insurance here and it always automatically comes together with “life insurance” and as I never had such before, I read that contract and figured out, for the beneficiary it’s then best, when I die in a public government building/place (not hospitals or prisons though) as then the insurance pays 10 times more – their example was a lift in a government building – guess what, yep, often the lifts there (if any) is broken and you have to use the stairs….

Healing – my, a very, very broad theme – soooo many techniques available but the most fascinating stories to me are those of people who actually had a “spontaneous healing” of so called “fatal/deadly illnesses” or untreatable/ chronic… interestingly also, those special stories involve a change of mindset and a strong will to live paired, paradoxically, with a kind of “surrender” in the meaning of stop to live some illness but to live life/ health and the willingness to go alternative ways… I heard of people who simply “believed” themselves healthy… sometimes though, people actually want to leave their bodies behind, in whatever form or with whatever reason…

Those mentioned “special stories” are probably more common than we would think, as many of those stories/people are not talked about or spread in the news or talkshows. These stories and people proof the abilities and therefore, research should go into this direction much more than its now, more trust into the reliability to self and leading ourselves, which does include to search for help and guidance if needed (on all dimensions and bodies).

We can all start though with little or bigger steps and work with our own whole being, our current states and listen what we perceive from ourselves – each step is one into a different future….

If we look at the cycles as a teamwork - not separate cycles, closed within self, but as a "whole", as a story - we see the "divinity" within, the brilliance of this orchestra...

Much Love to you All,


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