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Planetary Cycles - History - "Revelations"....

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

Antennae galaxy by ESA / Hubble

As you All by now know, I'm really fascinated by the meaning and geometry of the planetary cycles but I couldn't find the "outer" ones - I'm in search for the "longer" cycles, to find out in what "frame" to put the "shorter" cycles in. Yes, we have the "Ages" and that I researched intensively already but one age is "only" around 2100 years long and a once around cycle is roughly 25'900 years long but there are many other cycles our Earth is going through and so do other planets – by the way, many of these other Earth-cycles are much longer though but that’s not the theme now….

Saturn and Pluto for example were conjunct on 10th January 2020 (heliocentric) and on 12th geocentric at 27 degrees Sagittarius - the last time they were at 27 degrees Sag. was in September 456 BC. They also create a very specific pattern in their cycle/meetings as well as All of them - some are more "simple" patterns (easy to recognize) and others not - as for what Saturn and Pluto are doing, I don't know a name for such but as soon as I figure out, how I can (technically - software) draw it or put it otherwise in kind of "shape", I will publish all the data as well as of many other cycles I research.... as for example:

Eris and Sedna as another example are two so called "TNO's" - Trans Neptunian Objects - it sounds very cold but they have really extreme orbits around the Sun and because of that, they were not discovered or maybe re-discovered until "recently" - Eris was discovered in January 2005 and Sedna in 2003. Eris has an orbital period of around 557 years but Sedna around 10'700 years - so, a Sedna year is 10700 Earth-years - does kind of "relativate" time, right ;-) Their cycles together are really interesting and it was challenging for me to try to get them together. They meet every roughly 600 years, if possible - due to their extreme orbits, there are times when they "interchange speed", so to speak, as viewed from the Sun (or Earth for that matter) just before they should have met and so can't meet then - same for Squares. So the last "meeting" they had, which created the "cycle" we're in now started in September 1264 and the next one will be in August 2248 - they were due to meet in the earlier 20th century but because of this "interchange" they only came within 15° to each other, stayed at same "speed" for a while and then started to increase the distance and continue to do so until they will be within a 5° distance to square and then "station and interchange" again until they will finally meet in 2248... Chiron and Uranus have a similar "problem" sometimes, as Chiron makes an extra "loop" in his orbit around the Sun.....

Yes, I know - sounds all very "technical / logic" and now what you may wonder... well - since roughly 1826 Sedna was in Pisces until short after WWII - Eris was in Pisces as well from roughly 1903 to date... Two feminine energies that were kept from meeting in Pisces (spirituality, transcendence, clear "vision" in more than one meaning etc.) during two world wars!!?? AND were still hidden from our awareness.... For sure a coincidence if you belief in such ;-)… one more thing about this cycle – would you be astonish to hear that this 1264 “meeting” took place in Capricorn!!?? – giggles, me not!!!! AND Neptune opposing the Two in Cancer within only 16minutes… another coincidence??... I mean, they couldn’t complete the cycle in “structuring” Capricorn and were “kept” in the blurry vision of Pisces (Neptune) – the last 270° square was in October 1750 with Eris in Scorpio and Sedna in Aquarius. So, that’s were we at now – in this extra long last quarter – the re-emergence of long hidden truth through deep inner transformation to a “better” future in which we actually manifest “structure” our knowing and truth into reality… seems we got delayed by some wars, now we just have to see that we “get the curve” this time, lol…. By the way – Chiron’s “loop” seems to happen in Pisces (looks like a retrograde time but it's the actual orbit and because of this difficult to predict - data not available) – so where he is right now!! – but no worries, I’m born into the "Chiron in Pisces Generation" and those “loops” are maybe “annoying” but in retrospective VERY transformative 😉

When I first started with such research, the “timeframe” of the software didn’t give me the needed data (still some “not available”) but luckily that has been “updated” at least to the future…. Anyways, during all this time I got these thoughts about what “Thoth” said in the emerald tablets about “cycles and angles”, “record keeping” and future estimations. AND I often think about all the discoveries through archeology and other sciences but also through “channeling” about Humanity’s history that has been revealed in the last decades. All these stories that are “written in stone” or otherwise are talking a "foreign" language… I mean, imagine in 20 000 years from now, when they “excavate” our timeline, they may not be able to understand our “language” neither… All these stories, that have been “adopted” into Greek and Roman Mythology as well, with all their Gods, Goddesses, Heroes, Children and other Players is pretty “complicated” but when we look at the discoveries or re-discovery of planets and other bodies out there, I think, the “outer” generations come back to talk ...

So, enough for today….

Much Love to you All,


Picture: Antenna-Galaxies (NGC 4038/39 merging/colliding) by ESA/Hubble.

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